Animal Crossing New Horizons: September Overview

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, September is a month that spells a new chapter as a new season dawns. Summer is wrapping up in the north, and winter is over in the south. This guide will help you find out everything you need to know about what's happening in both hemispheres in September in New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons September Overview

Just as in real life, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, September is a significant month in the year. In the north, it marks the closing of summer and the beginning of autumn. In the south, winter is officially over already, with the snow melted, and spring has begun. Also, as with all months in New Horizons, September brings to the game new events, limited-time seasonal items at Nook Shopping, birthdays, and plenty of bugs, fish and sea creatures to catch. This guide will show you what September has to offer, making sure that you don’t miss a thing.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Exploring September - Nintendo Switch


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, September brings some new events. With fall beginning in the north, events relating to the season will be taking place this month, including harvest festivals. These events aren’t exclusive to the northern hemisphere though; southern hemisphere players will also get to enjoy these events.

Grape Harvest Festival

Occurs: All September (1st to 30th)

Hemisphere: Both

September brings the Grape Harvest Festival to New Horizons. Sadly, there’s no actual festival taking place in the game, however, you can mark this occasion thanks to Nook Shopping. You can buy a Grape-Harvest Basket for just 800 Bells. You wear it just like any other bag. It’s available to purchase from Nook Shopping throughout September. 

This basket that you can wear celebrates the Grape Harvest Festival.

This basket that you can wear celebrates the Grape Harvest Festival.

Grape festivals are hosted around the world to celebrate the harvesting of grapes. The majority of these take place in August or September. The in-game description for the Grape-Harvest Basket specifically mentions festivities in France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Celebrations include dancing, wearing traditional outfits, drinking, and parades; basically a big party!


Occurs: September 12th to 21st

Hemisphere: Both

There’s the Grape Harvest Festival, and there’s also Chuseok, the Korean harvest festival. This once again is commemorated with an item from Nook Shopping. You can pick up a Songpyeon for 1,100 Bells from September 12th until the 21st.

The traditional dish Songpyeon is associated with the Korean holiday Chuseok.

The traditional dish Songpyeon is associated with the Korean holiday Chuseok.

This is a Korean holiday, also known as Korean Thanksgiving Day, and during this time, families gather in their hometowns to pay respects to their dead loved ones at their graves (similar to Day of the Dead in November). Songpyeon is a delicacy during this holiday. They are filled rice cakes steamed on a bed of pine needles. Thanks to Nook Shopping in New Horizons, you can sample this traditional dish.

Moon Viewing Day

Occurs: September 12th to 21st

Hemisphere: Both

There’s another event being marked between the 12th and 21st of September: Moon Viewing Day. The moon looks great all year round, but September is the time when it’s really special with the harvest moon, hence why this month officially marks Moon Viewing Day. This is yet another Nook Shopping seasonal event, but it brings not one, but three items that you can grab to commemorate this particular occasion. These include the Moon Rug (2,000 Bells), Dango (1,100 Bells), and Moon Cakes (1,100 Bells).

Look out for the harvest moon during September.

Look out for the harvest moon during September.


Occurs: Fourth Saturday of September

Hemisphere: North Only

It’s that time again, for Flick to host his Bug-Off and for you to get the chance to grab some cool unique prizes! Northern hemisphere players should note that this is the last Bug-Off in the north of the year, so you might as well take part for one last time.

Acorn and Pine Cone Season

Occurs: September 1st to December 10th

Hemisphere: North Only

Fall, or autumn, has officially arrived in the northern hemisphere, and for New Horizons, that means two things: acorns and pine cones. These are collectibles unique to this season, used in various fall-themed DIY recipes.

While it's officially fall, it'll be a while before the spectacular autumn colors present themselves.

While it’s officially fall, it’ll be a while before the spectacular autumn colors present themselves.

You can find acorns and pine cones around your island by shaking trees. Acorns drop out of hardwood trees, while pine cones are hidden in cedar trees.

The southern hemisphere will get to experience the acorn and pine cone season between March 1st and June 10th when they have their fall.


September brings another round of birthdays in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, whether it’s villagers, special characters, or even you! Here’s a complete list of all the birthdays of villagers and special characters in September.

Date Villager/Character
1st Violet
2nd Flo
3rd Maggie, Spork
4th Cally
5th Greta
6th Cesar
7th Tucker, Celeste
8th Astrid
9th Pinky
10th Pecan, Rio
11th Peewee, Ione
12th Boone
13th Moose
14th Ricky
15th Tutu
16th Ed
17th Whitney
18th Bubbles
19th Fuchsia
20th Octavian, Norma
21st Henry
22nd Ankha
23rd Cranston
24th Apple, Blathers
25th Mitzi
26th Teddy
27th Beardo
28th Kody
29th Marshal
30th Monique
Celeste's birthday is in September.

Celeste’s birthday is in September.

Bugs, Fish, and Sea Creatures

In September in New Horizons, it’s a busy month for the wildlife, with bugs, fish and sea creatures coming, going, and staying for another month. We already have a detailed guide on all the bugs, fish and sea creatures you can catch in September, so make sure to check it out. Here’s a quick summary of what you can find this month. Remember that what you can catch is based on the hemisphere you’re playing in.


Bugs are first. Let’s take a look at what bug activity is happening in the north. There are some new September bugs arriving, including the cricket, monarch butterfly, and red dragonfly. There are also a lot of bugs departing from the north, such as the atlas moth, goliath beetle, and walker cicada.

What about the south? The south too will get some new bugs to find, including the honeybee, ladybug, mantis, and some butterflies such as the tiger and yellow butterfly. Only one bug will be gone by the end of the month: the emperor butterfly, so catch it while you still can.

The mosquito is one of many bugs leaving the north this month.

The mosquito is one of many bugs leaving the north this month.


Let’s look at fish next, starting with the northern hemisphere. There are some new fish to catch in the ponds, rivers and seas, including the cherry salmon, golden trout, and pike. Just as with bugs this month in the north, a LOT of fish will be gone after September, such as the blue marlin, puffer fish, and soft-shelled turtle, to name a few. The great big fish such as sharks and ocean sunfish will also be going, so you don’t have much longer to catch these big blighters that sell for good Bells.

Fish are also coming and going in the southern hemisphere. New fish for September include the char, cherry salmon, and loached tadpole. Departing fish includes the football fish, stringfish, and sturgeon.

In the north, the puffer fish will be gone after September.

In the north, the puffer fish will be gone after September.

Sea Creatures

Finally, let’s dive deep down into the sea and find out what activity is happening there. Starting with new sea creatures in the north, there’s the chambered nautilus, oyster, and turban shell. Quite a few deep-sea dwellers are leaving, including the giant gigas clam, horseshoe crab, and sea urchin.

In the southern seas, five new creatures can be found, including the firefly squid, spider crab, and umbrella octopus. There’s just one deep-sea creature leaving, and that’s the red king crab.

The horseshoe crab isn't hanging around for long in the north.

The horseshoe crab isn’t hanging around for long in the north.

That rounds up everything that’s happening in September in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Is there anything about September you like best? Let us know in the comments.

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