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Destiny 2 Review (Xbox One)

Are you toying with the idea of buying Destiny 2? Well, let me assist you. In this review, we will go over some of the game's story and endgame content after the story. Destiny 2 is Bungie's answer to fans who complained about the original Destiny and revamped it. But how did it do? Come with me and find out!

 Destiny 2 Review (Xbox One)


Gamers are most likely aware that Destiny is a well-known MMO RPG, but the original had its short-comings and often came under harsh yet truthful criticism. Some of the main criticisms came from the game's poor story and the developers putting up an unnecessary paywall in the attempt to squeeze as much cash as possible out of the game. Destiny 2 has been out for a month now, so far fans seem to enjoy the game and view it as a worthy successor to the previous instalment – which is great news for fans. The newly released game has a story rich missions and an impressive endgame which can see players expecting to get around 40-50 hours of content with everything available. In this review, we will be covering the story along with gameplay and graphics and the audio as well. I will also cover a little bit about the future of Destiny 2 and what plans the developers, Bungie, might have for the games future. 

Destiny 2 is available on Xbox One. PS4 and PC versions will be coming later this month and the game is available for $59.99 on the Keengamer ESHOP, Windows Store and PSN store.

Destiny 2 Review (Xbox One) - The Traveler


The games story begins at the Last City, your Guardian returns from a mission to find the traveler being attacked and locked up by the Red Legion. Commander Zavala and his fireteam guide you through the wrecked city hoping to stop the main ships and forces attacking the city. However, it's too late and when you reach the top of the tower you are confronted by Commander Ghaul – a proud Red Legion warrior who insults your strength and knocks you off the edge.

When you finally wake up you see that your light is gone and the city fell to the Red Legion. You travel around hoping to find someone to talk to when you fall and hit your head once more, you are rescued by a refugee who is referred to as Suraya Hawthorne. She brings you to a safe haven called the "Farm" and your Journey begins here and is your main hub.

The story itself can be done in about 6 or 7 hours or so depending on what you are doing in the four different worlds available to you. The story consists of a few main missions and sub story quests that aren't required to do, but you do need to be a certain level to access certain story points. The main missions themselves aren't long and introduce enemies you may already know from the first game, they also introduce old characters you might remember from the first game. The story itself isn't bad, it helps you level up for the main end game and it eats up some of your time which isn't a bad thing. When you are doing other characters that's when it can get repetitive since you already ran through it already. The story may get DLC in the future to explain some unanswered questions still raging in people's minds.

Destiny 2 Review (Xbox One) - Mission Gameplay


Gameplay is similar from the first installment, you have three classes Titan, Warlock, and Hunter. Each class has three subclasses available to them and you can switch between them when you unlock them in the story. Dawnblade is new to the Warlock, Archstrider is new to the Hunter, and Sentinel is for the Titans. With subclasses, you can use them when your super gauge is full and depending on which one is active you can do massive damage.

Destiny 2 still uses the Power level system from the first game but in this game, it seems you can raise your power level easier in this one. Every gun and piece of armor you have available to you has the ability to raise your power level, the more gear you have the more you are likely to get higher leveled gear. Everything in this game revolves around your gear, but it isn't as hard to get Exotics and better gear than it was in the original. After you finish the main story you will spend most of your time doing Public Events or Strike missions to earn gear, you also have multiplayer PVP in the Crucible to mix things up.

Right now Bungie has plans for Destiny 2 to play out in seasons, we don't know much about what Bungie has in store for these seasons. But there should be a good amount of different events and maybe even story DLC in the future that talks about the future of the Fallen. Right now, Bungie seems to be adding different multiplayer events. The Iron Banner was an event originally from Destiny 1, this event is more team-oriented than the regular Crucible modes. With this event, you can earn exclusive to that event, we will see how the developers handle Destiny 2 from here on out.

Destiny 2 Review (Xbox One) - Crucible

Graphics and Audio

The audio in this game is great, they have a great build up of music and bass sounds that make battles feel more intense. When you travel the overworld you may hear a nice soft opera singer serenading you on your journey for powerful gear. Other times you may hear strong powerful bass sounds and crashing sounds that work for the battle you are in.

The gun sounds and grenade sounds are satisfying and don't sound bad– from the laser-intense sounds from your Coldheart trace rifle. To the soft round bursts of your scout rifles, most of the guns and grenade sounds in this game are spot on. The graphics while it is 30 FPS on console still look great, when you go into an underground Vex base and find a flaring sun core near floating rocks the sight is beautiful. Most areas in this game pop and are shaded well for the task, other areas if you look close enough you can see some stuff out of place. But overall the game itself looks good and when it comes to PC it will look even better.

Destiny 2 Review (Xbox One) - Crucible Stance


Destiny 2 is a solid game overall however if you played the original and didn't like the grind or some of the repetitive missions you may not like this game. Destiny 2 takes the original formula and gives it a better coat of paint– if you never played a Destiny game this will also depend on if you like MMOs or not. Overall I feel this game is a solid title, you have a good amount of content to hold you over and a somewhat interesting story. If you don't like grinding or repetitive missions or even competitive multiplayer you might not like this game, but if you can try it out or rent it I would say go for it. This is a buy for me and I am curious on your thoughts of the game.

If you would like to purchase Destiny 2 then you can do so from Keengamer's ESHOP!

+ Decent storyline – Repetitive missions 
+ Solid Gameplay – Grinding can be repetitive 
+ Great music 
+ Decent Graphics