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6 Bits of Lightfall Prep You Need to Do in the Last Weekend Before Launch | Destiny 2

With Lightfall's release looming overhead, here are 6 bits of Destiny 2 Lightfall prep that you can be doing in the final few days to get ahead on the upcoming expansion. From giving yourself easier access to the full suite of artefact mods coming in Season of Defiance to making space for all the new toys we're about to get, these are important things to do that will make the early days of Lightfall much easier.

6 Bits of Lightfall Prep You Need to Do in the Last Weekend Before Launch | Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s next big expansion, Lightfall, is only a mere few days away. Soon we’ll be swinging from rooftop to rooftop with Strand, cruising with the Cloudstriders around the neon-soaked streets of Neomuna and taking the fight straight to Calus and his mindless army of Shadow Legion. 

But we aren’t there yet and there are still plenty of important things to do before you can be content to leave until the expansion launches on the 28th. Whether it is some more menial housekeeping tasks or some things that will surely help you out plenty in the early Light Level grind, there are a few things you could be doing in these last days.

Here are 6 bits of Destiny 2: Lightfall prep that you need to do in the final weekend before launch. 

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Destiny 2: Lightfall - Launch Trailer

Farm for a Good Wendigo

To begin, you may have heard that Heavy Grenade Launchers are getting a pretty significant buff in Lightfall. With 40% extra damage against minors and 20% bonus damage against Champions, bosses, mini-bosses and vehicles, you’ll want to pick up a decent Grenade Launcher in preparation for a potential meta switch (or if you just want to play with some new toys). 

Lucky for us all that the final Grandmaster Nightfall reward of the season is the Wendigo GL4. This used to be a top-tier Pinnacle weapon before sunset, and it is now climbing the ranks once again as one the most highly desired items going into Lightfall. While some doubt how potent Grenade Launchers are actually going to be, it’s always better to be prepared and there’s no better Grenade Launcher currently in the game. 

Wendigo has a great suite of perks, with the best being Auto-Loading Holster and Explosive Light, giving you high DPS potential without the need to reload. Other great options include Clown Cartridge, Field Prep and even Cascade Point has turned some heads. No matter what, though, having a Wendigo of any kind is better than not so don’t miss out on getting one before you sail to Neomuna.

If you want some help tackling The Warden of Nothing Grandmaster to get those sweet Adept rewards, you can find our guide on Season 19 Grandmasters here.

Wendigo Farming

Wendigo Farming

Get the Last Few Patterns You Need

Crafting and Deepsight Pattern acquisition is changing (hopefully) for the better in Lightfall, with a streamlining of systems and fewer currencies to keep track of.

However, that is for the morrow. After the servers close for maintenance on the 27th, you will be unable to earn the Seasonal Weapons from all four of The Witch Queen’s seasonal content. This includes:

  • Season of the Risen
  • Season of the Haunted
  • Season of Plunder
  • Season of the Seraph

This is your last chance to try and pick up any of the remaining patterns that you need. This a reminder that, until Lightfall launches, you can purchase a Deepsite weapon from each of the seasonal vendors once per day. This is a great way to round out any of the guns you’re only missing one or two parts of the pattern on but act fast as you only have a few days left to get them.

Patterns from the last 4 Seasons will become unavailable in Lightfall - Lightfall Prep

Last Minute Pattern Grab

Find All 50 Seraph Security Drones

The next recommendation is going to be the most time-consuming if you haven’t already completed it, but it is well worth doing. After the release of Operation: Seraph’s Shield and the Revision Zero Exotic, players began being able to destroy these strange yellow nodes all over the system. When all 50 were destroyed, a new door opened inside the Seraph’s Shield missions, with a great reward waiting at the end.

Bungie has previously confirmed that Archangel (the reward that I’m trying to dance around to not spoil anyone) will have a new home in the Tower come Season 20 and Lightfall. We do not know if there will be any future way to get this reward again, so this is your last chance to nab yourself a pal before the mission goes away.

If you want a full guide on where to find all 50 of the nodes you can find an in-depth guide from Datto here. You’ll be visiting the Moon, Europa, all three of the Heist: Battlegrounds and even the Seraph Shield facility itself in your journey, so come prepared for the long haul. It’ll be worth it, though: trust us.

Security Nodes

Security Nodes

Hoard Some Last Minute Bounties

Ah, good old bounty hoarding: everyone’s least favourite way of preparing for a new season. While a bit tedious, saving up a handful of high-level bounties that you can turn in as soon as you get next season’s artefact is a quick way to instantly earn a bunch of experience. This gives you quick access to the full tree of seasonal artefact mods (which look insanely good in Lightfall) and a few bumps in Light Level early on.

As for what bounties you should try and quickly save up, there are a few good options. Eris’ weekly bounties on the Moon grant the highest amount of EXP without needing to spend too much time on them. Same for Varik’s Europa weekly bounties and Petra’s weeklies in the Dreaming City. These are going to be the heaviest hitters for raising your level quickly but sprinkle in a few daily bounties from any three of these vendors to help out. 

These are just the ones you should focus on, though: there’s a laundry list of bounties that any like-minded Guardian can go chase down. If you want to see that full list so that you can be extra sure you’re ready for Lightfall, check out Destiny Recipes’ checklist feature for more information

Bounty Hoarding

Bounty Hoarding

Clean Out Your Vault

The penultimate recommendation is the one with the busiest work. Come Lightfall we will be getting tons of new weapons, armour and Exotics that we won’t be able to hold on our persons. You aren’t going to shard everything you get and so you’re going to need to make some space in your Vault for some new tools… which can be easier said than done.

When clearing out your Vault, you should look for several things which can be easy deletions:

  • Duplicate Exotic weapons (unless they are randomly rolled like Dead Man’s Tale or Hawkmoon)
  • Duplicate Exotic armour with similar stat distributions
  • Sunset weapons that don’t hold any sentimental value
  • Weapons you now have the pattern for

The last one is likely the most impactful to most players. In the first few weeks of each season for the last year, Deepsight Patterns were quite hard to come by and so, to try out the new guns, you would have used random rolls. Some of these may have snuck into your Vault and remained there long after you crafted, levelled and perfected your God Rolls. These are an easy source of Legendary Shards and empty space for your new loot in the expansion.

Spring Clean

Spring Clean

Get Fashion Ready

Last, but certainly not least, is perhaps the most important piece of advice on this list: getting fashion ready. As we all should know, Destiny’s endgame is second only to the fashion game, with Guardians all over the system insistent on looking their best for the newest expansion.

With that in mind, there are two things you need to do before Lightfall launches. The first is to ensure that you have completed all of Ada-1’s transmog bounties on at least your main character. The expansion is sure to have plenty of cool new armour and gear that you’ll want to show off, and not being able to because you didn’t get all 10 of the Synth-items last season will be a bit of a dampener.

The second thing is to get your Guardian looking nice and fresh before the servers go down for maintenance. Like most big story things in Destiny 2, the next time you log in after Lightfall goes live will likely be into a big cutscene. If you’re Guardian isn’t done up in their best ‘Survive the Witness’ gear, then you’ll look a tad bit strange in those flashy cutscenes. Make sure to equip your most fashionable gear before the reset on Monday the 27th. 

Fashion Ready

Fashion Ready

And that was every piece of Lightfall prep you need to do at the final weekend before we enter the next year of Destiny 2. Eyes up, Guardians!

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