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Money DOES grow on trees. Want to know how to grow money trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? This guide will tell you how to find the opportunities to grow them and what you can earn from them. Pay off your debt to Tom Nook quicker with your own Animal Crossing money trees!

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First of all, when walking about your island in your daily rituals, you’ll find a glowing spot on the ground that appears once a day. This is where you can grow your first Animal Crossing money tree! Get our your shovel and dig up the whole and you’ll receive a bag of 1,000 bells. Be very careful not to press “A” too quickly and cover up the whole before the next step, or you’ll lose the opportunity. 

Glowing money tree spot

Glowing money tree spot

Next, bring up your inventory screen and select your Bell tab. If you have at least 10,001 Bells on you, it’ll give you four options of Bell amounts to put directly into your storage as individual bags: 100, 1,000, 10,000 or your entire Bell supply (up to 99k). We recommend the 10k option in this case. With your shovel still equipped and standing in front of the open glowing hole, select the 10k bag and choose the option “Bury in Hole”. Success! You now have a money tree sapling. 

Bury 10,000 Bells

Bury 10,000 Bells

Wait several days and your money tree will have sprouted. Shake that tree and claim your prize! Each of the three money bags contain Bells that are equal to the amount you planted. Planting 1,000 bells will give you three bags equaling 3,000 bells. Burying 3,000 bells will return you three bags totaling to 9,000. The highest amount that you can plant with a 100% success rate is 10,000 bells, giving you 30,000 bells altogether. There are reports of players burying bags of more than 10,000 Bells, up to 99,000, and being yielded three bags of each. However, these are still unconfirmed and appear to be very low odds, if successful at all. You are, of course, free to take the risk and find out for yourself, but again, we recommend sticking with 10k max and enjoying your yield of 30,000 Bells. 

Each of these handy Animal Crossing money trees only bloom once, afterwards becoming just a regular tree. If there’s no room on your island for more trees that don’t earn you some extra bell profits, chop it down, remove the stump and make space for future money tree glowing spots. If you don’t want any of your money tree saplings getting in the way whilst you’re waiting for their first and only blooms, you can still dig it up using your shovel and plant it elsewhere.

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