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Destiny 2: How to Solve the Final Imbaru Engine Puzzle | Forbidden Wish Shader and Season Teaser

In this quick and easy guide, we'll show you all the steps to completing the surprising final puzzle in Destiny 2's Imbaru Engine. We explored the Imbaru Engine earlier this season but, at weekly reset, it got a surprising update with a brand new puzzle. Those who manage to conquer this last trial will get an exclusive shader, emblem and a tease at next season.

Destiny 2: How to Solve the Final Imbaru Engine Puzzle | Forbidden Wish Shader and Season Teaser

Another one of Savathun’s many mysteries has come alive in Destiny 2 Season of the Witch, weeks after we already wrapped up the main seasonal storyline. A new part of the Imbaru Engine – a labyrinthine part of Savathun’s Spire used to test our Cunning, Strength and Navigation abilities earlier in the season – has unveiled itself, asking Guardians to seek out heretical bits of Hive Soulfire to open a door to the unknown. Not only is this puzzle relatively complex, at least compared to recent offerings, but it also awards successful Guardians with a slick new shader and emblem as well as an exciting tease at what’s coming next season, Season 23.

Here’s how to solve the final Imbaru Engine puzzle, A Parting Gift, in Destiny 2

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Where to Find the Final Imbaru Engine Card

Before you can go traipsing back into the Imbaru Engine, you’ll need to find the final Opaque Card which unlocks the new puzzle. It’s also worth mentioning at this point that you need to have collected the previous three Imbaru Engine cards – the Gift of Cunning, Gift of Strength and Gift of Navigation – as well as complete their associate tests within the Engine itself to proceed.

As for where the newest Imbaru Engine card is, load it into a fresh instance of the Altars of Summoning activity. You’ll be returning here a few times throughout completing this puzzle but, on your first visit, make your way to the circle of Hive runes at the centre of the map. The map then divides into three sections, with one on the left, one on the right and one behind you. While looking at the massive doors which lead to the Leviathan Eater boss fight, head into the rightmost arena.

The right side arena is largely open with a few tall pillars scattered about the place and, if you crane your neck upwards, you should be able to notice the familiar green glow of an Opaque Card sitting atop one of those pillars at the back of the map. Clamber up the nearby rocks and claim it. From here, visit the Lecturn in the Athenaeum to unlock the ‘A Parting Gift’ card and get this whole puzzle really started. 

Imbaru Flame Locations

For the next part of this puzzle, you’ll need to locate three bits of Hive Soulfire which have been hidden around Savathun’s Spire (the location, not the activity). However, it is essential to mention that, in order to progress, you need to enter the Imbaru Engine and reach the Soulfire room before finding the Soulfires in the world: even if you find the braziers, they won’t let you claim the fire until you have attuned to the beacon. 

As for where this mysterious beacon is, enter the Imbaru Engine and proceed as normal until you complete the first puzzle, the Trial of Cunning. From there, proceed to the second encounter but, instead of doing the Trial of Strength, find the door which leads deeper into the Imbaru Engine and follow it. This will take you straight to the third puzzle only, now, there’ll be a new green Hive portal sitting at the bottom of the steps. 

Entering this portal takes you to the aforementioned braziers. There’ll be a batch of Soulfire in the middle of the three braziers which must be interacted in. From there, you can exit the activity and hunt for the Soulfire. In total, there is one piece of Soulfire in each of Season of the Witch’s key activities: the Altars of Summoning, Savathun’s Spire and the Imbaru Engine itself.

Portal to the Soulfire Room

Portal to the Soulfire Room

Altars of Summoning Flame Location

The first of the Imbaru Flames can be found in the Altars of Summoning. Once you spawn in, head to the same glyph circle you visited before at the centre of the map. This is also where you get spat out after riding the beam of light from the bottom of the Spire and where you and your fireteam can match Hive runes to generate some extra Orbs. 

In front of this circle of runes is a massive door which usually leads to a boss fight with the Leviathan Eater. Walk up to this door but, instead of entering, turn right and you should notice a Deepsight point chilling on the side of the cliff. From here, simply activate it, hop up the platforms it creates and you should find the first bit of Soulfire waiting for you at the end.

