Animal Crossing New Horizons Set For Big, Free Update This Thursday

Animal Crossing New Horizons has barely been out a month and people just can't seem to get enough of it. That's why the game is receiving a bumper update, due to land on the 23rd of April, bringing with it a whole slew of content at no extra cost.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Set For Big, Free Update This Thursday

A new Animal Crossing update is dropping and it aims to provide more content to its recent hit game. Players have been sticking it to gaming’s secret, number one villain of all-time – the nefarious Tom Nook – by foraging, farming and providing a wonderful community to socialize in.

So to help players cope with the evil regime of everyone’s most hated raccoon, players of Animal Crossing New Horizons can expect some free content later this week. The new update introduces a wealth of new items such as prettier plants to spruce up your garden, Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler in which Mr Redd will attempt to rid you of your hard-earned bells in exchange for some posh antiques, and the game is even expanding the museum!

Conversation with Jolly Redd

Conversation with Jolly Redd

In addition to these changes, some new limited-time only events will be coming to the game. One being “Nature Day”, which will start on the 23rd of April and will last all the way through to the 4th May. Furthermore, the much more limited “May Day Tour” will commence on the 1st of May and will only last a few days till the 7th of May. If that wasn’t enough, “International Museum Day” and “Wedding Season” are also big additions to the upcoming Animal Crossing schedule.

Animal Crossing New Horizons, which came out on 20th March, has prompted a huge increase in Nintendo Switch Sales and has ultimately resulted in a complete shortage of the sought-after console. So If you’re one of the lucky ones to own the game and the console, then see if you can make the most of this brand new content.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - April Free Update - Nintendo Switch

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