The 10 Best Things the September Nintendo Direct Revealed

September's Nintendo Direct was absolutely packed with astounding announcements, and left fans satiated. Let's count down the ten biggest and best reveals from the presentation, including Kirby, Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, Castlevania and more!

Nintendo’s September 2021 Direct was absolutely packed with announcements from DLCs and expansion passes to ports and new titles. Not a single fan was left without something to look forward to!

You may have already seen footage of the new Kirby game, Kirby and the Forgotten World, and about the Sega Genesis and N64 games coming to Nintendo’s online service, but what else was announced? Read on for my choice of the ten best things revealed in September’s Nintendo Direct!

10. Deltarune Chapter Two Released On Switch 

Coming in at number ten is the second installment of Toby Fox’s prequel-maybe-sequel to Undertale. This was not a surprise for fans, as they expected it to come quickly onto the Switch, following an astoundingly big release on Steam and last week. After hitting over 100,000 players on Steam alone, Deltarune is set to grace the Switch of many more fans now that it is available from Nintendo.

Deltarune's logo as seen in the Nintendo Direct.

Deltarune’s logo is seen in the Nintendo Direct.

The second chapter comes free to play because, as creator Fox says, “the world has been really hard recently”. The chapter is available now, as a free update to Deltarune part one. Any excuse to get back into the Underground is good enough for me, and being able to play Deltarune on the go on my Switch is an absolute plus.

9. Mario Movie Casting Revealed

A curveball update in the middle of the Direct was regarding the as-yet-unnamed Mario movie, being made in a collaboration between Nintendo and Illumination Studios (creators of Despicable Me). The main cast of voice actors has been revealed, starring Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach, Charlie Day as Luigi, and Chris Pratt as the main man himself, Mario. A very, um, ‘interesting’ set of choices on Nintendo’s part.

Poster for upcoming Mario movie as shown in the Nintendo Direct.

Poster for upcoming Mario movie as shown in the Nintendo Direct.

Joining the star-studded main trio is Jack Black as villain Bowser – possibly the only casting I agree with – and various other recognized voice actors filling mushroom kingdom roles. The original voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, is also making an appearance too! I, like lot of other fans, was perplexed at the choice of Chris Pratt, leaving this entry a little lackluster. I am willing to be proven wrong when the movie hits theatres during 2022’s holiday season!

8. Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity Expansion Part Two

The second part of Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity‘s expansion pass has finally been shown! Wave two brings new characters, improved technology, and a fresh story. Launching on October 28th, the Guardian of Remembrance brings ancient technology scientists Purah and Robbie to the game. To flex their fierce skills, there are new quests such as the Battle for Kakariko Village, and another colosseum coming to the game. Previous characters will also benefit from this expansion, getting new moves added to their arsenal. 

Guardian of Remembrance – Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity (Nintendo Switch)

I will be picking this expansion up when the Guardian of Remembrance releases as I had an absolute blast playing the base game. Age of Calamity was my first foray into the world of Warriors games, and I loved every second – plus, no one can deny that Robbie and Purah are two of the best characters in the game! Any extra Breath of the Wild-themed content is a-ok with me, especially since we have no release date for the sequel game. This expansion ranks at number eight, as it was already announced, however.

7. Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct Announced

One final, fantastic announcement is coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, to round off the game’s expansion. A dedicated presentation will stream on October 5th, hosted by creator Masahiro Sakurai himself. The last character entering Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the fighter expansion passes will be announced – no doubt alongside some updates and fixes to the game, new Mii fighter costumes, and stages.

Details for the upcoming Super Smash Bros presentation.

Details for the upcoming Super Smash Bros presentation.

Mr. Sakurai has confirmed there will be no third expansion pass after this last fighter, but with over 80 playable characters in the game, this is fair enough! Personally, this doesn’t rank too high in my excitement as there have been so many announcements and themed presentations already! Now no longer will precious Direct time be taken by a new fighter’s moveset explanation. 

6. New Monster Hunter: Rise DLC Announced

A big announcement kicked off this recent Direct: a huge new DLC for Monster Hunter: Rise! Coming in the summer of 2022, Sunbreak is a fully packed expansion. As of yet, there is no pricing for it, but developers assure players that it is worth it. Monster Hunter is like Pokémon for people who out-grew the franchise. Instead of just catching ‘friendly’ monsters, why not battle them? And then do it again? Capcom is quick on the pulse with their Monster Hunter releases. This year I already picked up Monster Hunter Stories 2, and now there’s another expansion of the series for me to get excited for.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC from the Nintendo Direct.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC from the Nintendo Direct.

Featuring new stories, more monsters, and many other additions, Sunbreak is the latest in a line of updates and DLC’s that have come to this year’s Monster Hunter installment. Will the studio ever slow down?! Due to the consistent releases on Capcom’s part, the new DLC middles nicely.

