Destiny 2 how to get to power level 300 (Guide)

Having trouble raising your power level? In this Destiny 2, power level guide we'll cover the best ways to raise your power level and reach 300. This guide will also cover how to take advantage of the new faction system if you have a new character.

Destiny 2 how to get to Power level 300


Destiny 2 has been out for 3 weeks now, players are already beginning to reach the max power level for the game. You might be wondering "how will I get to power level 300?" this guide might be able to help. When it comes to power level your main way of earning gear after the main story will be public events and strike missions. But once you reach around power level 260 you may notice your rare gear isn't cutting it anymore how do you go from there?

Destiny 2 how to get to Power Level 300: Leviathan Raid


This won't be for awhile but once you get to 270 you will be eligible to participate in Destiny's 2 raid.  Raids in Destiny are large-scale missions that you do usually with 4 or 6 people– these can be extremely difficult and requires a great deal of cooperation. If done right your team can earn a lot of legendaries and Exotic gear. If you're up for it you can farm the raid with your group after completing it, you can even earn more rewards for farming. Right now this is one of the longest but best ways to earn good gear for your character.

How to get to Power Level 300: Public Events

Public Events

Public events are little events you can do with players online and your fireteam. This is the most common way for people to earn gear because of how fast and easy it is for people to complete it. If you have a fireteam medallion you can possibly earn more doing these events than doing anything else. The only thing about public events is that even if you complete a lot you may not get good gear that day, but if you like doing public events a lot this could earn you a lot of quality gear.

Destiny 2 how to get to Power Level 300: Strike missions

Strike missions

Strike missions are team-based missions you do with friends or random people online. With these missions, you can only do it with 2 or 3 people. These missions are like mini-nightfalls and are easier than Nightfalls, they can still take you awhile to finish them compared to doing a Public Event or Crucible match. They still can give you good gear along with tokens for Zavala for more gear. So, if you're tired of Public Events these can give you something else to do.

Destiny 2 how to get to power level 300: Crucible


The Crucible is a good place to go if you like strictly multiplayer content. It also gives you a break from PVE content, like Public Events the Crucible can be a quick way to earn gear. It's not the best way to earn gear but it is one of the quickest and if you can tolerate it long enough you may get an Exotic or 2. Something apart of the Crucible is Trials of the Nine which is a PVP 4v4 mode that comes out on Friday's. In this mode you have the potential to earn better rewards if you're successful– if you are flawless in Trials you can go into the Flawless arena and earn better rewards as well and even complete milestones.

Destiny 2 how to get to Power Level 300: Nightfall


The Nightfall is an advanced strike that is difficult even for veteran players. The prestige Nightfall is even worse with only 1% being able to do it on all platforms but if you are able to beat it you can get good rewards. The nightfall should be attempted from 240 and above 240 being the minimum for the normal Nightfall– the prestige Nightfall is 300+ but it can be done with a good team. If you are having trouble with this keep trying– if you feel you are too low in light level you can try again when you feel you are more prepared.  

Destiny 2 how to get to power level 300: Faction Rewards

Faction rewards

In Destiny 2 we finally have Factions, Factions are different rival groups you can join and earn different rewards and if your group wins you get a legendary weapon from them. This is great to earn gear because you can farm tokens for doing anything you do already in this game. You can also get Faction related weapons so this is worth doing if you haven't joined a Faction already. If your Faction wins you can purchase their gear for 5000 Glimmer– if your group loses, however, you can buy the winners for 50,000 Glimmer.


Destiny 2 grind can be tough for some but if you look at these options and figure out what's best for you it can make the difference. Public Events is the fastest way on here so if you need something quick that's for you, but if you like longer strikes do the Nightfall or Strikes you can get Exotics from all of these.

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