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Three Changes Destiny 2 Needs To Keep My Playing

Destiny 2 had a great start. It launched with an interesting story that wasn't a complete bore to play through and kept me engaged. Now, however, two months down the line, things have changed. Destiny 2 has turned into a once a week game, a...

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4 Reasons Destiny 2 Desperately Needs a Photo Mode

Many beautiful moments are to be had in Destiny 2. Sure, we can capture screenshots and take videos. But as we've seen in other titles of late - an integrated photo mode definitely has its merits. Here, we'll look at why those merits would ...

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Destiny 2 Is Already A Disappointment, So Why Even Care?

With only slight improvements being made since The Taken King - found by this publication and many others across the web - what are people expecting to get with Destiny 2? From the looks of it, Destiny 2 will be a disappointment among both ...