A Fresh Start and More Freedom in Destiny 2 Vids

Get an in-depth look at the combat, the worlds, and the social features that will be coming to Destiny 2. Three new videos have been released that detail features that will be carried over from the first game, and the new changes Bungie is making. They hope to please returning players and new fans alike.

A Fresh Start and More Freedom in Destiny 2 Vids
With its release approaching in a few months, on September 8th, Bungie has released three five-minute videos exploring the various aspects of the sequel to their hit MMO-but-not-MMO shooter, Destiny. The videos detail the new story, changes to combat, new worlds to explore, and details on the social mechanics coming to Destiny 2. 

The first video covers the gameplay, along with a brief overview of the story. In it, Bungie talks about bringing a more "cinematic campaign" to Destiny 2, as compared to the first. The first game had something of a story-sized hole in it, which Bungie attempted to fill with Grimoire Cards. With those cards gone, and the promise of a more engaging story within the game, it's nice to see Bungie listened to those complaints about the first game.

Most importantly are some of the combat changes. Players will still have three classes (Titan, Warlock, and Hunter) to choose from, though now they'll also have new supers to play with. The weapon system is also getting tweaked, with players now having a kinetic, energy, and power weapon (such as sniper rifles and grenade lauchers) slots. And, of course, with a new game comes new weapons, armors, and exotics.

In Destiny 2, players will have an easier time traveling between worlds, no longer needed to head into orbit before traveling. Four new locations were shown off in the above video, the first of which is said to be the biggest Bungie has ever built, "by a factor of two," they say.

The locations are stunning to look at and come in a variety of biome types. One planet is made up entirely of water, with no land to walk on besides the lost human utopia that was remains above the sea level. Another planet has been converted by the Vex into a gigantic machine.

Finally, we come to the social features that will be coming with Destiny 2. In the video, two new social systems are detailed: Clans and Guided Games. Clans are exactly what they sound like, and will be familiar in concept to those who have played MMORPGs before. Groups of players can join up to create a clan, complete with a banner and backstory. In addition to being a way for like-minded players to join up and take on the new raids and strikes, Clans will also have progression and rewards.

Guided Games is a system that allows solo players the chance to join Clans in their missions, without having to be an official member of the Clan. When players set out to do a raid or a strike, they need a set number of players to do so. If the Clan has a slot or two to fill, they can use the Guided Games system to find a solo player who will help fill that slot. Bungie knows players like to play solo, but encourage everyone to team up as they feel that's when Destiny 2 is at its best.

The overall theme of these videos is more freedom and a fresh start. With changes to the weapon system, new supers, and systems in place that allow solo players to experience Clan-directed content, Bungie hopes all players, regardless of how they like to play, will find their place within the new world. The story sets the players up to have to find their way back into power, to start fresh and reclaim what is rightfully theirs. 

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