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Destiny 2: The Best Season of the Seraph H.E.L.M Upgrades

This guide will break down the best Season of the Seraph H.E.L.M. Upgrades in Destiny 2 to maximise your efficiency for the new Season. Like previous seasonal outings, Seraph has come with a new Upgrade Grid, filled with different upgrades, so this guide breaks down the best upgrades, including an optimal timeline for acquiring them.

Destiny 2: The Best Season of the Seraph H.E.L.M Upgrades

Season of the Seraph has arrived in Destiny 2With its arrival, it has returned one of the most long-lasting traditions of seasonal Destiny content: the Upgrade Grid. 

For the last while now, seasons in Destiny 2 have featured an Upgrade Grid where players can spend particular currency (usually capped at 2 per week) to unlock special bonuses and boons. These upgrades often help with Deepsight acquisition, alleviate the grind somewhat or make things more efficient. 

Despite the concerns that have bubbled up within the community regarding seasonal content as of late, this Upgrade Grid will be a central part of our experience in Season of the Seraph. As such, knowing how to maximise your upgrades and pick up the ones that truly aid you is of utmost importance.

Here are the best H.E.L.M. upgrades in Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen - Season of the Seraph Trailer

Season of the Seraph Upgrade Grid

You can access the Season of the Seraph Upgrade Grid by visiting the right-hand side of the H.E.L.M. This season, this section of the space station has been converted into a home for Ana’s experimental Exo body for Rasputin. 

Talking to the Prototype Exo Frame allows you to access the Upgrade Grid, which is creatively titled Upgrades.

Unlike previous seasons, Season of the Seraph’s Upgrade Grid is only 2×7 as opposed to 3×7, which cuts down on the grind somewhat. There are two categories: the first is Focusing Upgrades which help with Seraphic Umbral Focusing while the second is Efficiency Upgrades focused on improving your Deepsight and Seraph Key Code acquisition. There is a third category (Infiltrator Gear) but you likely won’t be spending currency to unlock these as they seem to function similarly to the Expunge upgrades from Season of the Splicer.

Both have a mix of good and bad upgrades that will either dramatically increase your experience in Season of the Seraph, or drag it down. But how do you get these upgrades?

The Upgrade Grid

The Upgrade Grid

Exo Frame Modules

Each upgrade costs one Exo Frame Module. This is a special currency that you can acquire from completing special Seasonal Challenges each week, which grants the Modules as a reward.

For the first week of the Season, you can get 2 Exo Frame Modules from the Seasonal Challenges More Than a Weapon I and Heist Battlegrounds I. In future weeks, the follow-up to these quests will likely be the main source of Exo Frame Modules. 


As it looks right now, players will be limited to picking up between 2 or 3 upgrades per week from the Upgrade Grid. This follows how progression was in the previous seasons. 

In total, there are 14 purchasable Upgrades. This means that, if you get each Exo Frame Module per week, you will have all 14 upgrades by Week 7 (or reset on the 17th of January 2023). 

The Prototype Exo Frame

The Prototype Exo Frame

Best Upgrades

There are a lot of really good upgrades in both the Focusing tree and the Efficiency tree. The following section will discuss which Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Upgrades is the very best.

Focusing Upgrades

On the Focusing Upgrades path, the following Upgrades stand out:

  • Seraphic Armour Focusing, IKELOS Weapon Focusing and Seraphic Weapon Focusing all allow you to focus certain seasonal gear via Umbral Engrams. Before these upgrades, you can simply spend Seraphic Umbral Energy to earn a random seasonal piece of armour or weapon, but these upgrades let you focus on a specific item. 
  • Umbral Activities allow Raids, Dungeons, Dares of Eternity and other non-Seasonal playlist activities to reward Seraphic Umbral Energy. Usually, this only drops from the Heist Battleground playlist so grabbing this Upgrade will make Umbral focusing way easier.
  • Focusing Deepsight makes the first IKELOS or Seraphic weapon you focus on each week have a guaranteed Deepsight Resonance. This will be immensely useful in cutting down on the time it takes to get the seasonal patterns for each of the IKELOS and Seraphic guns 9all of which require 5 patterns each). 
The best Focusing Upgrades improve your ability to focus Seasonal Gear - Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Upgrades

Focusing Engrams

Efficiency Upgrades

Meanwhile, on the Efficiency Upgrades path, the following Upgrades stand out:

  • Heisted Deepsight is an early upgrade which guarantees a Deepsight weapon you do not have the pattern for each week when you open your first Seraph Chest in the Heist Battlegrounds Playlist. You can grab this upgrade in Week 1, making the Deepsight grind a bit less strict from the get-go.
  • Seraph Key Code Capacity increases the amount of Seraph Key Codes you can hold from 2000 up to 4000. While not a fancy upgrade, this will allow you to have more chances to run the Heist Battlegrounds playlist without needing to hop out and grab more Key Codes.
  • Seraphic Deepsight Bonus allows locked Seraph Chests in the playlist and Legend Heist Battlegrounds to have a chance at dropping an additional Deepsight Seraphic weapon for a pattern you don’t already have. This is an interesting upgrade as it doesn’t specify a weekly lockout, potentially allowing players a constant stream of higher-than-average Deepsight rates.  
The best Efficiency Upgrades improve your Deepsight acquisition rate - Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Upgrades

Efficiency Upgrades

Upgrade Timeline

Due to the weekly time gating of the Upgrade Grid, some of these upgrades are more worthy of your resources than others. Below is a curated weekly list of the upgrades you should go after to maximise your time and efficiency. This list does rely on the idea that each week will grant us at least 2 Exo Frame Modules: 

  • Week 1: Seraphic Armour Focusing + Heisted Deepsight
  • Week 2: Seraphic Weapon Focusing / IKELOS Weapon Focusing + Umbral Activities
  • Week 3: Seraphic Weapon Focusing / IKELOS Weapon Focusing + Key Code Capacity
  • Week 4: Focusing Deepsight + Seraphic Deepsight Bonus

Afterwards, you can use your remaining Exo Frame Modules each week to scoop up the last upgrades you need. These 8 Upgrades are the very best that Season of the Seraph has to offer and, if you follow the week-by-week guide laid out above, you can pick up the best upgrades early.

Covert Ops

Covert Ops

That is all of the best Season of the Seraph H.E.L.M Upgrades in Destiny 2

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