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Destiny 2 Public Event Farming Guide

Here's some helpful tips on how to farm Public Events a lot faster and better in Destiny 2! From best planets, useful guns, abilities, and more!
How to farm Public Events in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a very fun and addicting game. However sometimes grinding for tokens, gear, and bright engrams can be a drag. So I've compiled some useful tips I've learned along the way to help you do some Public Event farming a lot more efficiently.

I won't be covering much of how to increase your light level during this farming method. However you can check out an awesome guide right below this for that information!

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What is public Event Farming?

How to farm engrams with Public Events in Destiny 2
Public Event farming is simply repeating Destiny 2's public events over and over for rewards. A lot of players do it to earn new gear or farm tokens. It can become quite repetitive over time but rewards you a bit faster than doing strikes or crucible. Public Event farming can be done on any planet but there are some that are better than others due to planet size and accessibility. Do remember that you can choose any planet you want! This is just my input on where I prefer to farm.

Also you may get a little bored while doing this so if I were you, I'd watch a movie, show, or listen to music in the background. So let's get into the planets!

Types of Public Events and Triggering Heroic Events

Exotic Engram Farming Destiny 2
There are several different types of Public Events. For easy understanding, I have listed them here with an explanation on how to trigger heroic events for them. Heroic Events yield more rewards for an increased difficulty in the event.

Fallen Walker: To trigger the heroic event during the Fallen Walker Public Event, simply bring the arc charges it drops when downed to the three shields surrounding it. This can be done by yourself but is much easier with a group.

Witch Ritual: For the Witches' Ritual Public Event, you just need to shoot the crystals above the area the Witches' spawn. You'll notice a shield protecting the Witches' and the crystals. They can be disabled by standing in the glowing green circles.

Glimmer Extraction: For this one you'll need to destroy the small generators before killing the enemies at the different extraction locations. This can prove difficult if you're with a lot of players that are killing the enemies too fast. Just remember to focus on the generator as fast as you can.

Cabal Excavation: For this one you just have to shoot the ship that comes to drop off enemies. Once it's blown up, you'll trigger the heroic event. Very simple.

Injection Rig: This Public Event can be really hard to do by yourself and even more difficult to trigger the heroic event for. For this you'll need to shoot the vents that open up when you're instructed to evacuate from the inside of the dome. There are three yellow vents that each require quite a bit of fire power so I really recommend doing this with teammates.

Vex Construction: For this one you'll need to capture the portals that appear without letting the Vex near the center generator. If they reach it, they'll sacrifice themselves to it. This is extremely difficult solo and is highly recommended to do with teammates or other players. 

1. Earth

Public Event farming on Earth in Destiny 2
Earth is really good because of how much variety you have. While it is a lot bigger than Titan, it has a lot more going on. So this planet is the better choice if you don't mind having to fast travel and use your sparrow a lot. You'll also find plenty of side missions to complete here as well as treasures to find.
Here you'll also find a bunch of side missions you can do for extra rewards. 

I'd recommend this planet for solo players just trying to do some Public Events while doing side missions. Hunting after every event yourself can be hard if you don't have good gear or weapons. If you're well geared, you should be able to handle yourself.

2. Titan

Destiny 2 Public Event farming on Titan
Titan is a very interesting planet. It's visually stunning and probably the easiest planet to navigate around. It's honestly really hard to get lost on this planet compared to Nessus and Earth. If you look at your map while on the planet, you'll notice that there are only two Public Events. They spawn a bit slowly sometimes but the main thing that makes up for it is how easy they are. The reason why I like this planet so much is because of how easy it is to trigger the heroic events by yourself.

You have the choice of either using your sparrow to get to the two Public Events or you can simply just fast travel. If you're a solo player, the Public Events here are very easy to do by yourself. In fact, this is definitely the best planet for players that want to farm by themselves. 

3. Nessus

Public Event Farming on Nessus
The thing I really like about Nessus is how the planet changes visually as you explore it more. There are very interesting structures and even underground areas to explore. Here you'll find a lot of variety when it comes to Public Events just like Earth. Some of the events can prove difficult but I for some reason find more players roaming around here compared to Earth and Titan.

This planet is definitely better suited towards players in a fireteam but you'll still be able to solo some events.


Public Event Farming Rewards
So after some farming you'll notice that you'll get a good amount of tokens for each planet. You can turn these in at the designated NPC with a green marker on the map. He or she will reward you with an engram for filling up the reputation bar. The engram level will increase through time. This is very good for gearing up yourself and also for gearing up any other characters you may want to make. It's very rewarding to turn in a bunch of tokens and watch as you get a bunch of new weapons and gear.

Great loadouts for public events

While loadouts aren't super important when doing Public Events, having a proper setup for your guns can really quicken your farming. The thing you really want is a weapon that you're comfortable using and something that does good damage. Personally I like to use either the Legendary Scout Rifle Nameless Midnight or the Exotic Scout Rifle Mida Multi-Tool. Both are very powerful weapons. 

As a hunter I sometimes like to alternate from my Arc subclass and Solar. I pair them both with the necessary exotic armor. For me, I like to use the Raiden Flux Exotic Chest Armor for Arc. This makes my super ability have an increased damage output and duration when I land quick successive attacks. For Solar, I use the Celestial Nighthawk. This amazing helmet makes my Golden Gun super fire a single high damage shot. For anyone that's a different class, just try to use whatever does the most damage for you.

Best Exotics for Public Events in Destiny 2
The Wardcliff Coil is almost a must for Public Events at this point. It is an extremely powerful exotic rocket launcher that shoots out multiple rockets and automatically reloads on ammo pickup. I've used it a lot for killing small enemies and it absolutely destroys them. It was available from Xur a little while back but I'm sure it'll pop up again. If anything you can try your luck with exotic engrams.

Best weapons for public event farming in Destiny 2

So are you going to be doing some Public Event farming? Let me know in the comments below! As always be sure to hit the Follow icon to stay up to date with all things Destiny 2!

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