New Sims 4 Patch Addresses Issues in My Wedding Stories

A patch has just been released for The Sims 4, specifically targeting the bugs found in My Wedding Stories, the newest game pack. This update should fix the problems that many frustrated players have been reporting since the pack's release, so you can finally host the wedding of your dreams without any issues.

New Sims 4 Patch Addresses Issues in My Wedding Stories Cover

Since the release of The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories Game Pack, many players have complained about numerous bugs and issues they came across. These issues mainly affected wedding-based activities and events, the pack’s core focus. Although My Wedding Stories received praise for its new world and romantic theme, the bugs hampered the pack’s reception when it was released. Fortunately, a patch has just been released that addresses these issues, or at least the majority of them.

The official patch notes lists a lot of fixes for My Wedding Stories. Below are a few notable ones.


One quite major issue in My Wedding Stories that frustrated players was being unable to direct Sims during wedding events. For example, you could instruct guests and other wedding participants to gather at the aisle. Other interactions included taking part in a toast and gathering around the wedding cake for the cake cutting ceremony. Instead of Sims behaving as desired, guests would stand around and chat with each other, ignoring most instructions from the player. This patch fixes that. Sims should now do what you ask and will no longer stand around and chat and not take part in the wedding. Another fixed issue with guests is they will no longer stay sitting down if you directed them to. If you ask your guests to sit and then direct them to do another activity, they now should.

This is how you expect your guests to behave at a wedding.

This is how you expect your guests to behave at a wedding.

You could get an officiant at your Sims’ wedding to marry them. Problem was, they didn’t do their job, behaving as badly as the guests, ignoring practically all instructions. Officiants should now perform their duties.

Another issue was discovered when more than one aisle was present on one Lot. Your Sims would get confused about which aisle to gather around when instructed. That’s now been fixed so your Sims know which aisle to go to by selecting the one you want.

One nifty feature with planning weddings was being able to assign guests’ attire. If you wished, you could choose what color they should wear and their dress code. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to work, as it would reset itself after you assigned it. Thankfully, this is another one of the many issues fixed in the patch.

You should now be able to choose what your guests wear to weddings.

You should now be able to choose what your guests wear to weddings.


My Wedding Stories introduced fun and fancy wedding cakes. It’s fun picking a cake out or even baking your own. It’s not so great when they go off within hours or you can’t even use them properly. However, the patch fixes a lot of issues with the cakes, so your Sims can now enjoy them.

Cakes will now last much longer so they don’t spoil so quickly. They are now also Vegetarian-safe, so your Vegetarian Sims can enjoy them without getting negative Moodlets. One issue players found was finding the correct place to put cakes. The tooltip has been updated with clearer instructions on advising players where they can place them. This is particularly important because an incorrectly placed cake meant your Sims couldn’t interact with them. Sims should also now be able to cut the cake even if it has a cake topper. Sims will simply place it in their inventory before cutting the cake. The cake topper will also no longer float in the air after the cake is cut.

You should now have an easier time with wedding cakes as well as wedding guests.

You should now have an easier time with wedding cakes as well as wedding guests.


There was one issue with My Wedding Stories that wasn’t related to the wedding-based activities. This is something that players found when playing in the new world Tartosa, which came with My Wedding Stories. While Tartosa was very popular, players complained that they experienced a lot of gloomy weather if they had The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack installed. This is understandable, especially as Tartosa is a Mediterranean world, so plenty of sunny weather is expected. It’s good news then that the patch also addresses this issue, adding more sunshine to Tartosa. 

These are just a few of the bugs and other issues that The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories patch has covered. If you’ve encountered any issues with My Wedding Stories, chances are that you’ll have a much better experience playing now. 

The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories: Official Reveal Trailer


Recently, a major bug that has affected many players of The Sims 4 is a save game issue. When attempting to save the game, players have instead been greeted with the unwelcome message “The game failed to save. Error Code: 0”. It isn’t fully known the route cause of the issue, although workarounds suggest that it may have to do with either the last major patch for The Sims 4, which gave a big update to the Neighborhood Stories system, or assigning wedding cakes to wedding events. The Sims team have stated that they are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. For now, players can work around this by using Save As if Save doesn’t work. Players are also advised to disable Neighborhood Stories if the issue persists, as well as avoid assigning wedding cakes to wedding events if playing My Wedding Stories.

UPDATE ON SAVE GAME BUG: A day after the My Wedding Stories patch, another patch was released for The Sims 4. This should fix the issues players have been having with saving their game. You should now be able to save if you have “Join a Career” enabled in Neighborhood Stories. The issue linked with wedding cakes has also been sorted, so you should now be able to assign a cake to your wedding event. If you are still having problems with saving your game after downloading the update, you should report it to EA Answers.

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