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Crota’s End Red Border Chest Guide (Guaranteed Deepsight Raid Weapon) | Destiny 2

Want to learn how to spawn the Red Border secret chest each week in Crota's End and get yourself a guaranteed Deepsight Raid weapon each week? Check out this quick and easy guide for Crota's End in D2 to learn more. Just like previous Destiny 2 Raids, players can spawn in a guaranteed Red Border chest in Crota's End by fulfilling certain special requirements.

Crota's End Red Border Chest Guide (Guaranteed Deepsight Raid Weapon) | Destiny 2

Crota’s End has returned to Destiny 2 with a fair few touch-ups, including a new central mechanic in the Chalice of Light, new rolls and Elements attached to the Raid loot and more. Just like all other D2 Raids since The Witch Queen’s Vow of the Disciple, Crota’s End also allows players to craft the six available Raid guns if they can gather enough Red Borders. To craft a Raid weapon, you’ll need to have it drop 5 times with a Red Border so you can extract the pattern progress, making it somewhat arduous and very luck-based for how quickly you’ll get to make the weapon you want.

Fortunately, another returning addition is the Deepsight secret chest. If players are able to spawn this chest in Crota’s End, they’ll net themselves a free additional piece of loot which is always guaranteed to be a Red Border weapon you still need progress for. This chest is a massive help and will cut down on your grinding time significantly. Before you can take advantage of it, though, you’ll need to learn how to get it to spawn.

Here’s how to spawn the Crota’s End Red Border secret chest, which guarantees a Deepsight drop of one of the Raid weapons, in Destiny 2. 

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What is the Deepsight Chest in Destiny 2?

A Deepsight Chest (more commonly referred to as a Red Border chest) is a special kind of chest exclusive to Destiny 2 Raids. By completing certain objectives or solving a particular sequence throughout a given Raid, you can spawn a special additional chest once you beat the final boss. This chest is guaranteed to give you and your fireteam one free Deepsight weapon from the Raid each week for a weapon you still need pattern progress for, making it an excellent source of red borders for those who need it.

Red Border chests work differently in each D2 Raid. In Vow of the Disciple and King’s Fall, players needed to memorise and then locate several different symbols throughout the Raid to get it to spawn. Meanwhile, in Root of Nightmares, you needed to find and then remember a sequence of Light and Dark seeds that correlated to several alignment puzzles: If you want to learn more about the RoN Red Border chest, you can find more information here

As for how the Crota’s End Red Border chest works, it’s most similar to the Root of Nightmares chest. You won’t be finding and memorising symbols or runes, but instead, you’ll be memorising a specific sequence that needs to be undertaken through the Raid. This, fortunately, means that it is far easier to remember and consistently execute than either VotD or KF. 

Into the Hellmouth

Into the Hellmouth

How to Get the Deepsight Chest in Crota’s End

Another fortunate thing about the Destiny 2 Crota’s End Red Border chest is that you don’t have to venture far to find the sequence required to spawn it: in fact, all you need to do is hop on into the Raid and take a look around the starting area.

Before you venture down into the Hellmouth and begin the first encounter, look around the perimeter of the pit you’re about to enter. There are three sets of Hive statues across from where you and your fireteam spawn: one set is on the upper left, the second set is on a large circular platform to the right and the third set is hiding on an outcrop deeper into the Hellmouth hole. Each set of statues corresponds to a different set later on in the Raid.

Each set of statues corresponds to a matching set of three later on in the Raid. To spawn the Red Border chest in Crota’s End and claim yourself some additional Deepsight loot, you need to memorise which statue from each set – left or right – is glowing and then activate the correct statue later on in the Raid. Three sets of statues mean three statues to activate across the entire Raid.

At the very start of the Raid, you need to find three sets of statues and see which ones are glowing to learn the Deepsight code | Crota's End Red Border Chest

Red Border Statue Code

Example Sequence

To better explain the statue sequences, here’s an example using the image below. After loading into the Destiny 2 version of Crota’s End, I’ll equip my Sniper Rifle and walk over to the edge of the Hellmouth. Then, I’ll aim down sights and have a look at the three sets of statues and mark down which statues in those sets are glowing. In this example, the sequence looks like this: 

  • First Set of Statues: Activate the right statue.
  • Second Set of Statues: Activate the right statue.
  • Third Set of Statues: Activate the left statue.

For every correct statue you activate, you’ll receive a message stating that “A choice echoes into the future…” Activate all three statues in the correct order and you’ll be greeted by the message “A balance is reached. To the victor go the final spoils” which signifies that you’ve completed the sequence and will be awarded with the Red Border chest for Crota’s End once you beat the Raid. 

Do be wary, though. Should you activate an incorrect statute at any part in the sequence, you’ll instead receive the message “An irredeemable mistake…” which will completely break the chain, spoil your loot and cause the Crota’s End Deepsight chest to not spawn. Be 100% sure you’re activating the right statue at each part to guarantee that sweet pattern progress. 

In this example, you'll need to activate the following statues: Right, Right, Left | Crota's End Red Border Chest

Example Statue Code

Statue Room Locations

Room 1 Location

The first set of statues can be found at the start of the Bridge encounter, the second encounter in Crota’s End. Standing on the point where you plant the Rally Flag, you’ll be looking out towards the Oversoul and where you’ll end up building the Bridge.

From here, you just need to descend the stairs and then either head left or right depending on which statue you need. Both Hive statues can be found inside little rooms, with the left room being far closer and the right room being a bit further away. 

Activate whichever statue you need to awaken, wait for the correct message to pop up in the corner and then continue through the Raid. 

First Set of Statues

First Set of Statues

Room 2 Location

Once you complete the Bridge encounter, don’t be hasty and run off too early. On the side of the Bridge where you receive your loot and kill the Gatekeepers to complete the encounter, there are two winding paths to the left and right of the Annihilator Totems

At the end of the path to the left, you’ll find the second-left statue. Consequently, you’ll find the second-right statue at the end of the path to the right.

These statues are very easy to locate but make sure you activate the correct one before picking up the Chalice of Light to reach the Deathsinger encounter. While not 100% confirmed to ruin your run or sequence, you don’t want to jinx it and make a mistake by acting too early: once again, activate the statue, wait for the “A choice echoes” message to pop up and then you can proceed onwards. 

Second Set of Statues

Second Set of Statues

Room 3 Location

The final set of statues can be found in the final boss arena where you fight both Ir Yut, the Deathsinger, and Crota, Son of Oryx. To freely activate them, you’ll need to complete the Deathsinger encounter.

The statues themselves are on either side of the room above where you start the Crota encounter – this is also a room where a Wizard or Shrieker can spawn during the Deathsinger encounter – but do be wary when approaching them. The statues’ orientation is based on looking out towards the Oversoul meaning that, when you first approach the statues by jumping up, they’ll be flipped, with the right statue appearing on the left and the left statue appearing on the right. 

Be extra careful when selecting the final statue to ensure that you have the correct one. If you want to be 100% sure, head into the room above the Crota crystal, look out towards where the Oversoul will spawn and then go to the left or right statue. Awaken the correct one and wait for the “To the victor go the spoils” message to ensure that you’ll get the Red Border chest for Crota’s End in D2

Third Set of Statues

Third Set of Statues

That was how to spawn the Deepsight Chest in Crota’s End in Destiny 2

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