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Destiny 2 Beta Beginner’s Guide: Weapons, Classes And More

Is Destiny 2 your first game in Bungie’s series? Don’t fret as this guide covers all the gameplay elements that’s barely explained in-game to ensure you maximize your playtime in the beta test. This Destiny 2 open beta guide includes, but is not limited to, an in-depth explanation on character classes and tips on how to maximize your beta test playthrough.

Destiny 2 Beta Beginner’s Guide: Classes, Abilities And More
The Destiny 2 open beta barely explains its gameplay mechanics to newcomers. Hence, I crafted a beginner’s guide that aims to help players familiarize themselves with the game.

Weapon Slots

Players have three weapon types they can equip at a given time: Kinetic, Energy, and Power. Regardless which weapon you choose, each weapon slot shares the same ammo type, so conserve your bullets accordingly.

Hand canons, rifles, and submachine guns can be found in both the Kinetic and Energy weapon slots. The only difference between the two is with regards to elemental damage.

Kinetic weapons are firearms that don’t have elemental effects, which means it’s a case of “what you see is what you get” in terms of damage output. Meanwhile, Energy weapons carry elemental damage. In Player vs. Player (PvP), Energy weapons deal bonus damage against Guardians who use super moves.

Meanwhile, Power weapons are strong firearms that can kill an enemy in a few bullets. In PvP, a well-aimed shot can down an enemy in one bullet. Power weapons in the beta include shotguns, rocket launchers, snipers, and grenade launchers.

Each weapon also carry perks and can be customized with weapon modifications. Make sure to select the appropriate weapon loadout based on your playstyle. Changing weapons can be done at any time by opening the menu, so try out which guns works for you.


You can get a new weapon upon entering the armory in the opening story mission in Destiny 2. Aside from this, you get a random loot reward each time you finish any of the PvP and Player vs. Enemy (PvE) game modes. Armor and weapons are the only loot you can get in the beta.

Due to the limited weapons and gear in the open beta, you’ll often see yourself getting duplicate weapons and armor. If you want to try out all the weapons, you can easily do so by trying out all three character classes in the beta.

Destiny 2 Beta Beginner's Guide: Loot

Character Class

Starting the game will present you with three character classes to choose from: Warrior, Titan, and Warlock. The opening story mission, which can only be done once for each newly created character, must be completed before you can take part in any of the multiplayer modes.
Each character class has their own strength in battles and it’s best to have a specific team composition when heading out in Crucibles and Strikes. Furthermore, each class can be customized to fit your playstyle.

Warriors are agile fighters. Their special abilities, which can be activated by pressing the crouch button twice, lets you quickly dodge incoming fire.

Titans are the tank class in the game. While they’re the least mobile class, they can soak up damage and generate a shield that blocks bullets. The shield can be activated by holding the crouch button.

Warlocks are the mage class. They can summon a magical rift that either increases your party’s stats or heal allies inside it. Holding the crouch button summons the rift.

Destiny 2 Beta Beginner's Guide: Classes and Super Moves

In PvP, stationary targets are easy targets for the enemy team, making the Warrior class a key player in moving in quickly for the kill before dashing back into cover. Titans are great for holding a position with teammates due to their survivability. Meanwhile, Warlocks are also best used in holding down a position, with a magical rift placed beside cover so they can quickly heal or increase their stats while popping in and of cover out to shoot enemies.

Super Moves

There are two sub-classes for each character classes in the game. The type of super move performed is determined by the sub-class chosen.

Hunters can choose either the Arcstrider or Gunslinger sub-class. The Arc Strider sub-class super move, called Arc Staff, grants you an electrical staff and you’ll be granted acrobatic abilities in taking out enemies. Meanwhile, the Gungslinger sub-class super move, called Golden Gun, grants you a strong pistol that can disintegrate enemies in a few bullets.

Titans have the Striker and Sentinel sub-class. The Striker sub-class super move basically makes you smash like the Incredible Hunk. On the other hand, the Sentinel sub-class has two super moves: holding the super move button pops up a huge bubble shield that can defend you and your allies inside it, while tapping the super move button gives you a shield which you can use to block incoming fire, throw at enemies ala Captain America, and simply bash foes with it.

Warlocks have the Voidwalker and Dawnblade sub-class. The Voidwalker super move drops a huge Void of Light that explodes at foes. The Dawnblade super move lets you dash in the air and throw Solar energy blasts with your sword.

It's worth nothing that additional attacks and maneuvers open when using super moves. An example of which is the Hunter Arc Strider. The super move of this sub-class has a quick acrobatic move to close in on opponents. By mixing the melee and shoot button inputs, it can also perform a verity of combo attacks during its super move.


Aside from super moves, each sub-classes change your grenade choices, jumping tools, abilities, and passive abilities. Additionally, the Hunter Gunslinger sub-class melee attack performs a knife throw while the Hunter Arcstrider sub-class melee attack simply performs a punch animation.

Destiny 2 Beta Beginner's Guide: Sub-classes


Strikes in Destiny 2 are tough end-game co-op missions. In the beta, the Strike here mostly involves killing all foes and getting from point A to B with some platforming.

The Strike in the Destiny 2 beta is capped off with a multi-layered boss battle. In the boss fight, just make sure to stick close to your teammates for easy revives, kill the pesky weak minions, and coordinate with your team to survive this endeavor.

Meanwhile, there’s two 4v4 PvP game modes in the Destiny 2 open beta: Countdown and Control. These two game modes are objective based, which means simply killing enemies won’t make you win the match.

Countdown and Control

In Countdown, the attacking team must plant a bomb and defend it until it explodes. Meanwhile, the defending team must prevent the enemy team from planting a bomb. Attackers should be careful when planting a bomb as they will lose the round once the defending team manages to diffuse it.

Guardians can't respawn in Countdown, though there’s a set number of times players can revive downed teammates. Because of the lack of respawns, matches can be won by completely eliminating either teams. The game mode ends once a team wins six rounds.

Destiny 2 Beta Beginner's Guide: PvP
Control is a standard capture the zone game mode found in most shooters. There are three zones and each team is tasked to hold and control is zone for the longest time.

Applicable in both Countdown and Control, make sure to stick with your teammates at all times, unless you have clear coordination with your team. A lone Guardian is an easy prey for a team that sticks together.

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