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How to Complete Destiny 2’s Under Construction Raid Challenge

The second-to-last King's Fall Raid Challenge has arrived in Destiny 2. This is the Under Construction Challenge for the Daughters of Oryx, the 4th major encounter in the iconic Raid. This Challenges asks Guardians to think fast, move fast and use their heads to ensure they come out with some sweet bonus loot.

How to Complete Destiny 2's Under Construction Raid ChallengeIn Season of Plunder, Bungie has returned King’s Fall to the world of Destiny 2. With the recent addition of Master King’s Fall, they also added a series of Raid Challenges for each of the Raid’s 5 major encounters. If players can brave the challenges put before them, they will be awarded bonus loot and Seal progress.

The Basilica (Totem), Warpriest and Golgoroth Challenges have come and gone. You can find Guides on how to complete The Grass is Always Greener, Devious Thievery and Gaze Amaze Challenges for King’s Fall here on KeenGamer.

This week, the Challenge you and your fireteam will need to overcome is the Daughters of Oryx. This pair of Hive Witches are the prelude to the iconic final clash with Oryx, the Taken King himself, and their Challenge is called Under Construction. While not an overly difficult task, the Challenge does require a lot of on-the-fly thinking and moving around. 

Here’s how to complete the Under Construction King’s Fall Raid Challenge for Destiny 2.

EDIT: The original method proposed in this guide was incorrect. The guide was written before the Under Construction Challenge had officially gone live and was based on incorrect information. We apologise for the misinformation. The guide and method have been altered with the actual method in mind.

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Destiny 2: Season of Plunder - King's Fall Trailer

How Do Raid Challenges Works?

In case you are completely unaware of how Raid Challenges work, here’s a quick rundown.

Once Master Mode has launched for a new Raid, that Raid gets access to Raid challenges. Normal mode challenge completions award bonus loot drops from that specific encounter. Meanwhile, in Master Mode, completing these challenges is the way to net yourself Adept Raid loot.

There are an equal number of challenges as an encounter that give loot. For Deep Stone Crypt, for example, there are 4 Challenges. For King’s Fall and Vault of Glass, there are 5.

The Challenges rotate weekly starting with the first encounter and cycling through. After 5 weeks, it will go back to the first encounter Challenge. You will need all Challenges completed for the Raid Seal. You must also complete them on Master Mode, too.

With that out of the way, how do you complete the Under Construction Challenge for King’s Fall in Destiny 2?

Challenge Screen

Challenge Screen

King’s Fall Challenge 4: Under Construction

The Under Construction Challenge takes place in the 4th encounter of King’s Fall, the Daughters of Oryx. This encounter also serves to teach players of the key mechanics in the upcoming Oryx fight.

The way that the fight usually goes is that the fireteam will split into 2 teams – 4 plate holders, and 2 floaters.

Plate holders will have to stand on their plate according to a certain pattern: a Hive Knight will spawn atop the first plate and a Taken Orb will be visible above the second plate (which can only be seen when standing on the first). One player will randomly be Torn Between Dimensions. That player will traverse a series of platforms spawning from the first plate up to the Brand above the second. Rinse and repeat until the 3rd runner will instead grab a Brand as opposed to an Orb. 

They must slam that Orb onto one of the Daughters to begin damage. Make sure to slam onto the one who is not glowing green, and instead slam the Brand onto the one shooting you and your team. If you do this wrong, you will wipe when the DPS phase ends. Do as much DPS as you can until the timer for the phase ends. Then, the next phase begins.

Now, you will need to rinse and repeat the mechanics until the Brand and shield break. This time, the other Daughter will be glowing / shooting and you will need to dunk on that one. For example, if the left Daughter is first, you cannot continue DPSing that Daughter until you have broken the right Daughter’s shield. As such, you will need to ping-pong back and forth between them. 

Favourite Child

Favourite Child

With that out of the way, what is the actual Challenge? 

You cannot allow the constructed platforms to fade from existence. If you do, you must then switch plate holders.

In essence, the important part here is the platforms. The platforms will ‘fade from existence’ when either plate holder steps off too early. The Torn player must collect the Brand before either player can step off the plate. 

If you do fail and for whatever reason the platforms disappear, do not fret. The plate holders must relieve themselves of the plate and give it over to two different players instead. If you are instead successful, the same player can step on the same plate as many times as necessary. 

While not overly complicated, it does require you to be a bit more careful than you perhaps otherwise would. Making sure to not overstep or play too risky as to not let the platforms disappear should be the plate holders highest priority. 

So, how do you complete the Under Construction challenge, then?

The Arena

The Arena

The Strategy for Under Construction

Perhaps the best way to get through this Challenge is to honestly play as usual. The Challenge isn’t a massive hinderance unless you mess up the plates.

If you need a bit more direction, split your team as normal. The 4 plate holders will go to their sides and the 2 floaters will remain in the middle. Play out the encounter as usual, with the Torn players collecting the Brand. 

After the plates have been called, those plate holders have to be especially careful not to be killed while stood on the plate. They also cannot back off to heal, either, at least not until the Brand has been collected. Bring Healing Grenades, Rifts or anything that may keep you alive from the snipers. 

If one of the plate holders happens to slip off and the platforms disappear, the two associated plate holders should step off and allow the floaters to take over their duties. Continue doing this without fail and eventually, DPS on the first Daughter will occur. 

Once you complete a round of DPS on one of the Daughters, all players return to their original roles and positions. Rinse and repeat: congratulations on the extra loot. 

Chest Armour

Chest Armour

Available Loot

What do you get for your trouble, then? Well, in Under Construction Destiny 2 challenge will drop different rewards depending on the difficulty of the Raid. If you are playing in Normal mode, the bonus chest will drop a selection of extra loot based on that encounter’s loot pool. For Daughters, this list includes:

  • Smite of Merain Kinetic Pulse Rifle
  • Defiance of Yasmin Kinetic Sniper Rifle
  • Zaouli’s Bane Solar Hand Cannon
  • Legendary Arms Armour (War Numen’s Fist/ Darkhallow Grasps/ Grasp of Eir) 
  • Legendary Chest Armour (War Numen’s Chest/ Darkhallow Chiton/ Chasm of Yul)
Quillim's Terminus Harrowed

Quillim’s Terminus Harrowed

If you manage to complete the Challenge on Master Mode, you’ll get a few different rewards. The first is that there is a chance for you to get any of the King’s Fall weapons Adept (or Harrowed), including weapons that do not drop on this encounter. This includes things like Quillim’s Terminus Stasis Machine Gun. You can also get some level-up materials such as Ascendant Shards if you’re lucky enough. 

That’s how to complete the Under Construction King’s Fall challenge Destiny 2. Next week is the final Challenge for King’s Fall. You must face the Taken King himself in the Hands Off Challenge. 


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    I think either it may be glitched or this method isn’t the right one. But to complete the challenge all that had to be done was making sure the platforms didn’t fade from existence. The same person can step on the same plate multiple times and didn’t prompt with challenge failed.

    • Avatar photo

      Hello! Thank you for your feedback – you appear to be correct and the above method is incorrect: we had to go off information before the challenge went live (from the Day 1 race), which was incorrect. I apologise for any confusion and the method will be changed soon. Thanks again and apologies.


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