Animal Crossing New Horizons: April Overview

April is here in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! You can expect a visit from Zipper T. Bunny, a day for pranksters, celebrating our planet, prom season, and who can forget the beautiful blossom season in the north? Plus, learn about birthdays and creatures to catch this month.

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What does April mean in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? That depends on what hemisphere you’re based in, but some experiences are shared. April means a possible visit from Zipper T. Bunny for Bunny Day (depending on the year). If your island is in the north, you’ll experience the beautiful blossom season during the first third of April, something you cannot miss. There’s also a special day in April that celebrates our home planet. Plus, being Animal Crossing, a new month brings new bugs, fish, and sea creatures for you to look out for. Some may also depart from your island at the end of the month. There are plenty of things going on in April; let’s find out exactly what.

In this guide, you should note that the dates of certain events, such as Bunny Day, depends on the year.

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Spring has set in, or autumn, depending on which hemisphere you’re playing in. Whichever hemisphere you’re in, there’s plenty to do in April, starting from the very first day of the month.


April kicks off in New Horizons with a day for pranksters: April Fool’s Day. Unlike previous Animal Crossing games, there’s sadly no major events happening on this day. However, New Horizons doesn’t totally ignore April Fool’s Day. If you want some action, you can buy a Whoopee Cushion from Nook Shopping for just 400 Bells. It’s available as early as March 26th up until the day itself on the 1st of April. Have fun pranking your friends!

Get ready to prank others - just don't get pranked yourself!

Get ready to prank others – just don’t get pranked yourself!


It probably feels like ages since the last Fishing Tournament in New Horizons. Well, it’s that time again. Whether you’re based in the north or south, this event will descend on your island on the second Saturday of April. Look out for C.J. so you can catch fish, break records, and sell your catches for good Bells.


This is probably one of the highlights in April in any Animal Crossing game, including New Horizons. If your island is based in the north, you’ll be greeted with the sight of your trees overtaken by beautiful pink blossoms on the first day of April. It lasts until the 10th of April. This is something that you cannot miss if you’re a New Horizons player. It only occurs for 10 days once every year, so enjoy it while it lasts!

For southern hemisphere players, you’ll get to experience the Cherry Blossom season in October, from the 1st until the 10th.

The gorgeous Cherry Blossom season is something you cannot miss in April.

The gorgeous Cherry Blossom season is something you cannot miss in April.

The blossoms bring more than just a pretty sight. During this season, you may notice pink blossom petals floating about in the air, similar to snowflakes in the winter. You can catch these petals with a net and use them in special DIY crafting recipes. You can find these seasonal recipes the usual New Horizons way, by popping balloons. These unlockable objects all feature cherry blossoms, designed to create the most tranquil cherry-blossom sanctuary.


What is Singmogil? If you’re not familiar with this occasion, it’s a Korean holiday celebrating trees. It’s also known as Tree Day. While no big event is hosted for this holiday, you can still partake in the festivities. In Nook Shopping, you’ll find a Forsythia. This is a traditional Singmogil plant. When it blossoms, it symbolises the arrival of spring. With the Cherry Blossom season, it’s a fitting occasion for April. The Forsythia is available to buy during the the Blossom season.

Singmogil is a celebration of spring in Korea.

Singmogil is a celebration of spring in Korea.

Note that Singmogil is not the same as Nature Day. That’s a separate occasion.


This day that celebrates our planet, known as Earth Day, takes place on April 22nd. There might be a little confusion about how this event plays out in New Horizons. This is because the game only came out in March 2020, and Nature Day has only happened twice since, each year playing out differently. In 2020, Leif arrived on your island to sell some shrubs and flowers, and there were special nature-themed Nook Miles+ activities on this day. It also took place between April 23rd and May 4th. In 2021, however, it was a little different. For some reason, Leif was taken out of the day, as well as the nature activities. Instead, it was changed to a Nook Shopping exclusive seasonal item: the Cool Globe. This object was available to purchase between the 15th and 22nd of April.

2021 had a globe for commemorating Nature Day. What will 2022 bring?

2021 had a globe for commemorating Nature Day. What will 2022 bring?

For 2022, it’s currently unclear how the event will take place this year. Will Leif and the Nook Miles+ activities return, or the Cool Globe, or both?


April is Prom season. There’s no prom dance being hosted in New Horizons (sadly), but it doesn’t stop you from putting on a party. You can throw your own prom, thanks to the wares available at the Able Sisters and Nook Shopping. The main focus is on clothes. You can buy a variety of different prom clothing items. These include dresses, sashes, shoes, tuxedos, and a crown and tiara. You can buy prom-themed clothing, plus a special prom wallpaper and flooring, for the whole duration of April.

April is Prom Season in New Horizons.

April is Prom Season in New Horizons.


Bunny Day is one of those events in Animal Crossing where it’s not a fixed date every year. The date in which this event takes place depends on the year. It can take place in either March or April. Bunny Day takes place the same day as Easter Sunday in real life, but the event lasts a week leading up to it. This means you can find Bunny Day items on your island through popping balloons, and find six different kinds of Bunny Day eggs around the island. This is a fun, spring-festive event you cannot miss in New Horizons.

