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How to Complete Destiny 2’s Hands Off Raid Challenge

The final Raid Challenge for Destiny 2's version of King's Fall has arrived. In Hands Off, you and your fireteam will have to try and beat the Taken King himself in a bit of a strange way that will ask you to change up your strategy. Here's how to complete the Hands Off King's Fall challenge and what you can get for your trouble.

How to Complete Destiny 2's Hands Off Raid Challenge

The final Raid Challenge for King’s Fall in Destiny 2 has finally been unlocked. When adding the Master Mode variant of King’s Fall into the game, Bungie also added several weekly Raid Challenges that would award successful Guardians with bonus loot. There is one Challenge per major encounter that drops unique loot, totalling five encounters overall.

We have already covered the Basilica (Totems) encounter, the Warpriest encounter, the Golgoroth fight and the Daughters of Oryx Challenge. These challenges rotate per week and you can find guides on how to The Grass is Always Greener, Devious Thievery, Gaze Amaze and Under Construction Challenges here on KeenGamer. 

Now, the final Challenge is upon us. This week, you and your fireteam will have to take on The Taken King himself, Oryx, in a special challenge. If you can conquer it, you’ll get some sweet bonus loot as well as the last Challenge you need for the King’s Fall Seal. The Oryx Challenge is called Hands Off.

Here’s how to complete the Hands Off Raid Challenge for King’s Fall in Destiny 2

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How Do Raid Challenges Work?

In case you are completely unaware of how Raid Challenges work, here’s a quick rundown.

Once Master Mode has launched for a new Raid, that Raid gets access to Raid challenges. In Normal mode, these drop bonus loot from that specific encounter. Meanwhile, in Master Mode, completing these challenges is the way to net yourself Adept Raid loot.

There are an equal number of challenges as an encounter that give loot. For Deep Stone Crypt, for example, there are 4 Challenges. For King’s Fall and Vault of Glass, there are 5.

The Challenges rotate weekly starting with the first encounter and cycling through. After 5 weeks, it will go back to the first encounter Challenge. You will need all Challenges completed for the Raid Seal. You must also complete them on Master Mode, too.

Let’s finish this with the final Raid Challenge in King’s Fall. 

Notification Screen

Notification Screen

King’s Fall Raid Challenge 5: Hands Off

The Oryx fight is the pinnacle of the Raid and is the most complex encounter of them all. It involves taking what you have previously learned from the Daughters of Oryx encounter while throwing in a few surprises. Begin the encounter by running up to the side of the arena where Oryx spawns.

The main bulk of the encounter is the exact same as the Daughters one you just did, except now it’s Oryx shooting you. 4 plate holders, 2 floaters and the Torn Between Dimensions buff. The Brand can be used after three runs, spawning an Aura of Invulnerability to stop Oryx from wiping the party.

There are two major differences with the Oryx encounter. When the first player is Torn, Lightbearer Ogres will spawn all over the arena. You need to kill these enemies as quickly as possible as they drop Taken Bombs upon death. Once they die, a corresponding Lightbearer Knight will spawn in a direction diagonal to the Bomb itself (i.e the L2 Knight spawns in the top-right corner of the map). If these Knights get to the Bomb it will disappear. 

The only other main change comes at the end of the runner phase. Instead of dunking on the boss, the third Torn player needs to dunk the Brand on a Knight in the middle of the arena. Meanwhile, 4 other players will have to detonate the Taken Bombs once Oryx has ‘begun to draw power from the Darkness’. Each Bomb detonated will extend the damage phase timer. Detonate the Bomb and run to the player with Aura to protect yourself from the explosion. 

Fancy Seeing You Here

Fancy Seeing You Here

Rinse and repeat this section until you reach the final stand. You’ll have to contend with 2 more Lightbearer Ogres (who spawn on L2 and R2) and you’ll have to detonate 2 more Bombs so that Oryx doesn’t wipe you. Do this successfully and the encounter is complete.

