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Destiny 2: Iron Banner Guide

Check out the best weapons and perks to look for in the Iron Banner while you complete your bounties quickly with our easy Destiny 2 Iron Banner guide. Win Lord Saladin's favor so he doesn't give you any more hip-fire Bite of the Fox.

Destiny 2: Iron Banner Guide Cover

The Salad man is back in town with his cool temper and calming vibes. He comes around every month to fill you up with tokens and some hip-fire Bite of the Fox snipers. Read this before jumping right into Iron Banner, and make the most of your experience. Weapon advice is best for mouse and keyboard users.

Lord Saladin can be really helpful towards future gameplay despite having the most Dragon Ball-ish name in Destiny 2. The Iron Banner can be a pathway toward nearly any goal you have this season, whether it’s leveling up, obtaining mods, or even just getting some good weapons. There’s a reason we call him “Lord” Saladin – and it’s not just because we make monthly sacrifices in his name.

First things first – Get your bounties done

These bounties are among the most coveted in the whole game. +2 Pinnacle Gear means not only a means to get to 1060 but more gear to feed to your other weapons and armor. If you haven’t already, talk to Saladin and demand your bounties! Then, start playing.

To get these done quickly, focus first on capturing points. Everything else sort-of comes naturally. For ability kills, you’ll want to have a long-lasting super that can output damage quickly without wasting a ton of super energy. I suggest top tree Dawnblade for Warlocks, Spectral Blades for Hunters, and Sentinel Shield for Titans. 

Bounties will also net you 50 Iron Banner tokens for Saladin, each!

Rewards and best PVP perks to look for

You have a chance to get one of the following from Lord Saladin when you trade in 20 tokens:

All rewards for Iron Banner pictured here

All rewards for Iron Banner pictured here

Bite of The Fox – Sniper Rifle

This is a great gun that you may enjoy next season when other snipers will be sunsetting.

PVP Perks: Snapshot Sights, Opening Shot, Flared Magwell or Steady Rounds, Handling Masterwork

Crimil’s Dagger – Hand Cannon

With the right perks, this hand cannon can two-tap from extremely far away

PVP Perks: Opening Shot, Rangefinder, Accurized Rounds, Sureshot or Crossfire HCS, Range or Handling Masterwork

Swarm of the Raven – Grenade Launcher

Heavy Ammo Grenade launcher. I have never found a good use for these in PVP. I turn all of these into gunsmith materials.

Big range, big damage

Big range, big damage

Talons of the Eagle – Scout Rifle

Scout rifles aren’t really “in” right now, but if you find a good one of these, you can put it in your vault in case they come back into style

PVP Perks: Opening Shot or Moving Target, Rangefinder, Tactical Mag, Fluted Barrel

Orewing’s Maul – Grenade Launcher

This can be an impactful weapon after Mountain Top gets sunset next season.

PVP Perks: Volatile Launch or Smart Drift Control, Spike Grenades or Proximity Grenades, Quickdraw, Handling or Velocity Masterwork

Shining Sphere – Rocket Launcher

Again, not a huge fan of this weapon in PVP. Tracking Module is the foremost perk you’re looking for if you want to run this.

You may also receive one piece of Iron Banner exclusive armor instead of a weapon.

No Iron Banner Rewards are being sunset in November, so you can take them to Europa and beyond.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Europa Trailer

Iron Banner Counts as a Pinnacle Activity

That’s right! Every Iron Banner match you play technically counts as a pinnacle activity. When you visit Saladin at the tower, he’ll have four bounties for your guardian(s). These bounties each drop +2 pinnacle gear. It’s an easy 12 pieces of pinnacle gear for those of you trying to get from 1050 to 1060. It takes a little while to grind out, but you can queue for Iron Banner alone, so you don’t have to wait for your friends.

The designation as a pinnacle activity is especially poignant because matches are much shorter than any other pinnacle activity you could do. This will get you access to all enhanced mods faster (and more fun) than in any other activity.

Wrap Up

Whatever your interest in Destiny 2 is at this point, you won’t want to miss out on your Iron Banner bounties. You’ll be able to fill out your collections, level up to 1060, and get useful weapons for seasons to come.

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