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Destiny 2 | Synchronicity Triumph Guide

Want to learn how to unlock the Synchronicity Encounter Triumph in Destiny 2: Lightfall? Synchronicity is the triumph tied to the final encounter in Root of Nightmares, the fight against the Final God of Pain, and this guide will show you exactly how to get it so you can be one step closer to becoming a Dreamwarrior.

Destiny 2 | Synchronicity Triumph Guide

The Root of Nightmares is the newest Raid to join Destiny 2 in the Lightfall expansion. Guardians must venture into the depths of a Pyramid ship to face down the Final God of Pain, earning themselves some sweet loot and fine rewards in the process. One such reward is the Raid Title, Dreamwarrior, which requires players to face down a multitude of different challenges within the Raid. 

Some of these challenges include Encounter Triumphs for each of RoN’s four major encounters. You can find our guide for the third Encounter Triumph here. All four must be completed if you wish to become a Dreamwarrior, and the final encounter challenge is titled Synchronicity. For this Encounter Triumph, you’ll be facing down Nezarec in a strange way.

Here’s how to complete the Synchronicity Encounter Triumph for the Root of Nightmares Raid in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2: Lightfall - Root of Nightmares - Developer Insights

What Are Encounter Triumphs?

Encounter Triumphs are special Triumphs that can be undertaken in Raids. Each encounter in a Raid has a separate Encounter Triumph associated with it. These usually ask you to impose some restriction or challenge upon your team while you undertake the encounter: complete the encounter in the manner specified by the triumph and you will earn the triumph. In Lightfall, you’ll now know if you’ve failed an Encounter Triumph as a message stating so will appear during the encounter. 

You need Encounter Triumphs mainly for completing Raid Titles. All Raid Titles in the game currently require you to complete all Encounter Triumphs for that associated Raid. However, it should be noted that, for the Root of Nightmares Raid specifically, Encounter Triumphs do something else. Aside from just helping get the Raid Title, completing Encounter Triumphs will also slightly increase your chance of getting the Conditional Finality Exotic Shotgun.

Finally, Encounter Triumphs are not to be confused with the Raid Challenges. Raid Challenges are available for one encounter which rotates per week, granting you an additional loot drop from that specific encounter should you complete the challenge. Encounter Triumphs, on the other hand, are always available and can always be attempted but do not reward additional loot upon completion, only the triumph (and the increased Exotic odds for RoN). 

Root of Nightmares

Root of Nightmares

Synchronicity Triumph

The Encounter Triumph for the final encounter of Root of Nightmares is Synchronicity. This is the fated encounter against the Final God of Pain, Nezarec, and the triumph reads as follows:

“During the final battle with Nezarec, activate both sets of nodes within 5 seconds of each other, for every activation, and complete the encounter.”

Destiny 2, Synchronicity Triumph Description

Synchronicity is the Encounter Triumph for Nezarec | Destiny 2 Synchronicity Triumph

Synchronicity Triumph

In some ways and for some teams, this will be the easiest Encounter Triumph in all of RoN. This is thanks to how it accommodates specific playstyles and strategies (similar to final bosses of the past like Rhulk or Taniks). However, this may prove a challenge for other teams if you don’t have good enough runners. 

The most important thing to point out here is what the game determines as a node. This term is used several times throughout the Root of Nightmares and refers to the oily black orbs that must be shot with either the Field of Light or the Flux of Darkness buff. It does not refer to the orb which grants you either buff. This is an important distinction as it means that both players can grab their respective buffs at any time.

Having confident runners is also a must for this triumph. Everything hinges on them and their ability to communicate and keep up with one another. If one is marginally quicker or slower and the opposing runner cannot adapt in time, you have no chance of completing this Encounter Triumph. 

Quick Node Clarification

Quick Node Clarification

Fast Strategy

As I previously alluded to, there are two ways to complete this Encounter Triumph depending on how quick and confident your team is with running and dealing damage to Nezarec. The first method should be undertaken by those teams with runners who can confidently brute force the encounter and skip Nezarec’s wipe mechanic for at least two phases. 

To begin, split up your team as normal. Have your best and fastest members take the runner role, while everyone else fills in for add clear. It should also be noted that having someone consistently grab Nezarec’s stun using is a must. Someone needs to shoot Nezarec’s chest as soon as it is available so it doesn’t slow down the runners.

When everyone is ready, simply try to brute force the encounter. Thanks to how tight a window each phase is and how fast each runner needs to be, you likely won’t even need callouts or countdowns for each node: simply run as fast as you can and you should be in time with your teammate. If you’re noticing that the triumph is failing in the very first phase because one of the runners can’t keep up, it is recommended that you switch to the safer strategy. Similarly, only use things like Eager’s Edge Swords if both players are utilising them as the speed advantage may cause your runners to come out of sync and fail. 

If all goes well and you get to the damage phase, lay into Nezarec with everything you have. If you aren’t able to one-cycle him, you have two options: try and brute force it again, knowing that the window will be shorter and you’ll likely need the aid of Swords, Grapples or other abilities, or switch to the safe strategy.

Rinse and repeat the running sequence, making sure that your runners are keeping up with one another (and ahead of the wipe mechanic), then wipe Nezarec away to claim your Synchronicity Encounter Triumph in Destiny 2

The Final Stand

The Final Stand

Safe Strategy

The brute-force fast strategy may be simpler, but it is also much harder to consistently execute. Both of the runners need to be perfect, and you run a massive risk if you can’t one phase Nezarec. The safe strategy relies on exploiting Nezarec’s wipe mechanic to succeed and is a much better (if slower) way of making sure you get the Encounter Triumph. 

Just like before, split up your team as normal. However, instead of brute forcing the encounter and blitzing through all of the nodes, your runners are going to do a countdown or a call-out each time they shoot a node. You have 5 seconds between each, so the window is rather generous, but calling out when you’re shooting each node is important for each runner. Go like this until you reach 3 nodes completed. 

During this first part, the add clear members tasked with dealing with Nezarec must shoot his shoulders as soon as possible to reveal which Refuge buff the team needs. Once you have popped both shoulders and seen the orange or blue glow, call it out (with orange needing a Dark Refuge and a blue one needing a Light Refuge). 

When both of the runners complete their three nodes, they both must be ready to create opposing Refuge points. Even though you’ll only need one, the triumph states that every activation must be within 5 seconds of each other. So, once you know which Refuge you need, both of the runners should grab their respective Field or Flux buffs. Then, they’ll head over to the opposing side to create a Refuge point at roughly the same time.

Get the appropriate buff and wait until Nezarec does his wipe mechanic. From here, continue the encounter with the same process until the damage phase. You’ll simply be repeating this strategy until the Final God of Pain falls and Synchronicity is yours.

Refuge Point

Refuge Point

Safe Strategy Step-By-Step

If you want a simpler, step-by-step guide to the safe strategy: 

  1. Start the encounter and have both runners act as normal until they complete three nodes each. Runners should also call out when they have shot a node to stay in sync with one another. 
  2. Add clear players should shoot Nezarec’s weak points to determine whether a Light or Dark Refuge.
  3. Once you know which Refuge is needed, both runners need to create one on their opposing side. All players should then gather the correct Refuge buff as to survive the wipe mechanic.
  4. Runners should then complete the final three nodes, remaining in sync with one another, until the damage phase. 
  5. After the damage phase has concluded, rinse and repeat steps 1 to 4 until Nezarec falls.
The Final God of Pain

The Final God of Pain

That was how to complete the Synchronicity Encounter Triumph for the Root of Nightmares Raid in Destiny 2

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