Animal Crossing New Horizons 1st Anniversary Update Announced

Nintendo has annouced an Anniversery Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This update will add in new seasonal items, increase the number of Custom Design slots that the players have, and give them a cute little cake! Oh, and Bunny Day is also coming back too.

Animal Crossing New Horizons 1st Anniversary Update Announced Cover

It is the moment that many fans had worried wouldn’t be coming. But an Animal Crossing: New Horizons 1st anniversary update has been announced via the game’s official twitter page. The Tweet in addition to reminding fans of of the upcoming Sanrio crossover update also reveals a new host of features and seasonal items. Both for the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game as well as the official smart phone app.

One of the first major announcements of the update is the news that the maximum number of Custom Designs that players can keep is to be increased. Increasing the number of Normal and Pro Custom Designs by 50 slots each. A welcome addition to those who like to use the designs to create new outfits, furniture patterns, or use the designs to customise their islands. To unlock this, players will need to purchase the Custom Design Pro Editor + via the in-game NookPhone. The app will cost 2000 NookMiles. Additionally this new NookPhone app will allow players to create their own umbrellas, hand fans, small flags, and photo stands.

Another addition in the update is the new Custom Designs Portal for the NookPhone. When purchased for 300 Nook Miles, this will allow players to access the Custom Design Portal they find in the Able Sisters directly from their NookPhones.


New Seasonal Items will also be added into the game. Including a Whoopee cushion to celebrate April Fool’s Day. Prom season themed clothing items from the Able Sisters and the Prom Night Wall, Prom Night Flooring, and Prom Sash from Nook Shopping. And of course there will be a 1st Anniversary Cake which will be sent to players’ in-game mailbox after the update has been installed. Additionally with reviled Bunny Day right around the corner, it has been announced that players will be able to purchase Bunny Day times from Nook’s Cranny in addition to crafting them. And by the looks of the screenshot in the Tweet, new Bunny Day themed items have been added as well.

An update has also been announced for the Nook Link which is found within the Nintendo Switch Online app on smart phones. This update will allow players to collect Nook Points everyday which can be exchanged for in-game items. A list of the kinds of items that can be acquired by players has yet to be revealed.


Finally, the update will add the Sanrio villagers and themed items into the game. These villagers were originally created as part of a crossover for Animal Crossing: New Leaf and will be the first new villagers to be added into the game since its launch.

Also announced was Island Tour Creator. This will be a website set to launch on 23rd March and will allow players to create virtual tours of their islands by using screenshots and footage captured in-game to create a poster and trailer for their island. However, the website will only be available till the end of the year.

The update is set to release on March 18th. Further details on the update’s contents can be found via the official announcement page.

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Get Ready for a Sanrio Crossover! – Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Switch

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