Leaker Posts Details Of Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct

A renowned poster of Animal Crossing leaks has returned, and previous leaks have fans wondering about the validity of new claims. Ahead of Nintendo's direct this week, which focuses on Animal Crossing New Horizons, fans are getting their hopes up about the supposed insider information being true.

Leaker Posts Details Of Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct Cover

One of the biggest reveals in Nintendo’s recent Direct stream was a further presentation solely focused on Animal Crossing New Horizons updates, and the return of a very well-loved character from the series. A renowned leaker of Nintendo information, known as ‘Samus Hunter’ on Twitter, has shared more potential information about the eagerly anticipated Direct this coming Friday.

Previously, they have leaked information about the Animal Crossing New Horizons update and Direct, which was confirmed by Nintendo in their September Direct. Back in June, they mentioned that Brewster, and a museum expansion, were to be the ‘stars’ of new updates, which as fans now know, is true!

The Roost cafe coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The Roost cafe coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Samus Hunter’s latest reveal was many leaked bits of information as to the future of Animal Crossing. As mentioned, in June of 2021, they posted a list of things they were certain were coming to New Horizons, though they could not confirm a timeline due to changes behind the scenes. Some of the original mentions were Brewster – who is now confirmed, along with The Roost expansion for the museum – along with Kapp’n’s return, and an upgrade for Nook’s Cranny.

There was also a mention of older villagers returning, and the implementation of gyroid objects back into the game. These remain unconfirmed – for now.

As for the Direct releasing on October 15th, Samus Hunter ‘confirms’ in their leaks that along with Brewster, there will be new emotional reactions coming to the game, some new crops, more furniture items, and cooking mechanics! They mention that the iconic driver from the series, Kapp’n, will likely come in a future update – possibly in the summer, to fit with his tropical aesthetic.

Whereas these are all still rumors, it does hold some validity due to Samus Hunter’s previous leaks, which have been confirmed. Along with their mention of Animal Crossing leaks and updates, they have previously correctly predicted the release of the September Nintendo Direct, along with most of the content featured in it.

Tune In This October for an Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct!

Players eagerly await the presentation and continue speculating on what could be coming to the future of Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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