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Destiny 2’s New Game Breaking Weapon Glitch Explained and How to Do It

In this quick and easy guide for Destiny 2, we'll explain everything you need to know about the new crafted weapon glitch, including whether it can get you banned, when it's getting fixed and how to do it. If you created one of these glitched, mutant weapons, you can combine several guns to make some magnificent, dangerous combinations that break D2.

Destiny 2's New Game Breaking Weapon Glitch Explained and How to Do It

A brand new game-breaking weapon bug has been discovered in Destiny 2Unlike previous D2 bugs, this one doesn’t duplicate endgame materials nor does it feature a single omnipotent Exotic destroying the game’s code (looking at you, Telesto). No, instead this glitch is more similar to the bombastic fun of 12-man Raids, a glitch which is very fondly remembered for the few weeks of fun it gave the community. I suspect that this new glitch, which has to do with weapon crafting, will be remembered in the same way as it lets players combine various guns into a single super weapon, one capable of absolutely demolishing several parts of the game.

Despite it being an exploit, Bungie has given their blessing for players to use the mutant weapons until they can sort out a fix. With it being the week of double Grandmaster Nightfall rewards and Igneous Hammer’s return to Trials of Osiris, there are many areas of the game where opportunistic Guardians can use these godly weapons of destruction. You’ll need to act fast if you want to take advantage of them, though, as a hotfix for the glitch is coming very soon. 

Here’s the new game-breaking Destiny 2 weapon bug and how to do it. 

UPDATE (18/09/2021): Bungie has announced through the Bungie Help Twitter Account that the first part of a fix aimed at correcting these glitched weapons has gone live in Destiny 2, disabling a number of Legendary and Exotic weapon frames to stop Guardians from being able to equip the glitched guns. As such, it is likely that you will no longer be able to create or use any more glitched weapons, with an additional hotfix aimed at resetting the weapons coming later.

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What is the New Destiny 2 Weapon Glitch?

This newly crafted weapon glitch, humorously nicknamed the Funny Gun glitch by the community, has actually been in the game since the start of Season of the Witch. It has only come to prominence this weekend, with thousands of players taking to the Enclave to get their hands on some shiny new illegally modded weapons.

In simple terms, the Funny Gun Glitch allows you to combine two crafted weapons into one singular weapon, allowing you to benefit from everything on two separate gun frames in one weapon: perks, traits, and even bullet types are shared on a single model leading to some game-breaking shenanigans. A Grenade Launcher that fires out 12 grenades in a Shotgun spread, a double Eager’s Edge Sword or an Auto Rifle that fires ungodly fast. It’s to the point where you can even combine the crafted Exotic weapons with Legendary ones, leading to some truly bizarre and fantastic combinations.

The only real limitation is that the two weapons have to be craftable which does limit the pool of weapons considerably. Even then, this glitch has led to some truly marvellous creations and has resulted in teams breezing through everything from Master Raids to Grand Master Nightfalls. People have even been taking it into Trials of Osiris this week to easily earn themselves the highly desired reprised Igneous Hammer… if they can get past everyone else using the Funny Guns, that is.

If you just cannot conceptualise the kind of madness the glitched weapons can produce, check out these clips from FalloutPlays, rittzcar and FANGZ for an enlightening experience.  

Funny Guns

Funny Guns

Can This Glitch Ban You From Destiny 2?

If the thing stopping you from taking advantage of this glitch is fear of righteous retribution from Bungie, you’re in luck.

Bungie has stated that they don’t plan on banning any player who utilises this glitch, following their long-standing tradition of supporting most game exploits and glitches. In fact, they even encouraged Guardians to give the glitched weapons a spin while they still can. 

With that in mind, try and avoid anything considered “external scripting or network manipulation” as they do class under the ban list and could get you in trouble. This could include things such as forcibly slowing down your machine with additional downloads, a method some players have been using to make the glitch easier to execute, but that’s extremely up in the air. Still, better safe than sorry. 

When will Bungie Fix the Glitch?

As of the 16th of September, Bungie has announced through the Bungie Help Twitter Account that they have a series of hotfixes planned to address the Funny Guns in Destiny 2

“UPDATE: We’re working on two fixes for this issue.

There are no plans for a rollback. For the first fix, deploying within the next 24 hours, we’re building a server-side update that will disable all crafted weapons from being equipped. Players will still be able to craft weapons during this time.

