Animal Crossing New Horizons: October Overview

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, October brings you one big event that you shouldn't miss: Halloween! This spooky fall holiday doesn't take place until the end of the month, but there's plenty of other things to do as well, and birthdays to celebrate and bugs, fish and sea creatures to find and catch.

Animal Crossing New Horizons October Overview

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, October is a significant month thanks to one special seasonal event: Halloween. Throughout this whole month, you’ll find yourself preparing for this spooky holiday, with limited-time furniture and clothing available, getting you into the spirit of things. This guide will explain what to expect and how you can prepare for Halloween. There’s more to this Animal Crossing: New Horizons October guide though than just Halloween. If your island is based in the southern hemisphere, you’ll get to experience the breathtaking Cherry Blossom Season in the first third of the month. There’s also the usual round of birthdays, plus bugs, fish and sea creatures to collect.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Exploring October - Nintendo Switch

Events in October

October really marks the beginning of fall, with the leaves changing color. You’ll have to wait until next month, November, to see the leaves burst into really spectacular colors of orange and red, but you can’t deny that the leaves and grass have lost that lush green look since probably September. There’s one big event that dominates all of October in Animal Crossing: New Horizons though. Let’s get right into it and other notable events you’ll want to watch out for.


Occurs: October 31st

Hemisphere: Both

The one event you want to watch out for in October is Halloween. It doesn’t take place until the very end of the month, but you’ve got plenty of time and opportunity to prepare for it and get excited. You truly cannot miss this spooktacular fall event!

Preparing for Halloween

When October dawns on the 1st in New Horizons, you’ll receive a letter in the mailbox from Jack, who fronts the Halloween event. It’s just to remind you that Halloween’s taking place later this month to prepare you. He even includes a portrait of himself in the letter.

Throughout October, everyone is in the spirit of Halloween, helping you to prepare for the big day. At Nook’s Cranny, you can buy Candy at 120 Bells each once per day. You’ll need these for the main day. Halloween costumes will also be available to purchase from the Able Sisters, so you can dress up appropriately.

Costumes are available from the Able Sisters throughout October.

Costumes are available from the Able Sisters throughout October.

Villagers are willing to hand out DIY recipes from the seasonal Spooky Series, so you can craft Halloween-themed items. If you already have the recipes, you’ll instead get some pumpkins, the in-season veg, or Candy.

From the 28th, you’ll notice some changes leading up to the main event. Outside Resident Services, two Spooky Towers will appear. Special characters such as Tom Nook and Isabelle will also be wearing Halloween items.

The Main Event

On October 31st, from 5pm to midnight, the big Halloween event finally happens. Villagers will dress up in costumes and will wander around outside. They will approach the player, asking for Candy (you have to start the conversation though). Hopefully you’ve stocked up on Candy so you’ve got plenty to give out. Giving a villager Candy gets you an item from the Spooky Series as a reward. If all items from the series have been given out, you’ll get pumpkins instead. If you give out Candy more than once to a particular villager, you’re more likely to receive a Lollipop instead of an item. After you get a Lollipop though, you can start getting items again. If you give a Lollipop to a villager, you’ll get the Spooky Candy Set.

What happens if you refuse to give a villager Candy? If you do this, the villager will punish you with a “prank” by applying body and face paint onto you, as well as colored eye contacts. Unless you don’t mind a makeover, you’ll want to be well stocked on Candy for this event.

Villagers can also be found partying indoors in their homes. They will give you Candy every 5 minutes – handy if you’re running low – but only if you’re dressed up in the spirit of the event too.

During Halloween, you can also learn two unique Reactions. You can learn the Scare reaction by giving Candy to a villager. The second reaction, Haunt, is learned from Jack if you give him Candy.

Halloween is an event you cannot miss in October.

Halloween is an event you cannot miss in October.


