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Destiny 2’s Telesto is Acting Weird Again — But It’s Not a Bug This Time

Telesto in Destiny 2 has received a secret change in the latest patch, and with speculation of a community event arriving in the coming weeks, many players are trying to figure out the purpose of this change. This change wasn't reflected in the latest patch notes, giving air to the possibility of some sort of community event on the horizon.

Destiny 2's Telesto is Acting Weird Again — But It's Not a Bug This Time

The Telesto Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 received an unforeseen change with the latest patch. Given the mode’s odd behavior, many players are speculating what this change might mean. Suspicions are also high due to expectations of a community event on the horizon.

Telesto is no stranger to being the centerpiece in bugs and exploits. Now-since patched bugs have allowed players to instantly regain their Super abilities or even hard-crash the game. Bungie is well aware of this meme — so much so that they’ve even put it in the hands of Banshee-44, the Tower’s in-game gunsmith, to constantly tinker with the weapon.

Banshee-44, the Tower's gunsmith, has been put on duty to ensure Telesto behaves itself.

Banshee-44, the Tower’s gunsmith, has been put on duty to ensure Telesto behaves itself.

Telesto was changed in the patch to start off in an alternate firing mode. In this mode, Telesto’s projectiles move slowly, and start to float upwards. They spread widely in a seemingly random pattern. Whether this spread is just the weapon’s natural inaccuracy or related to some sort of code to decipher is unknown. The weapon can return to its default firing state by holding the reload button. Upon doing so, the player smacks the side of the gun, much like they would during the reload animation. Telesto can’t enter the first firing mode unless the player respawns or unequips and re-equips the gun.

Over the past few weeks, players online have been speculating that Bungie has been planning for a community event to occur sometime in the latter part of the current Season of Destiny 2. If true, this will be the first community event since the Shadowkeep epilogue, wherein the Traveler repaired itself to fend off the encroaching Pyramid ships. With Bungie’s history of hiding secrets throughout their games, Telesto’s sudden change has caused the community to scour Destiny 2 in search for clues for what it might mean, such as in the firing pattern or lore surrounding the weapon.

With this odd change in Telesto’s mechanics, Destiny 2’s playerbase is now certain that Bungie is creating some kind of endgame for Season 18, and Telesto has some involvement in it.

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