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Destiny 2: How to Get the Revision Zero – Operation: Seraph’s Shield Guide

This guide will tell you how to get the new Destiny 2 Exotic Revision Zero. The new Exotic Mission, Operation: Seraph's Shield, tasks Guardians with exploring a hidden Braytech space station, with a powerful new Exotic waiting for them at the end. This guide will be a breakdown and walkthrough of how to beat the mission, as well as a look at the Exotic reward.

Destiny 2: How to Get the Revision Zero - Operation Seraph's Shield Guide

This week in Destiny 2‘s Season of the Seraph, players were greeted by a brand new Exotic Quest. Missions like the beloved Presage and the earlier iteration of secret missions are some of the brightest parts of Destiny’s history. Now, we can add Operation: Seraph’s Shield to that list.

In this Mission, Guardians are tasked with travelling high above Earth and into a hidden Braytech space station. The Hive and House Salvation alike have infested its halls and it’s your job to clear them out. As a sweet bonus, the brand-new Exotic Pulse Rifle Revision Zero will be yours upon completion. This weapon is a unique blend of Arbalest, Khvostov and The Witch Queen Crafting system condensed into a Pulse Rifle. It even has multiple Catalysts to unlock: you can find out how to unlock all four of them in our guide here.

Here’s how to complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield and get the Revision Zero Exotic in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen - Season of the Seraph Trailer

How to Unlock Operation: Seraph’s Shield

To unlock Operation: Seraph’s Shield and start your journey towards Revision Zero, there are a few things you need to do first.

The most crucial is that you have advanced the Season of the Seraph story into its third week. You can track this quest under the More Than a Weapon Quest under the Quest Tab. This involves running the seasonal Heist Battlegrounds, watching a few dicey family interactions and venturing deep into Seraph Bunkers.

At the end of the first two weeks, you are asked to clear out a section of an abandoned Seraph facility. These are the quests Operation: Archimedes and Operation: Diocles. They set up both the story and the gameplay for the Exotic Quest which must be completed before you can proceed.

The Stranger Beckons

The Stranger Beckons

Once you have hit Week 3 and progressed enough in the quest, Elsie will ask you to visit her in the H.E.L.M. She will send you here to finally infiltrate the Braytech Facility floating above the Earth, unlocking the Operation: Seraph’s Shield mission. 

Access it through the H.E.L.M. and you can begin the mission. There is a Normal and a Legend Mode (with the latter granting Pinnacle gear) but only Normal is required for quest progression. 

Mission Node

Mission Node

Mission Walkthrough

When you first enter the mission, it will start the same as Archimedes and Diocles. You will have to sprint through a wide, barren field of dead trees and Hive and make it to the Seraph Base on the other side. As you run, you will be marked constantly by the Seraph Towers dotted around the area – stay in their sight too long and you’ll fry. 

This time, the entrance to the facility is guarded by a Major Ogre, but you can clear through it pretty fast. Once inside, you’ll begin making your way through the underbelly of the facility, through mined rock and rubble until, eventually, you’ll find a series of rooms designed in the iconic Braytech theme as opposed to the rustic, Rasputin one. 

You’ll begin your journey skyward here. Watch out for the laser traps positioned tactfully around each room: if you happen to get unlucky and get caught between the lasers while running solo, you could get trapped in a loop, forcing you to reset. Keep that in mind and proceed inward.

Going In

Going In

Space Elevators

Now that you’re in the Braytech part of the facility, you need to find a way to reach the space station. Head through a series of corridors and rooms covered in lasers and traps until you find a group of Fallen busying themselves with some tech. 

One of them will have a strange yellow symbol floating above them. Any fans of the Deepstone Crypt Raid will instantly recognise this as the Scanner Augment which is used in all encounters within the Europa Raid.

The Scanner Augment highlights interactable terminals - Destiny 2 Revision Zero

Scanner Augment

Kill this team and pick up the Scanner. Now, several items around the room will glow a bright yellow, indicating that they can be interacted with. This is the main mechanic of Scanner throughout the entire mission: use the Scanner to find a glowing terminal which, upon activation, will open a door. In this instance, triggering three terminals around the room will unlock the space pods.

Head up, admire the gorgeous view of Earth from up high, then continue blazing towards your Exotic. You’ll need to deposit your Scanner Augment into an Augmentation Terminal. This removes your buff, but it often unlocks a nearby door or area for you to continue exploring. 

The next several rooms involve finding a Scanner, clearing the enemies, and then finding the interactable terminals close by. Some of these are rather obvious, while others require crawling through vents or similar ventures to find. One room has you use the Scanner to open a door leading to 4 Hackable plates. If you choose the wrong one, it will kill you. Before heading in, check the glass panel next to the nearby Augmentation Terminal. When Scanner is active, one of the machines inside will be glowing: this is the one you need to activate in the next room.