The second fix we’re building, which we hope to release soon after the first, will allow crafted weapons to be re-equipped but the outlier crafted weapons with “illegal” components will be reset to a default state.”

Bungie Help Twitter Post

This means that, if you plan on using the glitched guns in any shape or form, you have under 24 hours (or roughly around D2 daily reset on the 17th of September) to do what you need to do. If you don’t know how to use the glitch, don’t worry as we have an easy guide to it below. 

UPDATE 1 (17/09/23): In a subsequent update from the Bungie Help Twitter Account, Bungie confirmed that they’re going to need some more time to get the fix for this glitch out. The updated timeline for the fix is currently unknown but players should still expect it to come out sooner rather than later. Until then, though, you’ll have some extra time to spend with your Funny Guns.

UPDATE 2 (18/09/23): The first of a series of hotfixes aimed at fixing the Funny Gun glitch has gone live according to a post by the Bungie Help Twitter Account, disabling several Exotic and Legendary weapon frames. This will likely stop players from using any glitched guns they have already created. The second part of the fix, aimed at resetting the glitched guns, is due to follow shortly. 

Season of the Broken Stuff

Season of the Broken Stuff

How to Do the Funny Gun Glitch in Destiny 2

If you want to replicate the Funny Gun glitch for yourself, you can start by heading over to the Enclave on Mars. Before you try to perform the glitch, though, there are a few things you need to know.

First and foremost, if you’re on PC, head to Settings and then click on the Video tab. From here, you’ll be able to set a Frame Rate Cap which caps Destiny 2 at 30 FPS. This is useful for making the glitch more consistent and easier to pull off. The ability to cap your frames is the reason why PC players have the easiest time pulling off this glitch. Having said that, console players on PlayStation and Xbox can still perform the glitch, they’ll just have a bit of a harder time.

As for in-game prerequisites, you’ll need 2 items. First, you need a “clean slate” crafted weapon that you want to serve as the base frame: this is the experimental weapon that you will graft the additional set of perks onto. If you want your final Funny Gun to have high-level or Enhanced Perks, make sure the base weapon is already at the required level before following through with the glitch. Meanwhile, the second requirement is another levelled-up crafted weapon which we’ll call the “transplant weapon” as it has the perks and traits you want to transplant onto the final glitched weapon. 

For example, if I wanted to combine the IKELOS SMG with the Ostio Striga to give the Legendary weapon access to the toxic rounds Exotic perk, I would need to have both of them in my inventory and levelled up with the perks I wanted on the final outcome. In this circumstance, the IKELOS is my base weapon whereas the Ostio Striga is the weapon I’m transplanting the perks from.

On PC, you can cap your frame rate to 30 to make the glitch easier to execute | D2 Weapon Glitch

Frame Rate Limit

Once you have a weapon base and a weapon to rip the perks from, you’re ready to begin the glitch.

  1. Head to the Enclave and go into the Reshape section.
  2. Hover over the weapon you want to transplant the perks onto (the clean slate weapon) and then get ready.
  3. Click on the transplant weapon first then, as the screen transition fades in, hover over the clean slate weapon you have and begin rapidly clicking it.
  4. If all went well, you should now be able to craft and reshape the clean slate weapon, only now it has access to the perks from the transplant weapon.
  5. From here, you just need to select the perks you want, click Reshape and you’ll have yourself a gitched Funny Gun. 

The easiest weapons to do this on are weapons from the same archetype, such as two Swords or two Auto Rifles, as they’ll be right next to one another in the Reshape screen. A good example of this is the double Eager Edge Sword: use the Half-Truths as your clean slate weapon and the Other-Side as your transplant weapon and, with some luck, you’ll be able to slap two Eager Edge perks on a single Sword.

If you want a more visual example of the glitch in action, check out this video by prolific Destiny 2 glitch finder, Cheese Forever. In the video below, you’ll learn how to make a glitched version of the new Eremite Fusion Rifle which, when paired with the Trinary Vision perk on the Dead Messenger Grenade Launcher, will annihilate bosses and other Elite-tier foes in an instant. 

Boss Melt Hack Tutorial - Eremite + Dead Messenger

That was how to perform the new Funny Gun glitch in Destiny 2 and combine weapon frames to create some overpowered, broken weapons. If you want to take advantage of this glitch, you need to be quick as it will likely get patched at some point in the very near future. 

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