For more information on Bunny Day, see our March overview for New Horizons.

Bunny Day can happen in either March or April.

Bunny Day can happen in either March or April.


There’s quite a lot to look forward to in April in Animal Crossing. Let’s just have a quick reminder of what’s happening and when:

March 26th to April 1st:

  • April Fool’s Day – Pick up a Whoopee Cushion from Nook Shopping to prank your friends with.

Second Saturday:

  • Fishing Tournament – C.J. comes to island for fishing challenges and prizes. Applies to both north and south hemispheres.
C.J. is back with the Fishing Tournament in April.

C.J. is back with the Fishing Tournament in April.

1st to 10th:

  • Cherry Blossom Season – Non-fruit bearing trees have pink blossoms replacing leaves. Catch petals with a net and find seasonal DIY recipes in balloons.
  • Singmogil – Also known as Tree Day, commemorate this Korean holiday with a Forsythia plant that you can buy from Nook Shopping.

15th to 22nd:

  • Nature Day – Buy a Cool Globe from Nook Shopping to celebrate the planet Earth on this day.

All of April:

  • Prom Season – Buy prom clothing items from Able Sisters, plus a prom wallpaper and flooring from Nook Shopping.

Dependent on year:

  • Bunny Day – Zipper T. Bunny comes to the island to celebrate this fun spring event, plus look out for seasonal DIY recipes and six types of eggs.
Zipper T. Bunny pays your island a visit in April (or March).

Zipper T. Bunny pays your island a visit in April (or March).


Birthdays are fun in Animal Crossing. Whenever one of your villagers is celebrating their birthday, they host a party in their house. You can even give them a present if you like. With so many villagers, as well as special characters, it can be hard to keep track of birthdays. While the bulletin board outside Resident Services alerts you to upcoming birthdays, it’s good to know your villagers’ birthdays ahead of time, so you can prepare for their parties and get a present ready (as well as that perfect party outfit!). Below is a list of all birthdays that takes place in April, whether they’re villagers or special characters. Even if these villagers don’t currently live on your island, it’s good to know when their birthdays are, just in case they decide to move to your island one day.

Date Villager/Character
1st Cephalobot
2nd Cashmere, Tammi
3rd Eunice
4th Buck
5th Beau
6th Hopper, Resetti
7th Rasher
8th Maelle
9th Stella
10th Shari
11th Punchy
12th Melba
13th Candi
14th Rocket
15th Grams
16th Vesta, Marty
17th Charlise, Porter
18th Piper
19th Pietro
20th Stu
21st Agnes
22nd Phoebe
23rd Miranda, Booker
24th Walt
25th Bertha
26th Kevin
27th Katt
28th Ava
29th Coach
30th Angus
Happy birthday to Tammi, on the 2nd of April!

Happy birthday to Tammi, on the 2nd of April!


A new month means another bunch of creatures waiting to be found in New Horizons. You can find bugs on dry (or even wet) land, fish swimming in the sea, rivers, and ponds, and sea creatures when you dive in the deep sea. You should know that some creatures are new to this month, some are carrying over from March, and some will even disappear for a while at the end of April. Catch them while you can!

We already have a great guide to bugs, fish and sea creatures in April in New Horizons, so check it out if you’re an avid Animal Crossing creature finder and catcher. Here’s a little overview of what you can expect, in the north and south hemispheres, in New Horizons this month.

What a pretty ladybug! It will arrive in the south in April.

What a pretty ladybug! It will arrive in the south in April.

Let’s start with bugs. You’ll be seeing lots of new bugs in the north, and a good variety of them. Some of these include the giant water bug, Madagascan sunset moth, and the long locust. The only bug departing northern islands is the tarantula, so be ready to say goodbye to them for a while. In the south, meanwhile, you’ll only get one new bug: the ladybug. On the other hand, a ton of bugs will be leaving the south, including some dragonflies and the scorpion.

What can you find in the ponds, rivers, and seas of your islands? The north will get lots of new fishy friends, such as the clown fish, sea horse, and snapping turtle. Three fish will be gone at the end of April though: the dab, tuna, and blue marlin. The south will only get two new fish: the yellow perch and dab, and lots of departing fish. Disappearing fish include the angelfish, giant trevally, and moray eel.

What about those creatures that only dwell in the deep sea? Lobsters and sea pineapples will be new to the north, while sea cucumbers, snow crabs and spider crabs will depart by the month’s end. Seaweed will return to the south, as well as spiny lobsters and Venus’ flower baskets. Giant isopods and spotted gardens will soon be gone, though.

This whopper of a crab will be gone from northern shores after April.

This whopper of a crab will be gone from northern shores after April.

That sums up April, the fourth month of the year. Wherever you are in the world, April offers you plenty to do. If you’re in the north, the Cherry Blossom season is unmissable, and watch out for Bunny Day, if it’s happening this month. What do you like best about April in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Let us know in the comments!

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