Look at that View

Look at that View

The Microwave Trap

The Microwave Room is a large room with a descending stairway. When you first enter the room, you’ll find Scanner Vandal working away at some tech, while a bunch of other Fallen try and kill you. The reason why this is called the Microwave Room won’t become apparent until you try and leave. 


This trap cooks you alive if you don’t walk on the right panels (the room is made up of a 7×7 grid, where only certain panels are safe). You need to hack 3 of the machines in the room to turn off the trap and proceed.

You have to look in two places with the Scanner. First, go to where the Scanner Vandal is located and look to the right. There will be a glass pane displaying a series of terminals connected to wires leading down. These are connected to the terminals below in the Microwave Trap, and they indicate which ones you need to turn off to move on. There will always be one terminal per side (1 left, 1 back and 1 right). 

The glowing terminals correspond to the terminals below - Destiny 2 Revision Zero

Microwave Top Room

Next, head to the bottom floor with Scanner but do not enter the room. Instead, head to the left of the door and peer through the glass pane. Inside will be a glowing yellow pattern of the safe tiles – if you stand anywhere other than the yellow tiles, you will be cooked alive. You have to memorise the location here because you will be stripped of your Scanner Augment when you step through.

Using both of these pieces of information together, venture into the room and follow the safe path. Turn off each of the terminals as you pass, being careful to avoid the lasers and after hacking all three terminals, you can continue.

Looking through the glass with Scanner reveals the safe path - Destiny 2 Revision Zero

Microwave Safe Path

The Operator Room

The room following the Microwave introduces another new Augment. The Operator Augment allows you to shoot certain red panels which are scattered around each room. Hitting the panel while Operator is active will usually result in a similar effect to the Scanner Terminals: a door will unlock or an area will become primed. 

As you move from room to room with Operator, keep an eye out for the red panels. These are better hidden than the terminals and can be a pain to find at times. Check behind pillars, or an area just out of reach – the first Operator panel, for example, is hidden behind a pane of glass in a room full of pillars. 

Shoot glowing red panels with Operator to open doors - Destiny 2 Revision Zero

Operator Panel

You’ll also be moving through a lot of vents and backtracking a bunch to get through this area. In particular, there is a locked vent in one of the rooms that cannot be opened until you have shot another Operator panel by climbing through a different vent. Keep moving forward, looking for panels and shooting them until the final door opens. 

After crossing a corridor coated in Arc mines, you’ll slay a high-ranking House Salvation Captain. They will drop a Nexus Warsat Keycode Control after death. Over the comms, Elsie will inform you of her brilliant plan: get fake captured by the Fallen by blowing up some explosives.

Big Bang

Big Bang

Getting Captured

The next part is a boss fight. You can rally before to get back all your ammo and Supers. To start the fight, simply shoot the obvious pile of explosives sitting patiently in the middle of the room.

For this encounter, you’ll be battling Haroktha, Scourge of the Helium Drinkers. This ancient Hive Knight will blast you will boomer shoots until you take their health down to half. At this point, the Knight will run away, calling for support from House Salvation. 

Scourge of the Helium Drinkers

Scourge of the Helium Drinkers

At this point, several Fallen Brigs will storm the arena, along with a bunch of Wreches and Dregs. If you’re not careful, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the adds or die from the Brig’s cannon blasts. This area is counted as a Darkness Zone, so dying will send you back to the start. 

Once all of the enemies have been mowed down, proceed to continue your master plan. When you enter the next room, you’ll be met by a small band of House Salvation soldiers. Your fake surrender goes off without a hitch and, at a moment’s notice, you’ll be onboard a Ketch parked somewhere above the space station. 

You’ll devise a prison break with a few captured Bray Tech robots, allowing you to return to the Seraph space station. It won’t be a walk in the park, though, as you’ll have to go through another DSC-Esque spacewalk to get there.

Surrendering for Real

Surrendering for Real

Another Spacewalk

Accompanied by the lucid melody of the Deepstone Lullaby, this next section asks you to platform from flimsy rod to rod as you near the hangar bay. This section is rather light on enemies and, so long as you’re careful with your jumps, you’ll fly through it rather fast. 

The only area some may struggle with is finding some Operator panels. After picking up the Augment from a nearby Vandal, you need to find 3 panels to safely make it across a large jump. Some classes may be able to get across with things like Icarus Dash, Heat Rises or Thundercrash, but this is the intended method. Said panels need to be shot in a specific order – two of them can be found on the same platform as the Operator Vandal, while the third is across the large gap you need to cross. Shoot all three and a path will form. 

