Bungie Spreads Awareness Through Destiny 2 to Support Maui After Fire

Bungie, through Destiny 2, displayed an announcement to all players to see if they were able to support Maui in any way, in which the Maui fires had left many in a devastated state. And, if they did so, they would receive a thank you gift in return, to show that they were grateful for any support.

Bungie Spreads Awareness Through Destiny 2 To Support Those In Need After Maui Fire

On August 8th, the Island of Hawaii, Maui, had forced many to flee and evacuate the island. In just two days, the fires that erupted on the scene cost many homes, businesses, famous land spots, and took many, many lives. It has been named the most devastating and the most ruthless fire of all of Maui history.

With a historical landmark burnt to mere ash, Lahaina gone, and the state trying to recover from this tragedy, they are faced with rising numbers of victims taken. Although, amongst all the sorrow, the people of Hawaii are also welcomed with support from many. People from all over the world are coming together to support those in need by opening GoFundMe’s for certain families or businesses, or by giving money directly to Maui support services. For example, the Red Cross Foundation.

The Burnt Coast of Lahaina

The Burnt Coast of Lahaina

What You Can Do to Help Support Maui

Beginning on August 17th, Bungie had released an announcement to Destiny 2 guardians about a way to help gain their support. First, it was a link directing the player to a Bungie Foundation site that includes two items; a beautiful T-shirt with a ghost projecting Maui behind him, along the Maui Mountains, and an Emblem you can use in game.

According to Bungie’s This Week In Destiny, week of August 17, a description of the T-shirt and Emblem are explained. For the T-shirt, we have a Ghost with the Maui mountains. But underneath the beautiful landscape, the phrase “Mālama Maui” accompanies it, meaning “Take Care, Maui” to pay homage to the beautiful island and its loss.

The hologram the ghost projects, too, is surrounded by “a Tti leaf (lāʻī) lei adorned with ‘aʻaliʻi flowers. The lei is a common symbol of respect, love, and aloha with the lāʻī traditionally used to ward off bad spirits, cleanse, bless, and heal people. The ʻaʻaliʻi is an indigenous plant to Hawaii whose seeds can endure fire and are some of the first plants to grow back in burned areas” (Hippy, Bungie).

If you purchase the T-shirt, you can also get a code to a Guardian Emblem, The Kūlike Kākou, “Stand Together”, emblem. Emblems will be sent out through email to all Guardians on September 5th of 2023. All Proceeds will go to long-time partner, Direct Relief

The T-Shirt was specially designed by a local artist from O’ahu, Brady Evans, and was in collaboration with the Asians@Bungie. 

Bungie Supports With T-shirt and Guardian Emblem Available to Buy

Bungie Supports With T-shirt and Guardian Emblem Available to Buy

Another This Week In Destiny was released just on August 24th, and great news was announced. The fundraising campaign continues to thrive. The Bungie Community purchased well over 12,000 Mālama Maui shirts and 3,000 individual Kūlike Kākou emblems. All the proceeds will go to the Direct Relief team, covering emergency and recovery operations in Maui. 

Bungie Foundations is also releasing new ways to help support; by selling Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity Association pins on their Bungie Store from August 17th through September 10th. And per usual, all proceeds by buying the pins will support and be donated to the campaign. 

All pins can be found under the Pin Collectors Guide under the Bungie Series 1 category by scrolling further down the page.

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