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Destiny 2 Doing Away with Grimoire Cards

Destiny is clearly a good game, evidenced by its popularity and loyal playerbase. The MMOFPS is not without its faults, however. Grimoire cards were a form of collectible in Destiny that players could find and use to access the Bungie website to find out lore about the game and its universe. In the upcoming sequel, all the lore will be right there in the game, and so that means the cards are in the trash.

Destiny 2 Doing Away with Grimoire Cards
Destiny 2 is bringing over a lot of what its predecessor did right, but also making some changes. Not only will the title be the first non-Blizzard game to be sold via the Blizzard launcher, but the sequel will also be ditching the hotly debated grimoire cards. Bungie, the game's developer, has promised in a Forbes interview that all the relevant lore will be right there in the game, and not on their website.

Grimoire cards were a form of collectible in the first Destiny. Players would find the cards, which would direct them to visit the Bungie website in order to learn more lore about the game's universe. Though some players enjoyed hunting down these cards and getting information through them, many gamers found the practice odd, at best, and underhanded at worst. Destiny suffered from sparse story moments, relying instead on the cards to tell the player about what was going on. An information compendium or encyclopedia is common in many big games like The Witcher and Mass Effect titles, yet Destiny opted to keep all that info on an external source.

Games requiring some companion app or service in order to get the full experience has become somewhat of a problem in recent years. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided had a companion app that would unlock lore, videos, and other content that should have just been included in the game. The user rating on its Google Play page is evidence enough that players did not respond well to the idea. It's nice, then, that Bungie has decided to move away from the controversial feature. Whether or not we can expect another companion app, all the same, remains to be seen.


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    Good. Put the story IN THE GAME. Not in the APP. šŸ˜›

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      The lack of story in the game is what bored me out from finishing the first game. It was depressing. Destiny has everything I love. FPS, cool armor, loot drops, etc. Yet, I couldn’t get into it because I didn’t know why I was doing everything. I didn’t want to have to go look at Bungie’s site just to get content that is, unquestionably, default to any game. But with the sequel coming to PC, and the grimoire cards being scrapped, I’m excited.


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