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Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal News

Destiny fans should be excited for the blowout of news to come out of the Bungie Live Stream of Destiny 2. All new content was shown and even some information about a beta and even more info on the PC release.

Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal News
On Thursday, May 20 Bungie had an event for Destiny 2 that was live streamed on Twitch. The show started off with a new cinematic trailer that included previous characters like Cayde-6, played by Nathan Fillion and Zavala (Lance Reddick). Luke Smith is the game Director for Destiny 2 and he was the host.

Smith initially spoke about new aspects for the game like the PVP change. The PVP will now be 4 v 4 and there will be some new game modes. Another cinematic then transitioned into the first gameplay footage of Destiny 2. It showed off a large-scale battle on the tower as it is being attacked by invaders.

The gameplay footage shows some new abilities such as a shield throwing power and some new sword. The footage ends with a voice that is possibly the main villain of the title. The villain’s name is Ghaul and Smith explains who he is and how he wants to destroy humanity.

Another video is shown that explained the game's story and that Ghaul believes himself to be the chosen one Smith says, “He’s more like Alan Rickman’s character from Die Hard.”

Mark Noseworthy, the Project Lead is one of the individuals shown in the video explaining the story. “You are the hero of this story, whether you’re a Titan, Warlock or Hunter. You have to go out and get your powers back, and take back the city” said Noseworthy.

The video then goes on to explain how there are now more story quests than the first game and it will be more cinematic. Smith states “In Destiny 2, we’ve built you all new weapons, armor and a pile of brand new exotics.”

The weapon slots are now redesigned, there is a slot for kinetic, power and energy weapons. “The new weapon plan was designed to provide players more freedom and more choice to use the stuff that they love.” Smith added.

New super abilities were shown off like the Dawnblade that is a floating ability that has a projectile sword attack. Steve Cotton, The World Lead on the game was next up to come out and speak on the stage.

He speaks about the campaign and that there will be new areas to explore and and reiterates that they will have more cinematics than before. There are new strikes as well and one is called “The inverted Spire” and it is playable at the event.

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The four worlds in the game are Earth, Io, Titan and Nessus and a video showing them started shortly after Cotton spoke. Luke Smith stated in the video “this is about getting you to the action faster.”

The video shows the “EDZ” which stands for the European Dead Zone and part of it will act as a hub area. Nessus is a planet that has been taken over by the Vex and it’s where players will find Cayde-6.

The social Lead, M.E. Chung was up next to speak and she announced that the game will have official clan support and In-game rosters. Chung explains “Guided Games” and how it is a new system for players to form fireteams.

“Guided Games are our way of making sure everyone who loves Destiny can play every piece of content we build.” States Smith. Mark Noseworthy spoke some more about the community aspect to the game and the official gameplay trailer was shown shortly after.

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg was brought out to talk more about the game. He said that there will be a beta later in the Summer this year. A video was shown of Blizzard president Mike Morhaime after Hirshberg spoke. Morhaime announced that Destiny 2 was going to be on PC through Battle.net exclusively.

The conference ended after this announcement from Morhaime. Destiny 2 will launch worldwide on September 8, 2017 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and the PC through Battle.net.

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