A Guide to Wedding Season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Want to know how to make the most out of the wedding seasonal event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? The start of this week marked the beginning of June's wedding season, with new furniture and clothing ready to be earned. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know on how to participate in the event.

new horizons wedding season guide reese and cyrus

How long will the season last?

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons wedding season event will last in both hemispheres from 1 June to June 30th. Make sure your game is fully updated so that you can play!

The event was initially announced in a trailer before the April Update.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - April Free Update - Nintendo Switch

What can you do during this event?

Throughout the wedding season, you’ll be able to find Reese and Cyrus, the owners of Re-Tail in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, at Harv’s Island. Harv’s Island is used to create sets and take pictures of islanders, but for this event you can visit the island to create wedding photos for Reese and Cyrus! By taking part in this event, you will earn wedding furniture and heart crystals as rewards.

Visit Harv's Island to meet Reese and Cyrus

Visit Harv’s Island to meet Reese and Cyrus

Heart Crystals

Heart Crystals are like the currency for the event, used to buy wedding items from Cyrus. In order to eventually buy every wedding item, you’ll need to have collected a total of 261 heart crystals. If you want to buy one item of just the furniture set, you’ll need to collect 180 pieces.

Note that Cyrus does not begin with a full inventory of items and the stock he sells will expand with the more photoshoots you do on subsequent days. When you buy from Cyrus, what you purchase will be sent to your mailbox and you can also only buy 8 items from Cyrus per day, so don’t just save up all your crystals until the last day of the event!

Reese and Cyrus are still so in love after all these years!

Reese and Cyrus are still so in love after all these years!

Earning Heart Crystals

When you visit Harv’s island for the first time, you will see Reese and Cyrus talking to Harvey, and they’ll tell you they’re celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Talk to Reece to find out what kind of photo she wants to take and then use wedding furniture from the event, provided to you in the studio, to decorate the set with her image in mind. Keep in mind too that the wedding furniture is customisable, so make sure you’re checking out the different colour swatches when designing the set!

After you are finished designing, press the ZL button to open your camera and take a picture of the beautiful couple. Once you’ve done that, talk with Reese and show her your photo.

You’ll be able to return to Harv’s Island every day during the season, but make sure you talk to Harvey before entering the house or else you’ll just walk in to the regular photoshoot and not Reese and Cyrus’.


If it’s your first time visiting Reese and Cyrus at the island, Reese will reward you with a wedding bench. Other items from the wedding event will be given as a reward for the first week of the event.

Reese will also reward you with heart crystals which are used to buy wedding furniture from Cyrus. Each shoot gives you the opportunity to be rewarded up to 11 heart crystals. After you’ve unlocked all wedding items, this reward will increase to up to 15 heart crystals.

Tips for getting the maximum number of heart crystals

There are plenty of wedding items to choose from!

There are plenty of wedding items to choose from!

1. Pay attention to what Reese wants from the set.

Possible themes Reese could ask for include ‘Cute’, which is the default wedding furniture colours of pink and white, ‘Chic’, consisting of brown, beige, and black colours, and ‘Garden’, consisting of green, yellow, and brown colours.

2. The more furniture you place down the more crystals you’ll get

Place an item you want to use for the set and replicate it as many times as possible until the room could not possibly fit any more.

What are the wedding items?

And now on to the exciting part – what do you actually get for taking part in this event?

Really Reese? This is what you wanted?

Really Reese? This is what you wanted?

There are 24 items in total you can collect. The list can be found below:


  • Wedding Bench (5 HC)
  • Wedding Decoration (3 HC)
  • White Wedding Wall (12 HC)
  • White Wedding Flooring (12 HC)
  • Blue Wedding Rug (4 HC)
  • Wedding Table (6 HC)
  • Wedding Chair (3 HC)
  • Wedding-party Wall (12 HC)
  • Wedding Flower Stand (4 HC)
  • Wedding Candle Set (4 HC)
  • Wedding Head Table (6 HC)
  • Wedding Cake (5 HC)
  • Wedding Pipe Organ (40 HC)
  • Wedding Arch (20 HC)
  • Welcome Board (5 HC)
  • Brown Wedding Wall (12 HC)
  • Green Wedding Wall (12 HC)
  • Brown Wedding Flooring (12 HC)
  • Green Flooring (12 HC)
  • Red Wedding Rug (4 HC)
  • White Wedding Rug (4 HC)
  • Wedding Wand (Wedding Flower Stand and 3 Star Fragments)
  • Wedding Fencing (5 Iron Nuggets and 3 Softwood)
  • Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate (Given for free after 6th photoshoot)


  • Cake Dress (20 HC)
  • Wedding Tuxedo (20 HC)
  • Wedding Pumps (7 HC)
  • Wedding Shoes (6 HC)
  • Bridal Veil (12 HC)

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