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Destiny 2: Lightfall | All Neomuna Action Figure Locations

Want to learn where to find all of the hidden Neomuna Action Figures in Destiny 2: Lightfall? In this guide, we'll show you the exact locations of all the available Neomuna Action Figures and how to use them. These collectables can be compared to the Lucent Moths and Penguins from previous expansions, and players will certainly want to find them all.

Destiny 2: Lightfall | All Neomuna Action Figure Locations

Destiny 2: Lightfall bought with it the futuristic city of Neomuna. This hidden city houses a splinter sect of humanity who have been allowed to flourish for hundreds of years, and now we can plunder it for its secrets. From new guns to Exotics to secrets galore, there’s a lot to unearth in Neptune and one of the biggest secrets is the Neomuna Action Figures

Like destinations past, the Action Figures are a collectable that Guardians can locate while running around Neomuna. Finding these figures is an important part of acquiring the new Lightfall seal, so you’ll want to know where they all are and what to do with them.

Here’s where to find all of the Neomuna Action Figures in Destiny 2: Lightfall

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Destiny 2: Lightfall | Neomuna Environment Trailer

What are the Neomuna Action Figures?

The Neomuna Action Figures in Destiny 2: Lightfall is a type of collectable that Guardians can find all over the neon city of Neomuna. They can be accurately likened to the Lucent Moths from Savathun’s Throne World or the Penguins from Europa. 

In total, there are 9 Unique Action Figures to collect. There is a catch, though. Just like the Lucent Moths, only a limited number of Action Figures are available each week. In Week 1 of Lightfall, only 2 Action Figures could be found, with future weeks promising to bring the others. This means that it should take around 4-5 weeks to collect the full set Fortunately, you aren’t locked out of finding Action Figures that were released in previous weeks. This means that, hypothetically, you could wait until all 9 figures have been discovered and then scoop them all up in one go. 

Action Figures

Action Figures

Finding (and placing) each of the Action Figures will progress the They’re Not Dolls Triumph. This is a required triumph for completing the Lightfall Title, Virtual Fighter, so you’ll want to find them all.

So, now that you know what the Action Figures are, what do they do? 

They're Not Dolls

They’re Not Dolls

Where to Place the Figures

Head over to Strider’s Gate on Neomuna. From here, peek over the edge on the right side of the platform to the ground below. You should see a big yellow building on the side of the road which, when approached, will open its doors to reveal a neat little room full of random oddities. 

You’ll also see that there are several empty spots around the room. These locations are where you’ll place the Action Figures once you’ve found them. If these spaces are empty and their Action Figure is currently available, they’ll be accompanied by a short note giving you a hint as to where the collectable can be found. These notes can be kind of vague, but they should give you some help if you want to find all of the Action Figures on your own. 

If you want to know the exact location of all of the Neomuna Action Figures in Destiny 2: Lightfall, just continue to see where all the currently available Action Figures can be found. 

Action Figure Locations

Figure 1

The first figure can be found in Ahimsa Park. This is one of the three major zones in Neomuna, specifically the one where Calus’ flagship, the Typhon Imperator, is located. 

Once you’re in Ahimsa Park, you should see a large central building in the middle of the area. Enter through the lower level and you’ll come into a room filled with rocks and little pools. 

What you’re looking for is a set of stairs that lead into the building. There should be a small gap underneath the stairs, which you can just fit into. Follow that crevice until you reach a dead-end where the first of your Neomuna Action Figures is awaiting you. 

Figure 2

The second Action Figure is a bit harder to find. It can be found at the Veil Containment facility, near Irkalla Complex. This is the location you visited in the final mission of the Lightfall campaign, where you stood alongside Caiatl.

Getting back to this location can be confusing, so head to Zephyr Concourse. If you’re entering from Strider’s Gate, turn right and continue until you see a familiar set of stairs that lead to Esi Terminal. In case you need a bit more guidance, check the map and exit out the left-most pathway leading out of Zephyr Concourse and into Esi Terminal. 

Once you’re in Esi Terminal, head left down the corridor being patrolled by a group of Shadow Legion. Continue going straight (you’ll pass a massive bit of graffiti depicting a giant eye) into another doorway which will take you to Irkalla Complex. Hop down some buildings and a Darkness portal will be ready to bring you, finally, to the Veil Containment facility. 