Jack, the face of Halloween in Animal Crossing, can be found outside Resident Services. As with villagers, you can give him Candy and Lollipops to get special items. Jack’s items are particularly special. He’ll gift you clothing items as well as pumpkins if he’s given Candy. Give him a Lollipop, on the other hand, and he’ll exchange with you a special Spooky item, including a Spooky Carriage, Spooky Carriage DIY Recipe, and a Spooky Wand DIY Recipe.

If you get Jack’s face and robe items and wear them, it comes with some special “powers”. You can “trick” villagers into giving you Candy, but this only works once per villager, so you can’t abuse it. It also stops villagers from chasing after you demanding Candy, useful if you don’t want to be bothered.

Make sure to speak to Jack during Halloween - and give him candy!

Make sure to speak to Jack during Halloween – and give him candy!

Halloween is a truly special, unique and fun event, not one to be missed!

Halloween Items

Available: All Month

Hemisphere: Both

To truly celebrate Halloween in style, you’re going to need some Halloween-themed items. There are 3 you can get from Nook’s Cranny during October in New Horizons: the Spooky Treats Basket, Spooky Tree, and Spooky Trick Lamp. These items don’t come cheap though! The Basket is 3,000 Bells, the Tree is 10,000 Bells, and the Lamp is 11,000! Each of these items can be customized, offering four different colors: Orange, Yellow, Green, and Monochrome (White).

You can get lots of great Halloween-themed items this month.

You can get lots of great Halloween-themed items this month.

Spooky Furniture and Recipes

Available: All Month

Hemisphere: Both

This series coincides with Halloween, including the month leading up to it, October. These items are great for decorating for Halloween, whether it’s your house or the island. A lot of these craft-it-yourself items requires pumpkins, so you might want to get growing them this month and stock up. You’ll also get pumpkins from the Halloween event from interacting with villagers.

Pumpkins are the in-thing for October.

Pumpkins are the in-thing for October.

Tree’s Bounty Series Continues

Available: September 1st to December 10th

Hemisphere: North Only

This series continues on from September and will last until December 10th, when winter officially begins. These series of craftable items can be created using fall collectibles such as acorns and pine cones, which you can get from shaking trees. 

Cherry Blossom Season

Occurs: October 1st to 10th

Hemisphere: South Only

The north got to enjoy the beautiful Cherry Blosson season back in April. Now it’s the southern hemisphere’s turn in October. While this is sadly a short-lived event, you cannot miss it, as it only happens once a year and for 10 days only, which isn’t actually a lot. The non-fruit bearing trees on your island is overtaken with gorgeous pink flowers, and you can also pick up some limited-time DIY recipes. Cherry blossom petals can be found floating around the island. You should catch these when you see them so you can use them in your special recipes and craft some unique items.

The south gets to enjoy the cherry blossoms in October.

The south gets to enjoy the cherry blossoms in October.

Fishing Tournament

Occurs: Second Saturday of October

Hemisphere: Both

Before Halloween, there’s a Fishing Tournament to look forward to on the second Saturday of October in New Horizons. Get your fishing rods ready and prepare to catch lots of fish!

Day of the Dead

Available: October 25th to November 3rd

Hemisphere: Both

Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos, is a holiday that originated from Mexico but has become very popular in other countries too. This holiday celebrates the dead, as the title suggests, with parades, decorated graves, and skeleton costumes. Marigolds are scattered on the ground, said to help the dead find their way back from the afterlife on this day. If you’ve seen the Disney Pixar film Coco, you’ll understand what this celebration is about (or of course if you celebrate it yourself).

Sadly, there’s no big event like Halloween, but you can take part by purchasing yourself a Marigold Decoration item from Nook Shopping for 1,600 Bells.

Day of the Dead is celebrated at the beginning of November in real life, but you can buy this Marigold Decoration at the end of October in New Horizons.

Day of the Dead is celebrated at the beginning of November in real life, but you can buy this Marigold Decoration at the end of October in New Horizons.