Altar Soulfire Location

Altar Soulfire Location

Spire Flame Location

The second Soulfire brazier asks you to brave the Savathun’s Spire activity. Compared to Altars or the Imbaru Engine itself, this brazier relies a lot more on the patience and cooperation of your teammates: if you’re with someone who just wants to complete the activity, they may rush ahead and pull you into an encounter, forcing you to miss the brazier. As such, you can either try your luck with randoms or premake a team dedicated to finding the braziers via LFG. 

As for where the Soulfire is actually located, progress through the activity as usual until you complete the second combat sequence (the one with the elemental crystals) and start the jumping puzzle involving Savathun’s portals. Go through this jumping puzzle like normal until you get to the area between the swinging pendulums of death and the final set of portals: once you’re here, look around on the suspended circular platforms and you should spy another Deepsight point. 

Like before, simply activate the Deepsight and follow the manifested platforms to your prize. This second brazier is located around the corner, on the opposing side of the structures (or where the Guardian Rank 7 player is standing in the image below). 

Imbaru Engine Flame Location

Finally, you’ll be heading back into the Imbaru Engine to locate the final Soulfire brazier. We recommend saving this one for last because you can pick it up and then continue to the end of the mission without needing to exit back to orbit, making the process a lot more streamlined. 

To locate this third brazier, boot up the Imbaru Engine and head into the Test of Cunning, the first trial which tasks you with finding specific chests marked by a certain Hive rune. As soon as you enter the weird MC Esher-styled room you should notice a new Deepsight point on the ground level that hasn’t been there before. Activating it will cause several small platforms to spawn on the wall above the Deepsight point: this area is also where the second batch of chests spawns so use that as a guidance point.

The Soulfire brazier itself is located about halfway up the wall. Hop up there on the manifested platform, nab the Soulfire and you’ll be ready to take on the final test. 

Imbaru Engine Soulfire Location

Imbaru Engine Soulfire Location

Final Imbaru Engine Puzzle

With all three pieces of Soulfire collected, return to the Soulfire room outside the Test of Navigation. By imbuing the braziers with newly lit green flames, the door at the back of the chamber will open, revealing a massive room full of all kinds of strange Hive glyphs and gizmos. 

The most striking things in the room are likely going to be the four Hive statues which rest in each of the room’s four corners. These statues are all accompanied by four Hive runes.

Solution and Rewards

The solution for this puzzle involves activating certain runes in the room while keeping others dormant and inactive. To activate a rune you need to walk up to it and hold the interact button, which will cause the rune to burst to life with green Hive Soulfire. To learn which runes you should activate and which runes you should keep turned off, use the key below. 

As for how you would ordinarily figure out which runes are correct, it involves the Truth or Lies buffs you can receive from the two plates to the left or right of the room. Approaching one of the Hive Statues with the Truth and Lies buff will cause some of the runes connected to that statue to gain either a triangular or circular outline: runes with a triangular outline are meant to be kept inactive, whereas runes with a circular outline should be interacted with and made active. Honestly, the puzzle is a lot more complex than that – just like anything to do with Savathun. If you want a deep dive into the actual solution and how it was solved, check out this video by Skarrow9 on the subject.

Final Puzzle Key

Final Puzzle Key

No matter how you solve the puzzle, once you enter the Runes correctly and finalise your decision at the pyramid glyph at the back of the room, you will have proved your Cunning to Savathun. This will cause a new door to open, leading to a hallway and… a strange egg? Following this, you’ll get some dialogue from Ikora and Eris about the exciting true nature of this egg as well as a special cutscene which plays after the mission ends which teases the storyline in Destiny 2’s next season, Season of the Wish

In terms of tangible in-game rewards, completing the final puzzle in the Imbaru Engine will award you with guaranteed Deepsights for any Season of the Witch weapons you don’t currently have (I received two red border Brya’s Love Scout Rifles), the Twisted Space Emblem and the Forbidden Wish Legendary Shader, which is one of the season’s best. Forbidden Wish makes your Guardian look like a mini-Ahamkara, with metal becoming a shiny bone colour and fabric becoming covered in a thick layer of blue scales. There’s even some subtle animation in the shader for good measure. 

Forbidden Wish Shader

Forbidden Wish Shader

That was how to solve the final Imbaru Engine puzzle in Destiny 2

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