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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022: How it Works

Spooky season has arrived which means that Festival of the Lost has returned to Destiny 2. This Halloween-themed event has become a staple for the looter-shooter, and it is back in 2022 with some new gear to earn, new cosmetics to purchase and some... not so new activities to run again. Here's how Festival of the Lost 2022 works.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2022: How it Works

Festival of the Lost, Destiny 2’s free to all Halloween Event, has returned for 2022.

This spooky holiday event comes around once a year to celebrate the creepy season of terrors and frights. Guardians can expect a new batch of Halloween-themed Eververse items, alongside some snazzy new Mecha armour that can be purchased with Bright Dust or Silver.

2022 is the second year of the newest iteration of FOTL, Haunted Lost Sectors. With so many new Guardians joining either in preparation for Lightfall or from The Witch Queen, it can be easy to get a bit lost. Add onto that the new Event Card and it gets kind of messy, kind of fast. 

Here’s how everything about Festival of the Lost 2022 works in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: Season of Plunder - Festival of the Lost Trailer

Festival of the Lost 2022 Start and End Date, General Information

Festival of the Lost 2022 begins on October 18th and will end on November 1st. 

The Tower is decked out head to toe in creepy, spook-tober-appropriate attire for the Festival. Cobwebs, jack o’lanterns and more fill the Tower’s various halls and vendors. 

As always, the Eververse is chock-full of new holiday-themed wares for you to peruse (and spend money on). The best offerings this time are the Eveverse set of Halloween Guardian Ornaments. Last year was Dinosaurs: this year it’s Mechs. Specifically, Universal Ornaments based on the Gundam series and other Mecha anime and manga. They look great and you can pick them up for 6000 Bright Dust (or 1,500 Silver).

Eva Levante will be waiting diligently for you in the Tower Courtyard, ready to hand you and your Fireteam their daily bounties to grind and loot to earn. You’ll be visiting her a fair amount throughout the Event to grab your holiday bounties (which award Bright Dust). 

Spooky Tower

Spooky Tower

How to Start Festival of the Lost 2022

To start the introductory quest chain for Festival of the Lost 2022 in Destiny 2, simply log in and head to the Tower. You’ll find Eva in the Courtyard with a quest for you.

When you speak to her for the first time, she’ll give you a basic Masquerader’s Hood Helmet item. This is a very important item for the entirety of Festival of the Lost and you should grow accustomed to wearing it for the whole event. 

After that, you’ll be asked to venture into the seasonal activity with Eido and Glint. That activity is the Haunted Lost Sector playlist which can be accessed via the node next to Eva or the node from the Tower map.

Warlock Mech Armour

Warlock Mech Armour

How Haunted Lost Sectors Work

As previously stated this is the second year of the Haunted Lost Sector activity: before this was the Haunted Forest. As the name suggests, this activity tasks you with clearing out one of the game’s numerous Lost Sectors, which have become hosts to several ghost stories and folk tales for the festive season. The available Lost Sectors include some of the Europa, Nessus and Moon Lost Sectors from last year, as well as some new EDZ ones as well. 

This is where you will be coming to engage with the core of the FOTL loop and where you’ll get your hands on the new loot. This includes several of the Festival of the Lost weapons which have returned with new perk pools and Origin Traits.

The actual activity is pretty simple. Play through the Lost Sector as normal while Glint, Eido or Drifter regale you with spooky stories about the location you’re in. When you reach the chest, your objectives change. 

Now you have to capture points around the arena like a capture point in Control. Once it reaches 100%, a Unique enemy known as a Headless One will appear: these are massive Hive Knights with jack-o’lanterns for heads. Defeating them will drop Candy, but most importantly will add to the number of Spectral Pages you decrypt. This phase will continue for roughly 3 minutes or until 10 Headless have been defeated. 

After that, you will fight the final boss of the Haunted Sector. This is usually thematic to the story being told (such as a Vex Hydra who steals the heads of helpless Exos in the underground labs on Europa). At certain health thresholds, the boss will shield itself and become invulnerable. Some more capture points will appear and so will more Headless – defeat the Headless to drop bombs that can be thrown at the boss to lower the shield. 

Rinse and repeat. You’ll find your reward in a chest at the end, alongside a bunch of Candy and loot. The loot that can drop from the final chest includes: 

  • The Horror Story Kinetic Auto Rifle (450 RPM)
  • The BrayTech Werewolf Kinetic Auto Rifle (450 RPM) + New Origin Trait and Perk Pool
  • Jurassic Green Solar Pulse Rifle (540 RPM) + New Origin Trait and Perk Pool
  • Random World Loot
  • Candy

The best and hottest reward that can drop is the new Mechabre Arc Sniper Rifle. You will get one of these from Eva at the end of the introductory questline with Snapshot and Opening Shot, but if you want more you’ll have to farm Haunted Lost Sectors. The Mechabre, as well as the Jurassic Green and BrayTech Werewolf, all have the new Search Part Origin Trait, which grants faster aim-down-sights speed and movement speed while aiming down sights if there are no allies nearby. 

