5 Best Bunny Day Items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

We have decided to highlight the best Bunny Day items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the lead up to the big day! The array of items to craft do have a certain charm to them, and we believe some of them are worth the seemingly endless bombardment of eggs we've had to endure during this time.

Animal Crossing Bunny Day (Credit: Nintendo)

Since the 1st of April, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have been bombarded with an array of eggs all hidden by the enthusiastic (if not slightly creepy) Zipper T. Bunny. Although it was getting a bit over the top with the amount of eggs players were finding, since the update, it hasn’t been as frustrating and we can all get back into the festive spirit ready for the big event, Bunny Day, on the 12th of April. 

Let’s be honest, some of the Bunny Day recipes are a little bit odd. Some don’t fit in with the interior aesthetic some players are aiming for, and others just look extremely unflattering when wearing them. So we have narrowed down the items we think look the best/seem more useful for this festive event!


This showstopping egg arch is a fabulous party decoration. Whilst it may not be great for the home, it makes a great entryway into your epic Bunny Day festive area. However, this item is not available until the Bunny Day itself (12th April) when Zipper T. Bunny returns. Requiring two of each type of egg, it’s worth keeping hold of all those excess eggs you’ve been collecting to make sure you can craft this grand item! It will really make your party zone stand out and feel complete. With each type of egg adorning the arch, it really captures the spirit of Bunny Day!

Bunny Day Arch, available on the 12th April (Credit: Nintendo)


We all love balloons; they are a staple for any big celebration and these are a lovely addition to the home to add that festive flair and are also great for outdoor celebrations! Adding that extra bit of decoration really goes a long way to creating a fun and friendly party area for all of your villagers to enjoy. They go wonderfully with the arch, making a truly lovely party zone. The balloons come in two variations: the Merry Balloons, featuring earth, leaf and sky eggs, and the Festive Balloons, featuring stone, wood and water eggs. 

Bunny Day Merry Balloons & Recipe (Credit: Nintendo)


Flower crowns are such a cute addition to any outfit, especially at this time of year! The Bunny Day crown is such a sweet little accessory if you want to be a bit more understated with your celebration look. It is also great to wear around before the big day, to get the hype going before moving on to the more eye-catching bonnet. For this delicate and stylish addition to your wardrobe, you will need one of each type of egg!

Bunny Day Crown (Credit: Nintendo)

Bunny Day Crown (Credit: Nintendo)


Fairy lights are all the rage to create a cosy warm environment, but are also a fabulous decoration. The Glowy Garland is perfect to add a little bit of Bunny Day festivity to your New Horizons home without being overly garish, plus it adds a lovely glow to the room creating a warm and colourful atmosphere! You will need to collect one of each type of egg to create this colourful decoration.

Bunny Day Glowy Garland & Recipe (Credit: Nintendo)


The most extravagant, functional and wearable Bunny Day item is the Party Dress and Hat. Although wearing them around before the big day feels a little bit ‘extra’, this outfit is one of the cutest in the game so far. With bright, Spring-time colours, bows and the wonderful nest of eggs on top of the hat, it’s hard to resist running around your island in this dramatic outfit. It’s bright and classic design is perfect for the big day and is such a joy to wear around the island to spread that Bunny Day cheer! You can get this adorable get-up once you have unlocked all of the egg-type outfits. Once you’ve done this, the hat requires two of each type of egg and the dress needs three of each type of egg! 

Bunny Day Party Outfit (Credit: Nintendo)

Bunny Day Party Outfit (Credit: Nintendo)

And if these still don’t tickle your fancy, you can always take advantage of the sheer amount of eggs, craft away and sell them for a hefty profit!