9 Steps to Unlock Redrix’s Broadsword in Destiny 2

The weapon is a 2-burst kill with Desperado active. The weapon is a great alternative to Redrix Claymore. Only 1% of Destiny community has this weapon. Here's how to unlock Redrix's Broadsword.
9 steps To Unlock Redrix’s Broadsword Before Season 5

9 steps To Unlock Redrix’s Broadsword Before Season 5

The Redrix’s Broadsword is capable of a 2-burst kill if you can manage to activate the desperado perk. That is how good of a weapon it is. Since Black armory is releasing in a week with Season 5, your chances of obtaining the weapon are only a matter 7 days. Don’t worry by following our guide you can easily unlock Redrix’s Broadsword before the next reset. Let’s begin:


For the first step, you have to get “200 Pulse Rifle final blows” in any Crucible playlist. You can use just about any Pulse Rifle for this step but we recommend you either use Graviton Lance or Inaugural address. The Inaugural address has outlaw and kill clip which makes it a beast weapon to use in PvP. Graviton Lance has a Black Hole perk that does High Damage on the 3rd shot and features Explosive payload. Only use Vigilance Wing if you have the complete Auto Catalyst.


The second step in unlocking Redrix’s Broadsword requires you to reach “HeroicValor Rank. All you have to do is play Crucible and rank up until you reach Heroic. We recommend you play “Rumble” to rank up easily. The Rumble playlist requires you to place in the Top 3 position to count as a win. So just try to place in the top 3 to gain a win streak to get bonus points. Stacking the win streak 5 times will give you bonus points. That will make it much easier to complete this step. If you have reset your rank before then this quest will auto-complete after you complete a Crucible match.


For this step, you need to get “75 double kills” in Crucible. I know this sounds like a lot of work but don’t worry you don’t really need to go for a kill. Just try to land as many shots as you can in multiple guardians. Even if your teammates manage to kill them after, that will award you with the double kill medal. It’s also easier if you use a Rocket launcher, Telesto or Thunderlord.


For this step, you need to defeat “150 opponents” with precision final blows from any Pulse Rifle. We recommend you use Graviton Lance because it’s easier to get a headshot with that weapon.




For the fifth step, you need to defeat 50 opponents with Arc, 50 opponents with Solar, and 50 opponents with Void final blows in the crucible. Just use your super and get as many kills as you can.


For the sixth step, you need to complete 25 Crucible matches in Quickplay, Rumble, and Competitive modes. Don’t worry you don’t need to win them to unlock Redrix’s Broadsword; just drop in a match and finish it. Listen to some podcast while you’re at it.


This step will take at least 4 days since Shaxx offers 5 bounties per day and you need to complete 20 daily, non-repeated Crucible bounties to reach the next step. Just before we proceed any further. If you can manage to reset your rank 5 times and then complete step 7, step 8 will auto-complete and you can move straight to step 9.

Step 8: THE BEGINNING OF THE END (Almost unlocking Redrix’s Broadsword)

For this step, you need to Reset your Valor rank 5 times within a single season. I know this sounds like a lot of work to do in just a week but it’s not. As I’ve said before all you need to do is play the Rumble playlist and try to stack a 5x win streak to get bonus points. A single reset requires you to earn at least 2000 Valor points. So that’s 10000 Valor points for 5 resets. Play rumble because getting that 5x win streak can help you progress faster.

Step 9: THE END (Unlocking Redrix’s Broadsword)

That’s it, just visit Lord Shaxx and unlock Redrix’s Broadsword. Go nuts in PvP with the Desperado perk.

For more guides on Destiny 2, be sure to check out our game page.

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Step 3 you said all you have to do is get shots in with your teammates and it counts…… No it doesn’t you have to hear him say 2 for 1 and he only say it if you get the 2 for 1….Not if your teammate help you get the kill, it dont count towards the step


Can step 8 be done across multiple characters? So I have the quest step on my Titan but play crucible on my hunter. If I were to reset my rank while logged in to my hunter would it count?


Im rather certain it would although i would swap to your titan to reset when you can in case it doesnt


In case it hasn’t been posted, the Crucible Bounties has been updated so that only DAILY bounties work. Not Weekly, and not the repeatable ones.

The Grump

Now I’m no rocket scientist but your step says “2-3 days” for the constant step…..at 5 bounties per day for a total of 20 that’s a solid 4 days and only 4 days worth of bounties. What kind of common core math crap is your guide using?

Karel Vik

True 🙂 You can already have some bounties from the past but yes, it is corrected now.


That’s what I’m doing. I’m storing them today for when I finish these damn competitive matches.


It’s always a 2 burst kill. Desperado just makes it fire at a higher rate of fire

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