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Root of Nightmares Red Border Chest Guide (Guaranteed Deepsight Raid Weapon) | Destiny 2: Lightfall

Want to learn how to get an easy guaranteed Deepsight Raid weapon each week in the new Root of Nightmares Raid in Destiny 2? Just like Vow of the Disciple and the revised version of King's Fall, Root of Nightmares has a Red Border Chest that players can activate for some sweet pattern progress, and this guide will teach you how to do it.

Root of Nightmares Red Border Chest Guide (Guaranteed Deepsight Raid Weapon) | Destiny 2: Lightfall

Root of Nightmares is the brand new Raid which has been added to Destiny 2 in the Lightfall expansion. This time, we face down after the Final God of Pain, Nezarec, one of the Witness’ most trusted and dangerous Disciples. And a new Raid means new loot and new guns, and RoN continues the tradition of having all six Raid weapons be craftable once you collect 5 Deepsight Patterns for each gun. 

Getting 5 Red Border weapons can be tricky, though. Fortunately, Root of Nightmares also continues the tradition of having a secret Deepsight Raid Chest which awards a guaranteed Red Border weapon at the end of the Raid. Knowing how to activate and get this chest to spawn can be a bit of a hassle, though. 

Here’s how to spawn the Root of Nightmares Red Border Chest in Destiny 2: Lightfall

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What is the Deepsight Raid Chest? 

The Deepsight Raid chest is a special chest that appears at the end of a complete Raid run if you accomplish certain objectives. If it does spawn, your entire team will have one of the Raid weapons drop with a guaranteed Deepsight Resonance, getting you one step closer to being able to craft the weapon. This chest can be collected once per week.

The Deepsight Raid Chest has appeared in the last few Raids, most notably Vow of the Disciple and King’s Fall. In the former, you had to memorise a set of three symbols at the start of the Raid and then activate a set of matching symbols throughout to get the chest. For the latter, you had to memorise three runes and then remember to shoot and activate them at set locations to spawn the chest. 

The Root of Nightmares Deespight Chest (more commonly referred to as the Red Border Chest) works similarly to the two above examples. However, it is remarkably easier as there are fewer things to remember.

Root of Nightmares Weapons

Root of Nightmares Weapons

How to Get the Root of Nightmares Red Border Chest

Sequence Location

To get the Root of Nightmares Red Border Chest in Destiny 2 you will need to find a specific combination at the start of the Raid. Then, you will need to remember and copy that sequence in several secret rooms that are scattered throughout. 

The combination is right at the start of the Raid. Before going to the first encounter, you are dropped into a large open courtyard with groups of patrolling Cabal. You enter this area through a long raised platform which leads to some stairs. The easiest way to get to the combination is to follow this path until you descend the stairs right next to a massive growth of light-infused plants. From here, turn left and you should pass two small structures before arriving at a strange set of seeds. 

In the mass of plant growth will be three seeds. The colour of these seeds can either be Light (blueish-white) or Dark (orangey-black) and they can come in any combination. This combination of Light and Dark is what you need to remember as this is the sequence you will be inputting.

Seed Sequence Location

Seed Sequence Location

Sequence Explanation

The colour of the seeds corresponds to a set of Light and Dark connector puzzles in three secret rooms throughout the Raid, with each seed representing one room. These puzzles work exactly like the main mechanic of the Raid itself where a player must gain the Field or Light or Field of Dark buff and then connect the dots to the next plate in the sequence. 

For the Red Border Chest, you will need to complete one puzzle in each room, the colour of which will be determined by the seeds. If a seed is Light, it means that you need to complete the Light puzzle for that specific room. Consequently, if a seed is Dark, then you need to complete the Dark puzzle for that room. 

Seed Sequence

Seed Sequence

For example, the seeds at the start of my run are Dark, Light and Dark. This means that:

  • First Secret Room: Connect only the Dark puzzle
  • Second Secret Room: Connect only the Light puzzle
  • Third Secret Room: Connect only the Dark puzzle

Each time you get the combination correct, you will receive the message “Your actions take root…”. You’ll know if you were successful when, after activating the third seed, you will get another message which reads “A great harvest awaits…”. Should you fail or choose the wrong combination in any of these instances, the sequence will break, your spoils will become ruined and you will no longer be able to get the chest, so be careful. 

Seed Alignment Example

Seed Alignment Example

Secret Room Locations

Room 1

The first secret room for the Red Border chest can be found before the first encounter. As you are making your way towards the Cataclysm encounter, you will pass through a winding building of pyramid architecture. Then you will climb out of an exit and onto a massive vine leading up to the first encounter.

Before exiting this area, turn around and look towards the wall. You should just be able to make out a small passageway that you can enter. This then leads to a set of stairs that, when wandered down, will take you to the first of the Light and Dark puzzles.

Complete whichever colour puzzle you need to continue and wait for that “actions take root” message to pop. When it does, head on up to the first encounter. 

Secret Room 1 can be found just before the 1st Encounter | Root of Nightmares Red Border Chests

Secret Room 1 Location

Room 2

The second secret room is after the second encounter, Scission. You’ll find it on your trounce through the long stretch of land where you and your team will use Dark Refuge to protect against Nezarec’s overwhelming influence. 

About halfway through the journey, you will use a boost to shoot yourself over to a small outcrop of broken ruins. To progress to the next encounter you have to go right towards another one of the jump boosters, but for the Red Border Chest head left.

In the distance, you should see a large building floating out in the middle of nothing. A trail of broken rubble and ruins will be able to lead you over to it and the next secret room. 

Complete the colour puzzle, get the message and then continue.

Secret Room 2 can be found in the section between the 2nd and 3rd Encounters | Root of Nightmares Red Border Chest

Secret Room 2 Location

Room 3

The final secret room is right before the final encounter of the Raid: the final God of Pain himself, Nezarec. As you are traversing up to Nezarec, you will cross many different plantlike growths and upended sections of the Pyramid ship.

One distinct section very close to Nezarec’s final location is a long stretch of vine that travels to a broken bit of Pyramid architecture. Normally, you would continue straight ahead to get to Nezarec, but this time you’ll want to look down.

Leading to Nezarec

Leading to Nezarec

Below this vine will be another, smaller vine, as well as a few broken pieces of rubble that you can climb across. Follow their path until you reach a large piece of rock sitting below an opening in the ceiling.

Jump up into this hole and the final puzzle will be waiting for you. Complete it and, if everything went well, a great harvest should be awaiting you once you best the First Herald of the Collapse. 

Secret Room 3 Location

Secret Room 3 Location

That was how to get the secret Root of Nightmares Red Border Chest in Destiny 2: Lightfall

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