Operator in Space

Operator in Space

At the end of the walk, you’ll meet up with Haroktha again. This time, you’ll be in an enclosed room filled with Acolytes as the Boss rushes you down. However, he cannot shield anymore and so a few Linear Fusion shots will melt him into nothingness. 

The next few rooms contain a few more Scanner and Operator puzzles. This time, you’ll need to switch between the two by using an Augmentation Terminal to remove your current buff, before picking up the other to continue the sequence. The puzzles aren’t very difficult, but there are a good amount of adds to contend with. 

Once you’ve cleared the final puzzle, you’ll be transported to the final area. 

You Again?

You Again?

Suppressor Augment

This last area of the space station is covered in Hive crust and marks the end of this Exotic Mission. Before that, though, there’s one other thing you need to learn.

The final Augment, the Suppressor, is introduced using a Servitor. This enemy is shielded and the only way to break the shield is by using the Supressor Augment. Around the room will be three floating orbs – standing underneath them with the Augment will prime them, allowing you to shoot the shielded target. You’ll clearly see your target while standing underneath the orbs as they glow a bright blue. Rinse and repeat this under all 3 orbs and a nearby door will pop open.

Inside that door is a large disk-like object. Shoot it until it breaks, which in turn lowers the shield of the Servitor. Like Scanner, this is altered a bit from how it was used in Deepstone Crypt, but it is more or less the same process.

With that lesson out of the way, proceed to the final boss.

Shoot the target once under each orb with Suppressor - Destiny 2 Revision Zero

Suppressor Augment

Final Showdown

The last enemy standing between you and your shiny new Exotic gun is one of Eramis’ dead lieutenants. Reborn under the Witness’ gaze as a punishment for House Salvation’s failures, the Technocrat meets us again. 

During the fight, the Technocrat will shield himself twice when he reaches 2/3rds and 1/3rd of his total health. When that happens, you need to find the Suppressor Vandal and pick the buff up. Position yourself under each of the orbs, just like with the Servitor, and shoot the boss. After you’ve shot him once from all three orbs, three doors will open on the left, right and front (where the boss spawns). 

The Technocrat Returns

The Technocrat Returns

Three more shied generator disks will be waiting, one in each room. You’ll need to destroy all three before the Technocrat’s shield goes down. Watch out for the adds, too, as this encounter features a ton of Scorn Ravengers who will rush you down. 

Take down the boss’ shield twice and he’s done for. Interact with a terminal in the next room to end the mission and complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield in Destiny 2.

Dead Once More

Dead Once More

The Reward: Revision Zero

Once you have beaten this for the first time, return to the H.E.L.M. After speaking with Clovis you will be contacted by a member of the Hidden. They will inform you of a special weapon schematic found aboard the Seraph space station, one that is unlike any other. 

You will be given the first version of Revision Zero. This will come with a Deepsight Resonance, allowing you to Shape a new version from scratch once it has been completed. This weapon is already good at baseline, but when crafting gets involved it becomes a whole other beast.

The Revision Zero

The Revision Zero

This Exotic Pulse Rifle shares many similarities to the Destiny 1 Exotic Khvostov. Just like how you could change the fire rate on the iconic Auto Rifle, Revision Zero can either be a heavy 2-Burst Pulse (think Graviton Lance) or a 4-Burst Pulse. The 2-Burst has a higher range, while the 4-Burst has more stability. Reshaping the weapon allows you to add new stocks, magazines and barrels to fully tune the Revision Zero to all your Destiny 2 needs. There are even 4 unique Catalysts for the weapon, all of which give it a different powerful Perk. 

The more Exotic side of the weapon emerges as you hit precision hits. A gauge will slowly fill as you hit more and more crits until you can change the Revision Zero. Holding the reload button changes the weapon into a pseudo-Sniper Rifle state known as Hunter’s Trace. While in this state, Revision Zero has very high damage and a maximum of 4 shots (depending on how full the gauge is). Pair this with the weapon’s intrinsic Anti-Barrier, and this weapon truly has the potential to compete with the PvE Champion King, Arbalest.

Hunter's Trace Active

Hunter’s Trace Active

A Mystery

Revision Zero is also capable of something special. Since the launch of the season, plenty of yellow mechanical balls have been found around the Solar System.

Before now, they were immune to any weapon and couldn’t be destroyed. With Revision Zero, you can pop them wide open. What these do exactly isn’t clear, but there is a door that seemingly tracks your progress within the Operation: Seraph’s Shield mission. Make sure to destroy any of these strange objects you find out in the wild.

Odd Yellow Ball

Odd Yellow Ball

That is how to complete Operation: Seraph’s Shield and net yourself the Revision Zero Exotic in Destiny 2.

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