Now, what do you do with Masks or Candy? What are Spectral Pages? 



Masks, Candy and Spectral Pages

Masks, or the Masquerader’s Helmet items, are the most vital part of the FOTL. If you aren’t wearing one, you cannot get any Candy or Pages to drop. Make sure you’re wearing one at all times (if you can, at least). By examining the Mask you can equip different ornaments exclusive to the Mask: previous year’s ornaments carry over so you may have a large stack already. 

Once you are wearing the Mask, two new currencies will begin dropping.

The first is Candy. This one is pretty simple and drops from just about everywhere. They manifest as small blue motes that drop in the field. You can use Candy to acquire goodie bags at Eva which have a random chance to drop world loot, level-up materials and more.

The second is Spectral Pages. Anything that counts as an activity will drop these. The higher the difficulty, the more Pages you’ll get in return (for example, an Expedition will drop 3 Spectral Pages whereas a GM drops 6). You’ll want to stack these as high as you can before going into a Haunted Lost Sector, especially if you want to go for the Seal – Ghostwriter.



Manifested Pages

Once you have enough Spectral Pages, take them into a Haunted Lost Sector.

As you beat Headless Ones, your pages will begin to turn into Manifested Pages. Each Headless One killed transforms one page, which will go into your inventory when the Lost Sector ends.

Bring these Manifested Pages back to Eva and her Book of the Forgotten. This book has several sections where you can turn in a specific number of Manifested Pages to unlock Chapters of Lore. There are 27 chapters in total and this will go towards unlocking the ‘Bookworm III’ Triumph and Exotic Ship.

So, to recap, here’s how the core loop for Festival of the Lost 2022 in Destiny 2:

  1. Equip your Masquerader’s Helmet Item
  2. Complete activities (Core Playlist, Seasonal, etc.) to build up Spectral Pages and Candy
  3. Go into Haunted Lost Sector Playlist and turn your Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages
  4. Turn in Manifested Pages at the Book of the Forgotten in the Tower.

If you just want to farm the weapons and don’t care about the Pages or the Triumphs, you can just keep doing the Haunted Lost Sector over and over for loot.



Event Card

Like Solstice in Summer, the 2022 version of Festival of the Lost has come with a new Event Card. Guardians will be awarded various rewards and loot for completing specific, event-themed Triumphs.

There are two versions of the Event Card, one paid and one free. Every player gets access to the free track of the card, which includes:

  • 17 Event Challenges alongside 17 Event Tickets (useless unless you have the paid track)
  • The Legendary ‘Pulp Texture’ Shader
  • The Coffin Nail Exotic Ship
  • Lost at Sea Emblem
  • A free copy of the Mechabre, Jurassic Green and BrayTech Werewolf
  • Several ornaments for the Mask

If you complete all 16 Event Challenges for the Seal, you will get the Festival of the Lost exclusive title – Ghostwriter. Additionally, when you complete the Ghostwriter Seal, you’ll also earn progress towards the Reveler Title as well. 

FOTL Event Card

FOTL Event Card

Upgraded Event Card

If you decide to get the Upgraded Event Card you can expect to receive some additional cosmetic rewards. 

For 1000 Silver you can begin trading in the Event Tickets earned from the Event Challenges. You use these Tickets to purchase various unique cosmetics on the Event Card. 

When you first purchase the card, you’ll instantly get access to three items. The Bobbing for Apples Exotic Emote, Bold Chapalu Exotic and Angel’s Gleam shader are all immediately available. Meanwhile, you can purchase the following items for Event Tickets:

  • The Caramel Apple Exotic Ghost Shell (8 Tickets)
  • Investigate Dance Legendary Emote (5 Tickets)
  • Pumpin Bomb Legendary Transmat Effect (2 Tickets)
  • Sweet Treat Ghost Projection (1 Ticket)

If you decide to purchase the Card after completing some of the challenges, have no fear. The Event Tickets retroactively unlock so you still have the chance to get everything you want. Be quick, though, as all the Tickets in your inventory will disappear once Festival of the Lost ends. 

That’s everything you need to know about Festival of the Lost 2022 in Destiny 2. This is a quick reminder that this Halloween extravaganza lasts from the 18th of October to the reset on the 1st of November. Happy Halloween, Guardians!

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