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Destiny 2 PC Coming Exclusively to Battle.net

Blizzard Entertainment just announced that the PC version for Bungie's upcoming first-person action game Destiny 2 will be coming exclusively to Battle.net, meaning that it will be taking advantage of all the features the platform comes with.

Destiny 2 PC Coming Exclusively to Battle.net
Destiny 2, the sequel to Bungie's flagship first-person online multiplayer action game, is bringing the franchise to PC for the first time. On the same day as Destiny 2's gameplay reveal, Blizzard Entertainment announced that it will also be the first non-Blizzard title to be added to their Battle.net app.

This could be a sign of Blizzard taking a step towards becoming a larger online store like with Valve's Steam platform. However, given that Bungie is under Activision, it's more than likely just them extending the use of their platform with their sister companies starting with Destiny 2.

Blizzard Entertainment said:

Our focus in terms of supporting non-Blizzard games is solely around Destiny 2. Aside from potentially evaluating needs or opportunities for future Activision games, we don’t have any short- or long-term plans to support third-party games with Battle.net. It’s important to us to maintain our quality standards for any experience or service we’re putting in front of our players, which represents a big investment of time and effort on our part, so this is not something we’re jumping into lightly. 

The game will be able to take full advantage of all the features in Battle.net, such as chatting up friends, setting up parties, and seeing a Destiny 2 icon on friends who are currently playing it. This also means players will be able to purchase the game using Blizzard Balance.

Destiny 2 will be coming out on September 8 for both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Still no official date on when the PC version will be available, but at least now we know where.

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