Animal Crossing: New Horizons | How to get K.K. Slider

K.K. Slider in Animal Crossing is an important visitor who you want to come to your town. This guide will show you how to get a 3-star rating to get the good boy musician to come over and play music for you every Saturday evening, including unlocking new mechanics like terraforming.

K.K Slider performing in Animal Crossing

K.K. Slider in Animal Crossing is a classic character who is quite helpful for those wanting to get everything in the latest entry. The good boy musician will come to your town once it gets a 3-star rating. You will need to do a lot of work around the island but once you do then you can sit back, relax, and watch a dog perform music for you.

Here are a few things to note before starting. One, make sure you have plenty of progress in other areas like tools and buildings, which we have guides for in case you are unsure of anything. Also, if you want to see the rating of your town, go to the Town Hall, the upgraded Residence Services, and talk to Isabelle. Select “Let’s talk island evals,” and she will tell you how many stars you have earned.

1 Star

Getting 1 star can go quickly, depending on your population. Isabelle will tell you that you need more Villagers. Go to Tom Nook and setup plots for houses; you will need ten total to be safe. Do keep in mind that each plot will cost you 10,000 Bells. Once new arrivals start moving in, continuously check in with Isabelle to see where you stand as you will not need all ten houses filled.

2 Star

Now, this is where the real work comes in to get K.K. Slider to come to your Animal Crossing island. Isabelle will give you a few ideas on how to get to the next star. Some of these include:

  • Plant more trees
  • Plant more flowers and make them bloom
  • Decorate your town with more furniture items
  • Build more fences in your town
  • Build more inclines and bridges
  • Build more facilities (like the museum or the tailor’s shop)
Constructed bridge in Animal Crossing

Constructing bridges to help get K.K. Slider in Animal Crossing (Credit: Nintendo)

This is why it was mentioned you should have a decent chunk of progress when it comes to facilities and tools. Previously constructing places like Able Sisters Shop will save you time in the long run. Tools will be needed to build fences, sidewalks, and bridges.

Isabelle will keep in contact with you. She will let you know things like you have too many trees that you will need to start chopping down. She may change her evaluations on the same day, so keep checking in with her on the changes you are making. If she stops giving you feedback, then you should be good to go.

K.K. Slider

Now you should have met the requirements in which Tom Nook and Isabelle will chat with you that K.K. Slider is coming to your Animal Crossing town. The talented doggo will come to your town to perform the next day. After the pupper show, you will unlock terraforming.

Keep an eye out as he will come back every Saturday evening to perform. If you request a song, then he will give you a copy to play in your home because he is that much of a good boy.

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