Apex Legends: Who Will Be the New Legend in Season 9?

Let’s get into who the new Legend could be in Season 9, according to speculation and leaks provided by data miners. After the release of every Season for Apex Legends, the community is, of course, once again focused on the mystery of the next. Now there is a substantial number of Legends in the final game; perhaps the smaller pool of unreleased, data mined characters will make it easier for players to know who will be arriving next.

Apex Legends Who Will Be The New Legend In Season 9 Cover

Since its launch, Apex Legends has added eight characters for eight seasons, with the most recent Legend taking the form of Fuse. Ever since the game came out, the Apex community has always been obsessed with leaks and teasers surrounding new Legends, weapons and even maps.

Data miners have always been keeping players updated with the latest leaks and new content coming to the game; however, the release of Revenant showed that you can’t always trust these leaks, as Respawn may throw a spanner in the works. With that being said, most of these leaks have come to fruition, and nine times out of ten, we have seen data mined content that has eventually been released. Therefore, it is interesting to see what unreleased, leaked Legends there are and speculate which one may potentially be the new Legend in Season 9.

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Blisk is an interesting character who has been teased and even presented as early as the release of the game back in 2019. He is a character who has a full 3D model, and even a set of abilities data miners believe will roughly be his final kit when he eventually releases.

To those who are familiar with Titanfall, I’m sure you already know Blisk, as he was the leader of the Apex Predators, a group of rogue pilots who fought during the Frontier War. After the war, Blisk set his eyes on creating the Apex Games, leading a group known as the Syndicate, who are essentially the institution behind the creation and development of the Games. Many are certain that he will eventually be in the game; however, perhaps his status of essentially creating the Games and being a massive player behind the scenes means he will not be seen until a much later season, but who knows?

Apex Legends: Cinematic

Blisk’s Abilities

  • Passive: Interrogation – Finishing an enemy will reveal their teammates for ten seconds.
  • Tactical: Throwing Knife – Does 20 damage on hit, marking the target like Bloodhound’s scan. If a marked target is killed, Blisk receives double credits.
  • Ultimate: Payday – Eliminating squads awards credits which can then be spent on powerful supplies.


Valk, the ‘Soaring Aviator’, is another character whose name has been buzzing around the community for a while now, as it was suspected that she would be arriving in Season 7 due to a playtest image that showed her next to Season 6’s Legend, Rampart.


This is the character I believe is most likely to be released next due to the fact that she has been in playtest for so long and would also fit the current Legend meta so well, competing with Horizon’s verticality. Further, it seems out of some of the other leaked legends; she is the most fleshed out, with a 3D model and seemingly complete kit.

Valk’s Abilities

  • Passive: VTOL Jets – Holding jump will initiate VTOL Jets.
  • Tactical: Cluster Missile – A damaging rocket that will explode multiple times.
  • Ultimate: Skyward – Launch into the sky either with your teammates or solo and skydive, much like a redeploy balloon.
Could VALK The Soaring Aviator Be Our Next Legend?!?!? Season 8 Apex Legends


Ash is a character who has also been presented in Apex Legends before, as she is found underneath Kings Canyon during the final mission of Season 5’s storyline. Much like Blisk, she is also a part of the Titanfall series, as she was the leader of Vinson Dynamics. She could also be a Legend in contention for Season 9, as perhaps she is now ready after players built her head and placed it back on her body at the end of Season 5.

Ash was also seen in Horizon’s cinematic trailer, as it seems she was once a scientist and pawn of the Syndicate before her consciousness was uploaded into her robotic form. In the cinematic, Ash can be seen betraying Horizon and stopping her plans to end the energy crisis by leaving her in a black hole, allowing the Syndicate to hold onto their power as they continue to control the Outlands through providing energy.

Further, once players placed her head back on her body in Season 5, she can be heard saying the same voice line as Horizon in her cinematic trailer, “Just a wee bit of betrayal before breakfast, ay dearie?” Another indication that the character betraying Horizon was in fact the human form of Ash.

Ash in Titanfall 2

Ash in Titanfall 2

Is Ash Valk?

Not much is known about her abilities; however, some speculate that Ash may actually be the true name for Valk, and their abilities are perhaps one and the same. Apex has been known to give unreleased Legends nicknames, with Loba’s original name in the files being ‘Rosie’. Either way, I’m sure Ash will be heading into the Games one way or another, especially due to her volatile relationship with Horizon, which would add even more depth to Apex Legends’ lore.

Apex Legends Ash cutscene

So, that’s it for leaked Legends; although there are a few others in the files, I feel these three are the most likely to be seen in the near future. Remember, these are just leaks, and nothing here is confirmed. Considering data mining has revealed past characters that are now in the game, there is a strong chance at least one of these will be arriving within the next few seasons. If you enjoyed this article and have any ideas as to who may be added next, let me know in the comments!

(Videos published by xxi TJ ixx, PWN hub, and Shush.)

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