5. Castlevania Advance Collection Comes To Switch

Immediately releasing after the Direct concluded, Castlevania’s Advance Collection came to the Switch. Rumors of this release were rife prior to this due to age-rated listings and leaked artwork. Now, it is official and ready to play! I can relive the days of old when I tried to figure out how to play this game as a child. But this time, I can quick save!

Castlevania Advance Collection title screen from the Nintendo Direct.

Castlevania Advance Collection title screen from the Nintendo Direct.

The collection comprises three GameBoy Advance titles from 2001 – 2003 (hence the name). Including Castlevania: Circle of The Moon, Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. There is also an added bonus in this collection: it includes Dracula X (known as Vampire’s Kiss in Europe), the 1995 SNES game! New functions have been added to bring the games up to speed, such as button mapping and quicksave abilities. Castlevania is not shy of re-releases and collections – placing this a solid middle in this list for its lack of surprisingness. 

4. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Adds Brewster

A year and a half since the game’s release, Animal Crossing New Horizons is receiving a long-awaited face in a huge update: Brewster is coming back! The in-game museum is getting an overhaul to accommodate the beaked barista, and that is not all! I hoped and dreamed for this to happen – hence the fourth place on the list! This update is destined to be large, given it’s receiving its own presentation. Hopefully, this will give long-term players a reason to get back into the game (myself included), as island life can grow a little stale after a while.

Animal Crossing New Horizons update announcement for Brewster!

Animal Crossing New Horizons update announcement for Brewster!

A separate Direct is coming, and it is focused solely on Animal Crossing New Horizons‘ fall and winter updates. The Direct will premiere in October. Players know that Brewster is due to arrive in November, but will have to wait patiently for information on any further additions. Nintendo crossed one item off many’s list of desired Animal Crossing updates.

3. Kirby and the Forgotten Land Announced

Rejoice, fellow Kirby fans! There is a new 3D Kirby game coming to Switch! And, it isn’t even too far away. Despite being leaked a few mere hours before the Direct premiered (forcing me to avoid social media for the evening), most fans were ecstatic to see the reveal of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, coming to the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2022. Seemingly reminiscent of Mario Odyssey, Kirby’s new adventure takes place in a deserted city. What is it with Nintendo and their theme of decay and chaos recently? Are they trying to tell us something? I’m looking at you, Pearl and Marina…

I, personally, have never been a massive fan of Kirby games, but this one has piqued my interest. Maybe it’s the open world, maybe it’s the delightful, bright graphics – either way, I’ll be picking this up on release day!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch

2. Bayonetta 3 GamePlay Revealed

After what seems like decades, Bayonetta 3 has received a gameplay trailer. Featuring a look at the title’s enemies – giant kaiju-like dragon monsters. Bayonetta herself has had a makeover – debuting her divine, long, flowing locks and a dazzling new outfit. At the end of the trailer, fans got a sneaky silhouette peak of a character presumably making an appearance – one who sure looked a lot like a gentleman from Devil May Cry…

Bayonetta 3 logo from the Nintendo Direct.

Bayonetta 3 logo from the Nintendo Direct.

Bayonetta is one of those super-popular games that not many people seem to have played. It comes in second on my list due to how many fans I know have been chomping at the bit waiting for announcements of this game. What the Switch sorely needs is more strong titles, that are not ports and spin-offs; Bayonetta 3 is the perfect solution to this! The game is set to finally release in 2022 – five years after its initial announcement as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. This news was greatly appreciated by Bayonetta fans across the board.

1. Splatoon 3 Single Player Mode Revealed

Finally, we come to the top announcement! For me, this Direct revealed many huge, and positive, announcements. The best one by far is that it dropped a massive feature on Splatoon 3! I nearly cried when it was first announced, and this trailer only added to my excitement! Splatoon is the most successful new IP that Nintendo has created in the last 10 years, and this shows in its ability to have three mainline games within that time.

Callie, Marie, and the new Agent in Splatoon 3's Single Player Mode.

Callie, Marie, and the new Agent in Splatoon 3’s Single Player Mode.

In the Direct, not only did players get a further look into the new multiplayer maps and weapons, but fans saw a large section of the single-player campaign – named the ‘Return of the Mammalians’. The trailer showed a new variant of Octarians (fuzzy ones!), and a return of Callie and Marie, the iconic duo from the first Splatoon game, to aid the new Agent in their accomplishments. This was accompanied by a fresh look at imaginative stages, weapons, and sub-abilities that are coming to the third game in the series. This was definitely the highlight of the Direct for me, as an avid Splatoon player. I’m super excited for what the third game brings – especially the crab-shaped tank!

All of this and yet still more was announced – these are just the best things in the Nintendo Direct! I advise you to watch it and absorb all the fun yourself!

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