Top 10 K.K. Slider Songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are many KK Slider songs in Animal Crossing, but which are the best? We cover our own Top 10 of the Best KK Slider songs present in New Horizons. With 95 songs to choose from, needling it down to just 10 may take some auditory and mental exercise.

Top 10 K.K. Slider Songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Saturday can only mean one thing to Nintendo enthusiasts: a certain someone is coming to visit your Animal Crossing town. A tradition dating back to the original game, K.K. Slider thinks Saturday night is all right for singing, not fighting. Over the years, there have been a large selection of K.K. songs to choose from—a whopping 95 tracks as of recent! With the release of New Horizons, I took it upon myself to select the very best Totakeke has to offer and rank them in a handy list. These are the Top 10 K.K. Slider songs present in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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10. K.K. Crusin’

K.K. Cruisin' for a bruisin'

K.K. Cruisin’ for a bruisin’

This has the structure of a “Lo-fi hip-hop beat to study or relax to” tune before such a moniker even existed. Present since the very first Animal Crossing title, K.K. Cruisin’ has a smooth, yet subtly aggressive tone that makes you want to bob your head to the whimsical whistles. Even the cover image for the track has a sort of confidence to it that makes the track all the more impactful. That might explain the inclusion of K.K. seemingly coughing semi-consistently, or perhaps he’s spitting fire?

Give K.K. Cruisin’ a listen for yourself!

9. K.K. Jongara

Shamisen showdown!

Shamisen showdown!

Shamisen are very underrated (and underrepresented) instruments in video game soundtracks. From my own experience, they’re typically showcased more for slower, more emotional orchestration. However, Animal Crossing decided to toss that to the flowing winds and went for broke on a fast-paced, energetic composition. I adore them for that decision, even if the track itself isn’t particularly long or complex. One of the new tracks included in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, K.K. Jongara has enough cultural spirit to make my Top 10.

Give K.K. Jongara a listen for yourself!

8. K.K. Condor

Even the cover art is great.

Even the cover art is great.

Another classic track, K.K. Condor originated in the first Animal Crossing game and has persisted until New Horizons, and for good reason. The combination of stringed and woodwind instruments give it an exotic feel, and the tune is easy to groove out to. It adheres to a pattern of build-up and climax, constantly reaching higher notes until the track inevitably loops. This sort of simple precision is what gives K.K. Condor such memorability, along with the unique sound of the track.

Give K.K. Condor a listen for yourself!

7. DJ K.K.

What even is this cover?

What even is this cover?

To be frank, part of my affection towards this track (aside from nostalgia) is that it sounds very Kirby-esque. I don’t what it is, but I can imagine this as a space-themed track from a Kirby game. Regardless, this is probably the least complicated K.K. song on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less great. An auditory transport to the older days of video games, where the lack of layers were indicative of the hardware available at the time. DJ K.K. is kind of abstract, and the tune is hardly what would be considered from DJ’s nowadays, but it’s an almost-literal blast from the past that still resonates with me today.

Give DJ K.K. a listen for yourself!

6. K.K. Ska

The black and white really makes it pop!

The black and white really makes it pop!

Visions of the “The Impression That I Get” are strong with this track. K.K. Ska isn’t nearly as detailed, but the spirit remains. An up-and-down track that implements a lot of brass and a lot of (sea) bass. Another Animal Crossing veteran song, it has only a short loop before it starts repeating its chorus over and over, but the bop is so sweet that I never want it to stop. The perfect K.K. Song for when you want to have company over to host a bonafide shindig. I’m getting a little too into my retro lexicon.

Give K.K. Ska a listen for yourself!


5. Two Days Ago

Wow, so moody...

Wow, so moody…

The ultimate nostalgia track for me, personally. One of the secret tracks present in the original Gamecube title, Two Days Ago was the song I would always request first whenever K.K. Slider visited my town. Its presence in my mind is definitely the most quantitative, as it was the #1 song I played on my radio whenever possible. As for the song itself, it’s not exactly “Bohemian Rhapsody,” but the “secret” prerequisite it bore in the original always gave it a special vibe. Plus, it’s got a nice, mellow progression to it that keeps my mood steady. If you had asked me a decade ago about my Top 10 K.K. Slider songs, this would be #1, but #5 is a good spot when wading through all the nostalgia.

Give Two Days Ago a listen for yourself!

4. K.K. Bossa

Bossa? I hardly know a!

Bossa? I hardly know a!

By this point in the list, you may have realized I have a certain preference when it comes to K.K. tunes. Smooth, a little jazzy, and free-flowing tend to be the adjectives of choice. Exceptions apply, of course, but Animal Crossing has always been a very relaxed gaming experience for me, and my taste in its music reflects that. If not high-energy, it’s low-energy, and K.K. Bossa has the rhythm of a spiritual interpretive dance. Another classic Animal Crossing track, I don’t foresee it going away anytime soon.

Give K.K. Bossa a listen for yourself!

3. K.K. Moody

Wow, so moody... (Part 2)

Wow, so moody… (Part 2)

Look, nostalgia definitely drives some portion of the direction of this Top 10 list; I acknowledge that. However, K.K. Moody (along with Jongara) is something I had never heard prior to New Horizons, and the more I listened to it, the more I loved it. My inner drama enthusiast wept for the melodramatic musings of this song, and while some may find it too gratuitous, it has such a pungent glossiness to it. An almost retro vibe hovers around the flair of tragic romance distills into musical form. Perhaps the best elaboration I can provide is that, as a moody dude, a moody jingle appeals to me. It has that almost comical overindulgence to it.

Give K.K. Moody a listen for yourself!

2. K.K. Faire

Look at that ragged boy play!

Look at that ragged boy play!

When thinking of a reason for why I enjoy this song so much, I’ve come up blank. It’s just a great K.K. song. Nostalgia, maybe? A simple, kind of abstract tune that speaks to the absurdist in me? Whatever it may be, whenever this song plays, I feel my soul dance. Present since the original game, the level of vintage attached to it is traceable to Animal Crossing‘s roots, similar to many other tracks on this list. Its best quality may just be that it’s a memorable and somewhat off-kilter track. I give up.

Give K.K. Faire a listen for yourself!

1. K.K. Disco

Get ready to get jiggy!

Get ready to get jiggy!

No, disco does not suck.

This is pure, unadulterated funk. Like with K.K. Moody, I had never heard this K.K. song until New Horizons, and within seconds, I was in love. Its beat is infectious, the glamour can be felt with every instrument, and my desire to dance skyrockets with each passing second. If a track can immediately hook me, as K.K. Disco does, and make me want to embarrass myself in public, that’s deserving of very high praise. A decisive battle it was between this and K.K. Faire, but in the end, Disco has a little bit more staying power. Let’s hope the developers at Nintendo agree.

Give K.K. Disco a listen for yourself!

Honorable Mentions

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    I really like Bubblegum K.K, but your opinion is valid!

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      Thanks, buddy! Bubblegum K.K. is pretty good, though I feel it’s a tad too overhyped.


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