Destiny 2 Is Already A Disappointment, So Why Even Care?

With only slight improvements being made since The Taken King - found by this publication and many others across the web - what are people expecting to get with Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Is Already A Disappointment, So Why Even Care?
From the looks of it, Destiny 2 will be a disappointment among both the gaming press and fans when it launches this Fall. Evident in the title's beta, which is now live for all users with online subscriptions, the sequel feels like the same game The Taken King, the original's last expansion, morphed the franchise to be.

Seeing as how this information is readily available to everyone with an internet connection, why do people still seem to care about Destiny 2? The answer, I believe, simply lies in marketing.

Activision intends to sell the sequel to gamers in a similar way that the publisher sold the original game to us. Let's face it: if the first Destiny didn't have the major publisher's push plus massive support from Sony behind it, there's no way it would have sold as well as it did. The game averaged mediocre reviews across the gaming press, something that would've spelled a less favorable income from publishers like Square Enix. I wouldn't be surprised if Destiny 2 follows the same exact narrative, releasing to lukewarm reception but still raking in the big bucks. And I don't think this is necessarily a good thing for the industry.

One could argue that the biggest draw the franchise has is its gameplay and that alone could carry it into the next generation of consoles and beyond –  a valid point, given how successful games in Nintendo's wheelhouse of intellectual properties have become. The difference lies in legacy and nostalgia cache, two things that Bungie's shooter doesn't benefit from simply because it's a relatively new IP. The franchise just doesn't have the transcendent appeal either, catering mostly to fans of its respective genre and undoubtably serving as a Call of Duty replacement for many.

Speaking of Activision's other commercial giant, it's strange that Call of Duty: WWII actually diverges more its recent history than Destiny does. It'd be interesting to see how each performs this season and whether or not they meet their sales goals, or if one will end up cannibalizing another. From my perspective, WWII seems like a welcome return far more worthy of attention than Destiny 2, but that could just be me.

If one thing's for certain, the sequel has a lot to live up to. If it winds up being a successful sequel due to marketing push alone, that would be unfortunate, as it proves that those that have money to invest from the outset have the liberty to pump out ok-at-best games just for everyone to eat it up. If it doesn't, then the strength of the gaming community will be shown at full force, proving that innovative and creative titles ultimately drive better sales. We just have to wait and see.

The opinion expressed in this article is purely that of the author and is not representative of KeenGamer as a whole. Follow David on Twitter: @ZenoCreator125 

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Terrible commentary, I’ll assume this was a wrting exercise. Hopefully you were not being payed for that trash you wrote.



This is a terrible article. I hope you don’t consider yourself a video game journalist. How can you possibly judge an entire game based on a beta intended to test servers, basic mechanics, etc? How many times has Bungie stated that the Beta is not representative of the final product?


Hello SeaBrain. It’s only David’s opinion and nothing more. But we do agree that it should have more facts and be more interesting based on some other information.



We will talk to the writers about it…


destiny 1.5 expansion…lmao


Trash article from trash writer. How can he call it a disappointment? Game hasn’t even released yet. What a clown.

Barry Harden

No different from Halo or Gears. Same stuff recycled over.


Someone find out this authors psn handle.



I bet my left nut he’ll have 300 hours logged into destiny 2 by year end


Beta was like 5% of the game, maybe reserve judgement before writting off a game that will likely be supported for 2-3 years.


This site again…Another click-bait article without much relation to reality. Guys, how about trying some journalism instead of trash talk like 12 year olds?!

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