Destiny 2: How To Get Breachlight Primary Sidearm

How to get your hands on Breachlight, the best primary weapon in Destiny 2 now that Season of Dawn has begun. If you’re looking for something new now that The Recluse has been nerfed, this is it, and the best part is that it's really easy to acquire.

For a good long while The Recluse has been the dominant weapon in Destiny 2, easily the best primary in the game. With the launch of Season of Dawn however, a new primary weapon has come along to take its place, the Breachlight sidearm. As a Kinetic sidearm, Breachlight is a primary weapon, meaning it doesn’t need to take the place of one of the best new exotic weapons in Destiny 2, Symmetry.

Breachlight deals slightly less damage than The Recluse, but many Destiny 2 YouTubers have been testing it out, and because it’s so much easier to handle, and fires a two-round burst, it actually out-performs The Recluse. The perfect roll to make Breachlight the best it possibly can be is to have the Rampage or Outlaw and Multikill Clip perks active, providing the best DPS possible.

But how do you get Breachlight?

Luckily Breachlight is a fairly easy weapon to get your hands on, all you need to do is complete the first few quests for Season of Dawn, and your first run in The Sundial. We’ve put together a quick guide with some tips to help you get Breachlight as fast as possible.

Step 1 – A Matter of Time


ikora Rey offers players the quest A Matter Of Time

The first thing you’ll need to do is head to the Tower and pick up the quest ‘A Matter of Time’ from Ikora. This is the very first Season of Dawn quest, and for the first part of it you need to go to Mercury and visit Osiris. He will give you the next part of the quest, which is a bit more involved. There’s no real trick here, though I will say that if you’re pushed for time you should run past the enemies on the way to the Sundial instead of defeating them all.

Step 2 – Kill Cabal


Killing Cabal on The Tangled Shore is fairly simple in the correct area.

This part of the quest is also pretty easy. All you need to do is kill Cabal on The Tangled Shore to collect 50 Sundial components. Head to Sorik’s cut and you should be surrounded by too many Cabal to count, and you’ll have all the components you need before you know it.

Once you’ve collected 50 Sundial Components you need to head to the Obelisk on The Tangled Shore. The Obelisk is right in front of the southern fast travel point on The Tangled Shore, you can’t miss it. Once there charge the Obelisk, but it needs something else.

Step 3 – Ability Kills


Ability kills consist of moves like this from the Sunbreaker Titan class.

Now you need to kill enemies using your abilities, super, and by collecting orbs of light. This step can be sped up by only using your melee, grenades, and super to get kills. There are loads of enemies around the Obelisk, and they respawn so fast that you won’t need to move to a new area before more have dropped for you to kill. Make sure you resist the temptation to use your weapons, and you’ll have completed the quest in no time.

Step 4 – The Sundial


The Sundial is a new machine that has been built by Osiris.

Now you’ll charge the Obelisk and link it to the Sundial, and then it’s time for your first run. You can jump into the Sundial activity directly, and it matches you up with five other players. The run is really simple to understand, tasking you with completing a series of challenges, similar to those found in Destiny 2’s Menagerie, and then you’ll have to face a boss.

There’s no way to speed this process up unless you and everyone playing knows exactly what they’re doing, which you probably won’t. Even so, it shouldn’t take you more than three rounds at most to reach the boss.

The boss can be tricky, since it has periods of invulnerability. The best tactic is to kill as many enemies as possible, punching the Psions when they appear, and keeping an eye on the boss for when the shield drops. When it does, use powerful weapons to take it down as fast as possible, saving your super for this point in the fight will also speed the whole thing up.


The bosses in the Sundial rotate, but each one fights in a similar way.

Once the boss is defeated you’ll be transported back to the Sundial. Interact with the device and you’ll be taken to a new screen where you can choose one of two rewards. Be careful, because this is where you might miss out on getting Breachlight, but as long as you pay attention and choose the right weapon you won’t.

This is also the quest that awards you the seasonal artifact for Season of Dawn, the Lantern of Osiris. This item can be used to boost your power level and unlock certain powerful mods for the duration of the season.

If you want to try and earn a different roll of Breachlight, then you can run the Sundial again, opting for Breachlight as a reward once more. The more you do this, the more rolls you’ll be able to try out.

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