Figure 2 Map Location

Figure 2 Map Location

Now that you’re finally here, head up to the wall that overlooks Irkalla Complex. There are three busted cannons on the top of the wall, all looking in a different directions. If you climb atop each of these cannons and look at where they are pointing, you should be able to see a Splinter of Darkness that can be destroyed. 

Shoot all three Splinters and the Action Figure will appear on the cannon where you shot the last Splinter. 

Figure 3

The next Action Figure can be found in Zephyr Concourse. This is another one of the main zones in Neomuna and can be easily accessed from Strider’s Gate. The clue for this figure references a juice bar. 

Once you’ve entered Zephyr’s Concourse (from the Strider’s Gate exit) head to your left. There should be a bar there which you would usually pass without incident. Now, though, you’ll find a small green datapad on the counter that wants to be activated. 

Upon activation, the bar will begin to draw in a bunch of patrons: several waves of thirsty Cabal will begin hounding the bar, looking for their last round. Defeat these Cabal and deal with each wave, which goes from Legionaries to Incendiors to Centurions and finally a rampaging Colossus to end. 

After you’ve dealt with all the thirsty patrons and called close on the bar, the figure shall be waiting for you on the counter. It’ll be where the datapad once sat. 

Figure 4

The fourth figure can be found in Maya’s Retreat. This is an area which is accessible via Liming Harbour. Simply head to the fast travel point and then go right into the rocks to find a small canyon that will take you to Maya’s Retreat. You come to this location a few times in the campaign and it’s the beginning of the new Hypernet Current Strike.

Once you get to this location, you’ll want to chuck on your Strand subclass and your Grapple. This time, the clue has to do with three fires in three caves. The three caves in question are dotted around the large bridge in the middle of Maya’s Retreat.

Figure 4 Location

Figure 4 Location

The first two caves are found on the perimeter of the area. This is where you trained with your Strand Grapple during the campaign. Within those two caves, there should be two large braziers you can set alight. If it helps to place you, go around the left side of the bridge in a circle and you should come across both of the caves.

Once you’ve found both of them, continue on the path of the main bridge. You’ll have to do a bit of jumping before it’ll take you to a massive cave. The final brazier can be found within, as can the next Action Figure once you light it.

Action Figure 4

Action Figure 4


Figure 5

The fifth figure is found within Esi Terminal. You visit this location a few times during the campaign and you’ll pass by it for the second Action Figure, too. You can get there by heading to Zephyr Concourse from Strider’s Gate and then taking a right until you can go on through. 

Once you’re in Esi Terminal, head to the left. When you come across the crossroads go to the right down a slope and towards a group of Cabal. There should be an opening that leads into a bar and dinner which is where your challenge awaits.

If you look around the backrooms of the bar, you’ll eventually find a place where you can interact with a nearby sink. Doing so will spawn a bunch of Darkness blooms around the shop, as well as one very angry chef Gladiator. Your goal is to pick up and deposit all of these “plates” into the sink to clean them up. As you deposit more and more of these blooms, more Gladiators will spawn until you eventually come face to face with the Head Chef: none of these Gladiators can be killed but they can be Suspended and Frozen. 

After you place the final plate, the chefs will be satisfied and leave you with an Action Figure to remember them by. You can pick it up in the sink.

Action Figure 5

Action Figure 5

Figure 6

Next up is the sixth figure which can be found in Liming Harbour. This is the third, and final, major region of Neomuna.

For this clue, you’re looking for a front desk. The desk in question is actually the one for the Radiosonde (the entrance of which is in Liming Harbour) which you can access by heading to the location where the Terminal Overload chest usually spawns. 

Near that location will be a small entrance foyer and a massive desk for you to sit at. Once you’re ready, interact with the desk and you will take up guard duty for the night. As soon as you do, groups of vandalous Vex will begin to storm the facility and it is your job to keep them out. There’s one catch, though. You cannot move from the desk, so you’ll have to take shots at these enemies from afar. 

Get through enough waves and you can close out your shift with a nice Action Figure as a bonus.

