8 Updates We Need Added To Animal Crossing New Horizons

As Nintendo continues to regularly update this game, here are 8 updates we need added to Animal Crossing New Horizons. These aren't just quality of life issues, but content missing that has been in previous instalments before. With the diving update installed and the August update soon to come, our wishlist for content updates grows even larger.

8 Updates We Need Added To Animal Crossing New Horizons Cover

After nearly 4 months of running a dream island, things have gotten a little stale. With the diving update passed, and the August update soon arriving, players are all anticipating new content for the game. Here’s a list of 8 updates we’d like to be added in Animal Crossing New Horizons. There are many more hopes and wishes, but this list is for the top priorities we need for our islands.

1. Upgraded Nook’s Cranny

Are you getting tired of seeing the same ol’ furniture in your shop? Do you miss your old 3 levelled Nook’s Emporium from the previous games? We do too. The one thing that New Horizons does differently than its predecessors is the lack of store upgrades. Now instead of 3, we’ve downgraded to just 1.

Her style is perfect for a 5-star island.

Her style is perfect for a 5-star island.

Where in the world is Gracie Grace? This game would be highly improved if we had a more luxurious store with Gracie’s finest clothing and furniture. There’s also that mysterious back room with a ladder going upstairs behind Nook’s counter, so maybe Nintendo is already planning ahead.

2. Furniture Series Returning

Speaking of furniture, there are so many series we’re missing! From the Alpine to the Regal Series, and that weird 7/11 Series we had in New Leaf, there are so many sets we should have.

It’s not that New Horizons downgraded to a measly few sets, but there have been so many new items added that they had to compensate. Alas, the game will be updated for years to come, so why not have more furniture? My house is getting a little dusty anyways.

3. Special Characters Returning

Don’t you just miss all those characters we haven’t seen in years? From Kapp’n, who used to take you to the island, to Katrina, who’d tell your fortune, there are tons of characters missing. There’s plenty of time for old friends to come back, since we’ve already gotten Pascal to return in the latest update.

Do you ever feel like you're being watched?

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?

Not only that, but it’d be nice if some of these characters could stay in the town, like Celeste finally getting her astronomy tower back from City Folk. We’ll get into buildings later, but first we need our precious Phineas back and his adorable balloons!

4. More Holidays & Events

I have so many memories of the tug-of-war matches and the morning aerobics of the GameCube days. Even in New Leaf, there were certain events that would happen outside of the traditional holidays. 

Yes, we already know we’re getting seasonal updates with events, such as the catastrophic Bunny Day. But what about the days in-between? Our town life would be so much livelier with smaller, timed events that the older games had.

5. Gyroids

Lloid isn’t the only gyroid in town. Whenever it would rain in past games, gyroids would spawn in the ground the next morning. They could have been cut from the game for timing reasons, so now that the game’s out, they should make their way back!

Let me introduce you to my 30 children.

Let me introduce you to my 30 children.

These statues could be placed in your house. They would even make strange noises while moving and dancing around. Gyroids were fun to collect, and a staple feature to the series that needs to make a return. 

6. More Buildings

With only the Able Sisters, Museum, and Nook’s Cranny, our island’s getting a little sparse. What we need are some of the buildings that came from New Leaf. We had many places on Main Street, but what about the places we could build as public work projects?

There was the police station, with Booker or Copper, where you could collect lost items. There was the cafe, with Brewster, who served you the finest coffee. Don’t forget Club 101, where you could dance with your friends at night. Yes, this place was on Main Street, but who could forget DJ K.K.?

7. Tortimer Island

While we’re on the topic of missing characters, where’s our grumpy old turtle? Players seem to be getting pretty tired of landing on the same types of deserted islands. There’s also not much to do with your friends online. So why not bring back Tortimer Island from New Leaf?

We even got a Tortimer Island Super Smash Bros. Arena!

We even got a Tortimer Island Super Smash Bros. Arena!

If you never played the previous game, this island let you do everything that a deserted island would, but you’d also get to buy special items and play island games with friends. It was a blast playing the hammer game and the fruit maze; we need a break from deserted islands.

8. Froggy Chair

Yes, you read that right. Froggy chair deserves a comeback. You know why? Because of how worshipped it is in the community. This green chair hasn’t made a reappearance in New Horizons, which is just a major failure on Nintendo’s part.

One day, my friends, we will get froggy chair back. But for now, all we can do is create memes about it, and tell Nintendo how much we need this chair in our lives. Okay, maybe that’s a bit too far, but why didn’t they include it in the first place? There has to be a deeper, darker reason behind it. We’ll find out soon enough.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Official Summer Update Trailer

Thanks for reading through our list of Animal Crossing New Horizons updates we’d like to see in the future! Do you agree? Do you have any of your own ideas? Let us know in the comments! But until then, long live the froggy chair.

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