October Fall Colors

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, October is when the fall season really gets going. It starts to get colder, the days get shorter, but most significantly, the leaves begin to display their beautiful autumn colors. In New Horizons, the trees don’t display their gorgeous red leaves until November, but you still get to enjoy the first of the autumn colors in October. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons during this month, look out for the yellowing of not just the trees as they prepare to turn orange and red, but also the grass, which also yellows in October, moving further away from that rich green color you got so used to in the spring and summer months.

While those gorgeous reds and oranges won't arrive until November, you can still enjoy some fall colors in October.

While those gorgeous reds and oranges won’t arrive until November, you can still enjoy some fall colors in October.

Birthdays in October

Which villagers and other characters are celebrating their birthdays in October in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? There are a lot of birthdays to fit into one month, at least one on each of the 31 days in October. Here’s a complete list of all birthdays, of both villagers and special characters.

Date Villager/Character
1st Boyd, Raymond
2nd Diva, Orville
3rd Big Top
4th Goose
5th Elmer
6th Bitty, Tex
7th Cobb
8th Kiki
9th Drift
10th Benedict, Franklin
11th Kitt
12th Lyman, Plucky
13th Chops, Gonzo
14th Egbert
15th Beau, Hippeux, Brewster
16th Friga
17th Limberg
18th Al, Redd
19th Clay
20th Antonio
21st Sandy, Timbra
22nd Sylvana, Katie
23rd Groucho, Petri
24th Broffina, Snooty
25th Portia
26th Eugene
27th Jambette
28th Gaston, Katrina
29th Rodeo
30th Frett, Wade
31st Shino, Jack, Label
Jack's birthday falls the same day as Halloween.

Jack’s birthday falls the same day as Halloween.

October Bugs, Fish and Sea Creatures

As the autumn and fall seasons set in for October in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there’s a slight change in the activity with the bugs, fish and sea creatures that inhabit the world. We have a more detailed October guide for bugs, fish and sea creatures already, so make sure to take a look at that if you don’t want to miss anything. If you’re an avid collector or you just want to know what’s happening with the wildlife, you’ll want to know what’s coming and going this month in both hemispheres.


Let’s begin with bugs in the north. Only one new bug is arriving in October: the ladybug – but it’s only sticking around for this month before disappearing for a while again. Meanwhile, lots of bugs will be leaving the north in October, including the banded and darner dragonflies, the stinkbugs, and that tricky scorpion that’s always ready to give you a nasty sting.

What about bugs in the southern hemisphere? Since it’s spring, the activity is a little different compared to the north. There will be a lot of bugs arriving in October, such as the agrias butterfly, Madagascan sunset moth, and Rajah Brooke’s birdwing. Just one bug will be gone after October: the tarantula – like the scorpion, a difficult one to catch with an unpleasant surprise if it chases and catches up to you.

The bell cricket is one of many bugs departing from the north after October.

The bell cricket is one of many bugs departing from the north after October.


In the waters of the north, the activity is similar to the bugs, with more leaving than arriving. Two new arrivals are the dab and yellow perch. Departing fish include the giant trevally, moray eel, and snapping turtle.

In the south, again changes in activity mirrors that of the bugs. Lots of new fish are arriving in the ponds, rivers and oceans, such as the clownfish, seahorse, and zebra turkeyfish. Three fish will disappear once October is over: the blue marlin, dab, and tuna.

You'd better catch this catfish while you still can in the north in October.

You’d better catch this catfish while you still can in the north in October.

Sea Creatures

Finally, let’s dive deep into the sea for what creatures you can find there in October, starting with the northern hemisphere. You can find three new creatures: seaweed, spiny lobster, and venus’ flower basket. Two that will no longer be available once October is over are the elusive giant isopod and spotted garden eel.

The south also has new arrivals and leavers. Expect to find only one new sea creature: the sea pineapple. On the other hand, three will soon be gone: sea cucumber, snow crab, and the enormous spider crab.

Say goodbye to this monster deep-sea creature in the north when October ends.

Say goodbye to this monster deep-sea creature in the north when October ends.

That rounds up October in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. What do you like best about October in New Horizons? Let us know in the comments.

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