Evil Dead: The Game in February PlayStation Plus Monthly Games

Starting on February 7, PlayStation Plus members can download copies of four interesting titles offered through the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games. The games are Evil Dead: The Game, Mafia: The Definitive Edition, OlliOlli World, and an expansion for Destiny 2, Beyond Light.

Evil Dead: The Game in February PlayStation Plus Monthly GamesPlayStation Plus Monthly Games will feature four titles in February. Usually, PlayStation provide their Essential, Extra, and Premium members with two or three games. However, they came up with a quartet this time, and the players may download them starting on February 7. The offer is really varied, ranging from Evil Dead: The Game, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and OlliOlli World, to story-driven action-adventure Mafia: The Definitive Edition.           

Currently, the members can pick up Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Axiom Verge 2, and Fallout 76. The upcoming bunch of titles will be available until March 6. The additional content for PlayStation Extra and Premium is yet to be unveiled.

PlayStation Plus Essential - February 2023 (PS+)

What Is Up for Grabs?

The asymmetric multiplayer Evil Dead: The Game captured the hearts of many, including fans of the Evil Dead movies starring Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams. Players either take control of Ash and his companions and strive to escape the Kandarian Demon or embody the evil and hunt down Ash, Kelly Maxwell, and others to win the game. 

Besides Evil Dead: The Game, PlayStation Plus Monthly Games also offers an expansion to Destiny 2 called Beyond Light. This multiplayer game is a tasty mixture of fantasy and sci-fi elements, published in 2020; however, if players are not into shooters, they can opt for picking up OlliOlli World. The skateboarding platformer boasts a unique art style and lots of various challenges.

Mafia: The Definitive Edition came out in 2020 and was praised for expanding the original story

Mafia: The Definitive Edition came out in 2020 and was praised for expanding the original story

The last entry in the PlayStation Plus Monthly Games of February is Mafia: The Definitive Edition, released in 2020. It is a successful remake of the original 2002 title Mafia, portraying a few highs and numerous lows of Tommy Angelo, a taxi driver turned mafioso in the 1930’s USA. 

Mafia: The Definitive Edition is the only game on the list available just on PS4. Others can also be downloaded also on PS5.

SOURCE: PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for February: Evil Dead: The Game, OlliOlliWorld, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Mafia: Definitive Edition

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