Animal Crossing: New Horizons February Update Announced

Animal Crossing New Horizons’s next Update has been announced by Nintendo. The update is set to drop later this month and will see the return of a fabulous fan favourite character and a host of new items which will arrive in February.

Animal Crossing New Horizons February Update Cover

Nintendo has announced the details on Animal Crossing: New Horizons’s February update which is set to be released to players on the 28th January. The update will add a host of new seasonal items as well as see the return of the Festivale Event and its host Pavé.

Festivale is a Mardi Gras inspired event and see’s the fabulously flamboyant peacock Pavé traveling to player’s islands to help them get into the Carnival Spirit. The event this year will take place on the 15th February and will see players collecting brightly coloured feathers as they float around your island on the day itself. These feathers are then given to Pavé where he will more than likely (going off past events) give the player items in exchange.

To help players get ready for the event Nook’s Cranny and the Abel Sister’s shop will be selling a host of Festivale themed clothes and items to get players and their islands decorated ahead of the big day itself.


As detailed on the New Horizon’s official Japanese site there will be additional items set to be released to celebrate the season’s other events. There are Football themed items (presumably to coincide with The Super Bowl), Chinese New Year items, as well as items for Valentine’s Day. These items do not feature in the trailer and presumably do not have a special event assigned to them.

Those who do install the February update will be sent a free pair of Maracas which they can use similar to the Tambourine and Ocarina which are already in the game.

Another detail that was not revealed in the trailer was that the Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack will be being rereleased in March as well. These cards will be compatible with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It is not confirmed at this point if these cards can be used to potentially add the corresponding character to your islands as potential residents.

At the end of the trailer the next update is teased. The update is set for March and will see Super Mario Bros themed items being added to the game. This is to coincide with the conclusion of the 35th Anniversary Celebrations which commenced last year.

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