The Hands-Off Challenge asks players to be a bit more mobile than they may be used to with this encounter. It requires a bit of switching around and remembering what enemies you have previously killed. 

You cannot kill the same Lightbearer Ogre or Knight more than once. This includes the two Ogres that spawn on Oryx’s final stand.

In each damage cycle, 4 Ogres and 4 Knights spawn, each attributed to a certain plate. For this encounter, once you have landed the killing blow on one of the Ogres and Knights, you cannot kill them in the subsequent phase. Doing so will fail the challenge.

In essence, you will need to make sure you know who has killed the previous Ogres and Knights as well as being available to move around the field when needed. It will get messy when certain players get Torn Between Dimensions and can longer take care of their dedicated opponents. Players need to think on their feet and be willing to adapt. 

So now that we know what to do, how do you actually do it?



The Strategy for Hands Off

For the start of the Oryx fight, run the encounter completely normally. 4 plate holders and 2 floaters. The only thing to keep in mind is to try to remember who kills each Lightbearer Knight or Ogre.

After the first DPS phase concludes and the encounter starts anew, this is where things get tricky. You cannot kill the same Knight or Ogre again and so there are a few ways to get around this:

  • Have only the floaters kill the Ogres and Knights. Plate holders can help but this would mean that the floaters are the only ones responsible for a kill. The floaters would switch places between DPS phases, allowing them to avoid the enemies they previously killed. This can get hectic and complicated if either floater is Torn Between Dimensions, however, and relies a lot on killing Oryx in 2 damage phase.
  • You can switch plate holders each round. If you start on L1, for example, kill the L1 Ogre and the L1 Knight for the first damage phase. For the second DPS phase, change to the R1 plate and take care of the R1 Ogre and Knight. Floaters can sub in for anyone who is Torn Between Dimensions. This will involve a lot more moving around than other methods but it is potentially far safer.

On the other hand, you could completely wing it and just have everyone remember which Ogres and Knights they have killed. Call out when you can’t kill one and get a fellow Guardian to take of it. This method is a lot more gung-ho but it is far simpler and coordinated teams should be able to make it work fairly easy. Keep on your toes and be ready to mix things up when need be.

The final word of advice is to not slip up at the end. When Oryx enters the final stand, two Lightbearer Ogres spawn on the L2 and R2 plates – these also count towards the challenge and if a player who has previously killed them does so again, you will fail at the final hurdle. They need to be killed quickly, too, so organise who kills which Ogre as Oryx is moving to his final position. 

Do this and that sweet loot and the final challenge you need will be yours!

An Older Age

An Older Age

Available Loot

So what is your prize at the end of all of this? If you complete Hands Off on Normal Mode, you and your fireteam will get a bonus chest containing extra loot from that encounter. Luckily (or unluckily) Oryx can drop anything from the Raid, so any King’s Fall weapon or armour piece can drop from the additional chest.

All of the King’s Fall armour is available, as well as all of the weapons:

  • Smite of Merain Kinetic Pulse Rifle
  • Defiance of Yasmin Kinetic Sniper Rifle
  • Doom of Chelchis Void Scout Rifle
  • Zaouli’s Bane Solar Hand Cannon
  • Midha’s Reckoning Arc Fusion Rifle
  • The Qullim’s Terminus Stasis Machine Gun
Midha's Reckoning Harrowed

Midha’s Reckoning Harrowed

Meanwhile, if you complete the challenge on a Master Mode run of King’s Fall you will have the chance for high-stat armour as well as one of the King’s Fall Adept weapons. Master Mode drops any Adept (or Harrowed) version of the weapons. You can slot Adept weapons with unique Adept mods not found elsewhere.

That is how to complete the Hands Off Challenge for the King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2. If you miss this or any previous Challenges just remember that they are on a 5-week rotation, going in encounter order.

Happy hunting Guardians.

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