First New Content for 2023 Teased for The Sims 4

Although it's just a teaser, some hints of what is soon to come in 2023 to The Sims 4 has just been unveiled. From what is shown, players can expect a big update, two new kits, an Expansion Pack, and possibly a new world. A community livestream set for January 31st has also been announced.

First New Content for 2023 Teased for The Sims 4

New Year’s Day for 2023 has been and gone, and what lies ahead for The Sims 4 has just been hinted at thanks to a 30-second teaser released on the official The Sims social media. Although not anything specific has been revealed, such as release dates or official titles, we can pick apart the teaser to speculate what might be coming.

The first thing noted in the clip was a young Sim with braided hair and some clothes currently not seen in the base game or any of the DLC.

Then the scene zooms out and a tree appears with frames hanging from it and a plumbob hanging above it, surrounded by a lighthouse and a bridge. At the bottom, there are 2 texts to note: “The Michaelson Reunion” and “San Sequoia 2023”. The Michaelson’s could be a new family coming to the game. Also, San Sequoia 2023 could mean a new world. There were hints of at least one new world coming to The Sims 4 in the Sims Summit livestream.

Then, one by one, wording appears on each of the frames, revealing what’s on the way for The Sims 4.

First was a big update coming to the game. As always with teasers, it didn’t say exactly what, but the text was then replaced with the image of diapers. This could be the big baby update that was hinted at in the Sims Summit livestream last year. For a long time, players have wanted babies to be treated more than just objects. It was unknown whether this was coming with DLC or an update, but luckily it could be an update, meaning everyone gets it for free and not in an Expansion.

The next reveal was for two upcoming kits, stated to be “Unique”. This could be either for new clothes or objects. The image that followed this particular hint featured a pair of underwear and a tube of toothpaste. This could indicate a bathroom or nightwear kits.

The third reveal was for an Expansion Pack, the biggest kind of paid DLC you can get for The Sims 4. The image accompanying it was, rather cryptically, what seemed to be a bear with a crown, so we can only guess what this means.

The final announcement was a community stream landing on January 31st, which gives us plenty of time to prepare for it and to speculate what all these hints might be.

SOURCE: The Sims Official Twitter

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