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Destiny 2: Quickest Way to Get the Luna’s Howl Hand Cannon

Here is the quickest way to get the Luna's Howl - one of the best legendary hand cannons in Destiny 2! Finish each quest step in the quickest way possible and get the bragging rights as well as the ability to dominate enemies in both regular PvP and even Trials of Osiris.

Destiny 2: Quickest Way to Get the Luna's Howl Hand Cannon

Luna’s Howl has been a PvP mainstay since Destiny 2 released. Considering the necessary quest steps required in order to obtain it – it better be. It’s an incredible hand cannon with linear recoil, awesome damage and magnificent howl perk that will further increase your damage if you are precise. It’s consistently one of the best and most used weapons in regular PvP, Trials of Osiris and more, so be sure to get it.

While that can be somewhat time-consuming, certain weapon buffs in Season of the Worthy make it by far the best time to actually do it. First up, visit Shaxx in the tower and pick up a quest called the Remembrance. Once that’s done, follow the quest and use the following to complete each one in the quickest way possible:

1. Complete 10 Competitive matches

Luna's Howl Quest - Survival

This is where you’ll be spending most of your time

This one is fairly self-explanatory. Play 10 matches of Survival game mode and don’t worry about losing or winning. Of course, winning is always preferable since competitive matches rank up both valor and glory, one of which is the requirement for one of the later steps. Consult our best crucible weapons guide to make sure you win. 

2. Get 150 hand-cannon kills in Competitive matches

Luna's Howl Easy Quest Guide - Thorn

Thorn is one of the big three capable of cheesing this step

Season of the Worthy buffed some awesome hand-cannons which should make this step a no brainer. Again, winning is always preferable, but here you only need to worry about those kills. Just stick to that hand-canon until you finish up. Use Thorn, Ace of Spades or Spare Rations for quick and easy kills.

3. Get 200 solar kills in competitive matches

Hard Light makes this quest easy

Hard Light solar-type makes this step incredibly easy

You can use any weapon of your choice for this step but why not make it easy on yourself. It might be cheap, but we recommend using what is currently one of the best PvP weapons in the game – the Hardlight auto rifle. Make sure to switch to the solar element by long holding the reload button two times each time you respawn. Hardlight melts enemies at any distance and you should complete this otherwise time-consuming step in no time.

4. Complete 3 Rumble matches

Easiest quest step by far

Completing Rumble matches is the easiest quest step

Rumble is the resident free-for-all mode in Destiny 2. It doesn’t earn or cost you glory so you really don’t need to win. Just play three different matches and you’ll be off to the next step of getting Luna’s Howl.

5. Get 100 precision hand cannon kills in Competitive

Luna's Howl Quest Made Easy with Crimson

Crimson is insanely accurate and powerful

This is where it gets really tricky. Luckily, Season of the Worthy dragged one awesome hand-canon back into the spotlight – The Crimson. This hand cannon is probably the most stable weapon in the game as it will literally land each shot in the absolutely same place. Even without the range masterwork, this one is a beast that will make you get those precision shots much easier than with any other weapon in the game. Again, winning is not required so just stick with it and you’ll get there soon enough.

6. Reach Fabled in the Glory playlist

Fabled warrior Destiny 2

No worries – it’s not as hard as it seems

While many will say that this is the most difficult part of the quest – we don’t think so. Glory ranking is unique in that you lose points on each loss. Luckily, much more glory is gained by winning than it’s lost by losing. We’d reckon it’s the ratio is around 3:1, meaning that you need to lose three matches to lose the amount of glory that you gained by winning only once. Even if you aren’t a PvP pro, chances are, you’ll at least be close to the 2100 glory ranking necessary for this step by simply finishing all the steps above.

7. Go back to Shaxx and get your well-earned reward

Lord Shaxx Luna quest

Hello Shaxx! Give me my weapon!

Congratulations Guardian, you are now in the possession of Luna’s Howl. Chances are, all the above even made you improve in using hand cannons in general. Now combine what you learned and what you gained to dominate the PvP scene.

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