Action Figure 6

Action Figure 6

Figure 7

The seventh Action Figure can be found in Strider’s Gate. In fact… it’s in the room with all of the other figurines.

Simply head over to the figurine room. At the top of the room is a set of arcade cabinets. Approach the lime green cabinet and you can interact with it, pulling you into another location. 

This other location is in fact a shooting range: there will be a series of canisters strewn about the location which you need to shoot and destroy. A Vex clock will be present at the back of the room, with it counting down as time passes. Once all of the diamonds are gone, it’s game over and you need to start over.

Shooting Range

Shooting Range

The aim of this game is to destroy all the canisters within the time limit. Bring a Scout Rifle, Pulse Rifle or maybe even a Sniper Rifle so you can accurately shoot down all of the canisters quickly. You will eventually need to extend your timer by shooting a Vex construct in the shape of a diamond, which will spawn somewhere in the arena. A word of warning that the canisters can be a bit finicky, so be patient and endure. Check the lights, check underneath you, check absolutely everywhere.

A little hint: if you’re in a fireteam, only one person needs to activate it. Everyone else can then turn around, walk out the door and they’ll get better access to the shooting range. This is an easier way of getting this challenge done and dusted. 

Complete the shooting range and the figure will be waiting for you on the arcade cabinet. 

Action Figure 7

Action Figure 7

Figure 8

The eighth figure is in Radiosonde, a building to the very south of Liming Harbour. Head to the teleport point and then head left into the tunnel. There should be a set of stairs which takes you into the main Radiosonde building. This is where the Breakneck Lightfall campaign mission took place so some of it will look familiar.

Head deep into the facility until you come across where you killed the Hydra during Breakneck: this is also the location where you meet Nimbus and Osiris during the Unfinished Business questline. There should be a big machine with a tablet and red base which you can interact with. 

Completed Sequences

Completed Sequences

Upon activation, turn around to find a series of dials and a set of lights above them. A total of 8 light sequences will play, each with a different number of lines. These lines denote a specific time, which then has to be input on the dials below. For example, if the lights show five lines, you’re looking for the dial which points to 5 o’clock on a traditional clock. If there are twelve lines, you need to shoot the dial pointing to 12 o’clock. You need to do these in order, matching the light sequence in order. 

Once you’ve completed all 8, turn around and the figure will be waiting for you on the device. 

Action Figure 8

Action Figure 8

Figure 9

The final action figure can be found in the Typhon Imperator, Calus’ twisted flagship. The best way to get to it is through Ahimsa Park, which you can easily access via Strider’s Gate. Once you’re there, simply walk on up into the ship to enter.

Make your way through the ship and into the Colosseum, the arena where you fight Calus’ minions in the Downfall campaign mission. The easiest way to get here is to travel through the ship until you reach a Darkness portal which will take you straight to the Colosseum.

Once you’re there, head over to the right of the arena from where you enter. There’ll be Cabal patrolling but you’re looking for a series of artefacts and items embedded in the wall. You can interact with the wall to begin the challenge, which is a race to collect a bunch of Vex cubes. This is very similar to the recent Vexcalibur Exotic Mission, where you needed to do something similar to spawn the mission. 

From where you begin, walk forward and towards the middle of the arena to find the first one. There are about 10 in total and you need to pick them all up within a certain time limit: you’ll get a message about the braziers burning out once you’re running low.

Collect all of the cubes and the last Action Figure will spawn for you.

Action Figure 9

Action Figure 9

And that was where to find all of the Destiny 2: Lightfall Neomuna Action Figures. Eyes up, Guardians!


  1. For the imperator figure: Go all the way throught the Imperator until you reach the round room where you destroyed the Radial Mast. To your right from the door, there will be a bowl of fruit on the shelves. Activate the bowl and then turn around and chase the vex cubes around the room. After the last one the figure will appear on the floor at the exit door.

  2. Ive found the start of the Strider’s Gate figurine. Haven’t managed to complete it yet though. Check the arcade machines in the room where the figures are placed.

  3. About the cannon part,the ACTION figure will spawn at the cannon that you destroyed the last Dark splinter.

    • Hey! Thank you for the clarification: everytime I saw it show up, the same order was used on the cannons, so it’s good to know there can be a little variation. I’ve updated the guide accordingly. Cheers!


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