Destiny 2: Pyramidion Nightfall (Guide)

Haven't completed the Nightfall for this week? In this guide, we will be covering how to complete this Nightfall safe and efficiently. Nightfalls are hard Strike missions that need at least 2 or 3 people to complete it.

Destiny 2: Pyramidion Nightfall (Guide)


Destiny has endgame content that is harder than the normal content you would find in the story or even in normal Strike missions. Once you start getting into stuff like the Nightfall and Raid you start getting more difficult missions and require more communication with your team. This Nightfall takes place in the Pyramidon where Asher Mir losses one of his arms and you go in and fight the Genesis Mind. Things to keep in mind when doing this Nightfall: you only have 22 minutes because of the modifier on it and you can't get extra time, you can recharge your abilities in 1-2 seconds so this is the time to begin spamming grenades and empowering rifts throughout the Nightfall.

Destiny 2: Pyramidion Nightfall (Guide) Final boss

Making your way inside

When you first spawn get on your Sparrows to save some time making it to the 2 platforms below. Have someone else go on the other while you stand on one and take out the enemies like you normally would. Remember you have grenades and specials on a fast timer so go nuts but remember to time your supers for more Light orbs. This part of the Strike is easy, after you successfully kill all the enemies rush inside and make your way down, you can skip the enemies in the next part if you dodge fast enough. Throughout this whole Strike, there will be laser sections that you have to dodge through be careful as you can die very easily.

Destiny 2: Pyramidion Nightfall (Guide) Warpgate

Getting past the Taken

This part can overwhelm you if you aren't prepared, having AOE grenades and supers are very important for this raid. If you can stack your supers and grenades well enough you can destroy these guys fast and save some time. The Titan pulse grenade can make quick work of these guys but if you don't have a Titan that is fine. If you're having trouble getting through here staying back and on the outside areas help– it is also good to have shields ready and healing rifts but empowering rifts are good for this area as well.

Destiny 2: Pyramidion Nightfall (Guide) Background heights

Taking the three Vex plates

This part can be difficult because now you start to see Vex and Taken together and that isn't a good combination to fight. To do this part successfully you have to clear a good amount of enemies first with your grenades don't just rush in. Try to get the first outer plates first before you grab the middle one because the middle one has Taken with shields on them that you have to kill other surrounding Taken to remove. Grenades and power weapons are your friends here but try to save some power ammo for the boss if you can. If you are having issues you can try using your supers on them if you have them or taking them out carefully behind a wall or shield. This area you can spend some time in but the next part you will want to clear out just for how hard it is.

Destiny 2: Pyramidion Nightfall (Guide) climbing down the tower

Hacking the network towers

Making it this far is good because you are almost done but this is the hardest part– In this room you have four network towers one on the right, the bottom, the far left, and the far right. The whole room is filled with regular Taken and snipers, to do this you will need to spam your grenades and supers which is a reoccurring theme in this Nightfall. Running past this is hard if you're a Hunter you can use your cloak to sneak through and try to hack some terminals while the others distract the enemies. The best way to move around this area is sneaking around the outside, keep in mind you will die but if anyone on your team can get some terminals on the way that makes the death worth it. The last Terminal has a time delay when activated so keep that in mind if it doesn't activate right away, your main goal is to get at least one person through the gate if you can do that then it's boss time.

Destiny 2: Pyramidion Nightfall (Guide) Final boss shots

Braikon Genesis Mind fight

Head down the giant floating lift and activate the platform when you are ready. Immediately when he spawns in shoot him and throw grenades, this entire fight you should see grenades flying from your teammates if there isn't that is a problem. He will spend the first phase of his life bouncing between these barriers that you need to take down by standing on 2 plates. These plates will have Vex on it and he will shoot you while he is in there so be careful, one person can distract his fire while the others get the plates to make it easier. His second phase is when he stands in the middle and walks around, during this Vex will spawn and attack you from all sides. Spam grenades and supers this is the one rule that will stay consistent throughout this Nightfall. Use the surrounding enemies as light orb fodder if you need to, if you all die don't spawn in one at a time spawn in together so you can do the most damage together. His final phase he will lose his head and run around crazy this is a great time to spam more grenades and finish the boss. Staying around the outside is a great way to make sure you don't get hurt– if you can go around the edges even better but be careful not to fall off.


This Nightfall can be trouble for people but if you remember your grenades you will have a better time doing this than people who forget them. Good luck and hopefully you get to attempt this before the reset on Tuesday and get some good rewards.

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