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Bungie Announces New Destiny 2 Showcase for August

Bungie announced via Twitter that another Destiny 2 showcase is scheduled for August this year, where players will get their first look at the next expansion in the Light and Dark saga of Destiny 2, Lightfall. What exactly they will reveal is unknown, but the previous expansion, The Witch Queen, had a similar reveal this time last year.

Bungie Announces New Destiny 2 Showcase for AugustA new Destiny 2 showcase was just announced for August, where Bungie will likely reveal the first information for the next upcoming expansion, Lightfall.

Bungie announced through their Destiny 2 Twitter account that a new showcase would be coming on August 23rd. Based on the wording of the post, and the video they included, it can be safely assumed that we will be shown the first glimpse at the next upcoming expansion.

The video showcases a cutscene that players first saw during the end of The Witch Queen campaign, where we got to see the appearance of The Witness for the first time. Here, The Witness’ monologue to the Traveller about an end to their ‘game’ plays over several different moments from Destiny‘s past: the Traveller trapped in Cabal technology from the beginning of the Red War, the meeting on the Moon between our Guardian and the Darkness who mimicked our appearance, Calus and the infected Leviathan from this season and finally Rhulk, the First Disciple of the Witness. The video ends with an announcement of the date for the showcase. 

This showcase is set to start on the day that Season 17, Season of the Haunted, ends so it is likely that we may see what is happening in the next season during this live stream. However, based on player feedback surrounding secrecy about reveals and information from this season, we may still get more information before the showcase.

The main event here is the tease at Lightfall, the second to last major expansion in Destiny 2’s ‘Light and Dark’ saga. On the 24th of August last year, Bungie revealed The Witch Queen expansion, so having the new expansion revealed on the 23rd aligns with previous years’ showcases and reveals. 



What exactly they will reveal is unclear, but during The Witch Queen reveal, we learned about Hive Guardians, the existence of a new weapon type in Glaives, and we got a peek at Savathun’s Throne World and even a look at the collector’s edition of the expansion. Similar reveals could be shown off at the Lightfall reveal, such as any new enemy types equivalent to Hive Guardians or even the much rumoured second Darkness Element and subclasses to match Stasis. 

It is also very likely that Bungie will reveal the release date for Lightfall, as they did with The Witch Queen. Whether this will be in February like The Witch Queen or later (The Witch Queen suffered a delay and so more development time may be required for Lightfall) is unsure, but many are leaning towards a February release.

All secrets will be revealed during the showcase on August 23rd.


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