Animal Crossing: New Horizons | How to Catch Wasps Easily

Wasps can be scary. Make them harmless with our Animal Crossing: New Horizons wasp-catching guide, ensured to leave you sting-free! While the world of entomology is vast and varied, we have the info necessary to make those irritating insects an afterthought.

AC: New Horizons Guide | How to Catch Wasps Painlessly

The world has been graced with the first new Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch. While some things have changed in New Horizons, others haven’t: namely wasps. These buzzing baddies will randomly spawn in trees found on your island (or others) everyday, making material-collection a hassle. Thankfully, there is a simple way to combat the threat without any harm befalling the player. This guide will show Animal Crossing: New Horizons players a painless way to capture any and all wasps.

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A Matter of Stance

Believe it or not, what position you’re in while shaking a tree is a huge factor. To ensure a safe capture, one must shake the tree from the front at a 45-degree angle (and have your Net equipped!). A good visual representation can be seen just below:

Red markers not measured to precise degree, because I'm human.

Red markers not measured to precise degree, because I’m human.

It doesn’t have to be exact, but it’s best to have a a clear shot at the wasp nest as it drops out. The nest will always drop on the opposite side of your position, and your character will turn towards it. This is why the safest bet is to angle yourself so that the swarm will emerge directly in front of your turned character.

Once the buzzing has begun, the final step is simple: spam “A.” Or for those more experienced, swing your net the moment it lets you. The swarm should be close enough to you that a single use will catch them before they even start moving. And that’s it! With this method, catching wasps in New Horizons will be a cinch every time, no matter the situation. Note: material or items (such as flowers) that may surround the tree could affect the drop spot of the nest, so try and keep the underside clear.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Your island, your life! (Nintendo Switch)

Aside from just getting rid of them, you can sell wasps in New Horizons for a sweet 2,500 Bells a pop, with multiple wasps appearing everyday. Collecting the discarded nest can be used in various DIY recipes, such as wallpapers or medicine. You will never have to fear shaking a fruit-less tree ever again, so get out there and collect that honey!

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