It’s Been 36 Hours and I Already Despise Bunny Day

Remember March 31st, when your island wasn't plagued with eggs? Me, too. That's why this article will explain how it's dumb and bad. Bunny Day is a scourge upon an overall enjoyable and serene game, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn't deserve this.

It's Been 36 Hours and I Already Despise Animal Crossing 's Bunny Day

When the latest Nintendo Direct Mini revealed info about Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I figured it’d be harmless. An event spanning several days, where players can find eggs and do DIY things with them. Without context, it seemed like a nice way to kick off the upcoming Easter holiday with some virtual scavenger hunts. Little did any of us know the horrors that awaited us. And if you think I mean Zipper T. Bunny’s sinister mannerisms and apathetic enthusiasm, you’d be wrong. The core problem is something much… crunchier.

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Egg. Animal Crossing Bunny Day


Consider, for a moment, you are playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You may very well be playing it right now! Catching fish, hitting rocks, shooting presents out of the air, exploring deserted islands; sounds blissful, yes? Enjoying one’s life within a setting which explores the simpler pastimes of human society. It’s what this franchise is, and why mess with a good thing? Now, imagine you wake up one morning and everything has changed. Trees are cherry-blossomed, floating presents have rainbow-striped balloons, there are an abnormal number of medium-sized fish shadows in the river, and more stars on the ground. Conveniently enough, it’s April 1st, the jokiest day of the year. Clearly this is all an elaborate prank, right?

Nope. Welcome to Animal Crossing‘s Bunny Day (+11 more). Pick up your eggs and get out.

Suddenly, the egg army has invaded your island. Digging up fossils or the oh-so-elusive gyroids? Sorry, egg. Fishing in the sea and looking for the very valuable Barred Knifejaw? Sorry, egg. Want to collect material from trees and rocks to use towards DIY projects? Sorry, egg(s). You cannot escape their gaze, their might, or their sheer quantity, day after day until you’ve yolked. Bunny Day? Excuse me, it’s actually 12 days’ worth of egg-ageddon.

Egg. Animal Crossing Bunny Day


You may think to yourself, “Well, they can’t follow me everywhere. I’ll use a Nook Miles Ticket to escape to a deserted island and farm there.” How cute. Unfortunately, Nintendo has your egg addiction covered, as they’ll spawn in rapid numbers even there! Wherever you go, Zipper T. Bunny’s arsenal of packaged protein shall follow! Don’t you love Animal Crossing‘s Bunny Day?

Eggsistential Crisis

On a more serious vein, the worst issue with all of this egg incorporation is in how much it bereaves the player of important material. When I cut down a tree, I want wood, not eggs. When I hit rocks, I want stonesiron nuggets, and gold nuggets, not eggs. There are only so many trees and stones on my island (which I share with three siblings) for me to farm from, and when I might need more, I have to start using miles towards tickets to deserted islands, where even there the material count is hampered by random egg-spawning. I’m getting less bang for my bell because Bunny Day feels the need to overcompensate for those… wonderful prizes.



Maybe this might all feel worth it if the rewards were any good, but while everyone has their own opinion, I think they’re underwhelming. A bunch of Bunny Day-themed furniture and clothing to construct, many of which are visually extravagant and egg-like. Eggs found in the wild can also be used as fruit to increase stamina, and sell for 200 Bells a pop. I suppose fishing up 15 of them would be worth tampering with the chances of catching one Barred Knifejaw, huh? And constantly hearing the wind blow to signify a present in the air, causing me to habitually check the sky, only to be reminded of the inconvenient event.

A Hypothetical Solution

In real life, Easter is a pretty relaxed holiday. Decorating eggs, finding them out in public places, eating candy—lots of fun to be had. Y’know what else is nice about Easter? You don’t have to do any of that stuff. It’s optional, just like Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ Bunny Day should be. I’m no professional game developer, but it would seem pretty easy to me to turn on and off the Bunny Day festivities through some sort of trigger, such as talking to to Zipper T. and having him ask if you want to participate. Instead, we’re at the mercy of this egg-pocalypse for the next 10+ days.

Some of you may say, “Well, just time-travel to April 13th,” to which I would say, “Yeah, well, what if I don’t want to?” I enjoy playing these games naturally, even if they’re inconvenient. My major issue with this is that it’s an avoidable inconvenience on the part of Nintendo’s execution. Stop giving me so many eggs in favor of the material I actually want! Bunny Day should be an actual day; that’s my back-up solution.

What do you think of Animal Crossing: New Horizon‘s Bunny Day? Are you as sick of it as I am? Or am I just a big baby? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I’m kind of sick of bunny day too. But at least it’s over now!


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